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Exxon Energy Outlook

Exxon Energy Outlook

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Published by wagneb

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Published by: wagneb on Dec 12, 2009
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Outlook for Energy A View to 2030
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Table of Contents
Evolution o energy and technology 2Our key energy challenges 6Growing global demand 13Global transportation demand 15
A single-cell oil well?
16Improving today’s vehicle 18
Thinking outside the tank 
20Global industrial demand 21
Managing emissions
22Global energy demand and supply 25
The importance o natural gas
Options or carbon policy 
emissions 32Integrated energy solutions 34Key indings 36Glossary 37
 This publication includes orward-looking statements. Actual utureconditions (including economic conditions, energy demand, andenergy supply) could dier materially due to changes in technology,the development o new supply sources, political events, demographicchanges, and other actors discussed herein (and in Item 1 o ExxonMobil’s latest report on Form 10-K). This material is not to bereproduced without the permission o Exxon Mobil Corporation.
The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030 1
 The Outlook or Energy:
A View to 2030
The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030 1
In our
Outlook or Energy – A View to 2030
, we see manyhopeul things – economic recovery and growth, improvedliving standards and a reduction in poverty, and promisingnew energy technologies.But we also see a tremendous challenge: how to meet theworld’s growing energy needs while also reducing the impacto energy use on the environment. As the
shows, ExxonMobil expects that global energydemand in 2030 will be almost
35 percent
higher than in2005, even accounting or the recession that dampenedenergy demand in 2009. Other key ndings include:
countries such as China and India, where energy usage willrise by about 65 percent.
generation, which will comprise 40 percent o global energydemand by 2030.
including nuclear and renewables (e.g., wind, solar andbiouels) will play an expanded role. The uture o energy is directly linked to the uture well-beingand prosperity o the world’s people. Today, about 1.5 billion people – a quarter o the world’spopulation – lack access to electricity. Even more lack moderncooking and heating uels. Expanding access to energy – andthe opportunities it aords – should be a shared global goal.Our energy and environmental challenges are intertwined andtheir scale is enormous. Today, energy use per person aroundthe world varies dramatically but equates to an average o 200,000 British thermal units (BTUs) a day. Globally, thattranslates to 15 billion BTUs every second.ExxonMobil believes that meeting uture energy needs whilealso reducing environmental risk will require an integrated seto solutions that includes:
saves emissions
economic energy sources, including oil andnatural gas
and cleaner-burning uels such as natural gas, nuclear andother renewable sources. This multidimensional approach will need trillions o dollarsin investment, and an unwavering commitment to innovationand technology that evolves over years and decades. It willrequire sound, stable government policies that enable accessto resources and encourage long-term investments andtechnological development. And it will require the globalenergy industry to operate on a scale even larger than today.Updated each year,
The Outlook or Energy 
is a comprehensivelook at long-term trends in energy demand, supply, emissionsand technology. The report is built upon detailed analysis o data rom about 100 countries, incorporating publicly availableinormation as well as in-house expertise.ExxonMobil uses the
to guide its long-term investmentdecisions. We share it publicly to encourage a betterunderstanding o our company, our industry and the globalenergy challenges that we all have a vested interest in meeting.

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