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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars

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Published by ebyebyeby

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Published by: ebyebyeby on Dec 12, 2009
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Hybrid Cars:
All About Hybrid Vehicles, Hybrid Theory of Operation, Pros & Cons,Tax Credits, Nitrogen Tire Inflation & More...
What Is a Hybrid Car?
Hybrid vehicles have two types of engines working together, a standard gas poweredengine, and an electric motor assist powered by a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)battery pack. In theory, this environmentally friendly combination of gas and electric hybridtechnology gives you higher gas mileage, and lower engine exhaust emissions, we'll explainhow in a moment. Hybrids are not to be confused with electric vehicles. Hybrid cars areprimarily gas powered cars with electrical motor assist. Some hybrid cars are qualified as"Clean Fuel Property" by the IRS. Some hybrid SUVs like the Lexus RX400h are even SULEVrated (Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle), appealing to the environmentally conscious newcar buyer. Many hybrid vehicles are coming to market in the form of hybrid cars, hybridtrucks, and hybrid SUVs. Here are some examples of hybrid autos: Lexus RX 400h hybrid,Lexus GS 450h Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Insight Hybrid,Toyota Prius, 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid, Toyota Highlander, and Ford Escape Hybrid.
How Do You Save Money When Buying New Hybrid Cars?
You save money when buying a hybrid the same way that you save money buying a regularcar. We recommend that you read our
article or readour full
in addition to the information on this page.If using lessgas is yourmain goalyou cansave moneybuying aused hybridor buying anew or usedregular carthat getsgood gasmilage.
has created a special section to help you find fuel efficient usedcars.
. You might find thatyou can save gas and save a lot of money by buying used.If you decide on a new hybrid car, your goal is to make sure you aren't getting screwed withridiculous "market adjustments." A "market adjustment" is simply an additional dealer profitsticker added next to MSRP stickers. You still buy your new hybrid car from regular new cardealers. We recommend that you get quotes from siteslike
to learn what dealers pay for new cars, and how to save the most money. These sitesoffer you free new car price quotes and new car dealer invoice prices. Competitive quoteshelp keep new car dealers in line and make sure you aren't getting screwed by paying more
Most Fuel Efficient Hybrid Cars
(city/hwy)Click a model to get a quote from InvoiceDealers on one in yourarea.
Toyota Prius
than the fair market price. We recommend that if the hybrid car that you are interested inhas a non-hybrid sister model (e.g. Civic vs. Civic Hybrid) or a non-hybrid close competitor(e.g. Prius vs. Ford Focus), you should request a quote for both. Having a quote for thenon-hybrid model will show you how much extra you are paying for the hybrid technology.Then you can decide if the gas money savings are worth the extra cost. The otheradvantage of getting quotes from sites like
is that you will deal with theirinternet sales manager. In most cases, it is a much more pleasant experience to deal withthe internet sales manager than the average salesman out on the lot. There are new hybridmodels coming to market all the time.If you live in a big congested city, you are a prime candidate for a hybrid car. In times of peak demand, selling prices could be full MSRP or higher. Starting in 2005, with fuel pricesspiraling out of control over the $3 mark, SUV sales plummeted as new car buyersembraced hybrid vehicles, causing waiting lists, and selling prices over MSRP on somehybrid models.Since you aren't likely to save very much on the purchase price on a hybrid car, you shouldlook to other methods of saving money on a new car purchase. Getting your financingonline with sites like
can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the
Stop blaming the President, stop blaming the oil companies and Congress about oilprices!
Everyone wants to blame everyone else for their problems. Don't blame the President or oilcompanies for ultra high gasoline prices. If you want to blame someone, go into thebathroom and point into the mirror, because it's your fault! It's my fault, it's everyone'sfault. In 2007 China was in record growth mode, they are using 60% of the world's supplyof construction cranes, and their appetite for oil has not waned. Oil is not alone, lumber and
drywall and cement have shot up because of the Chinese demand. Bush haters like to blamePresident Bush. But remember, oil has risen in price under every single president. Ourpopulation growth has shot up over 50 million since 1980. That's a lot more houses builtand cars being driven, so the demand is much more than 2 decades ago. Sure oil companiestook advantage of us and charged a bit more in 2005, making record profits, that's calledcapitalism dudes, instead of complaining about their record profits, buy their stock and joinin on the profit. You sell your camera on eBay and it bids way up because the demand isthere to support it. Is that someone's fault? Does that mean you are a greedy cameraseller? But think about this, oil companies would not have had a leg to stand on with pricingif the demand for fuel from you and I were not so great. We all drive around in gas guzzlingSUVs. We are treading water, like salmon going upstream, with respect to our oilconsumption versus production. We consume many multiples of oil now compared to 1976,yet that was the last year we built a refinery in the United States.Every time someone tries to build a refinery, some special interest group blocks it in courtand wins. OPEC countries have refineries and drilling rigs all over the place, and they are allrich and happy. We are not allowed to build any more refineries which would increase ourown oil supply and lower the price, so, so we are not rich and happy, we are paying morefor oil, and funding our own demise. OPEC has their boot on our throat, and gee, isn't Iranpart of OPEC? Great, so that means that while we are pumping gas into our tanks, we arealso funding future terrorist attacks. We need to not only reduce our oil consumption, butswitch modes to power sources other than oil to eliminate our dependency on othercountries. Hybrid cars are starting points, not as efficient as we'd like, but they will lead tofuture technologies like cellulose and prairie grass, and other as yet created technologies. Iadmire what UPS does with their trucks, they try not to make any left hand turns at redlights, because the idle time waiting at the light burns up gas. One last thing. What are YOUdoing to reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil? If youhave not converted all your home lighting over to energy efficient CFL light bulbs yet, thenyou have absolutely no justifiable reason to complain. CFLs draw 25% of the energy of astandard light bulb, a technology which is on its way out the door anyway. Switch all yourChristmas lights to LEDs, which draw 20% of the current of standard light bulbs. All of uschipping in as much as we can will reduce the demand for oil. Have energy audits performedon your house and fix the areas where you are leaking heat or air conditioning.
The U.S. used 3 times as much oil in 2005 as it did in 1995
According to the
, oil companyrefining costs and profits only account for about 20% of the price of your gallon of gas. Butguess what folks, federal and state taxes are also 20% of your gas price, and counties addeven more on top of that, my county adds 18 cents per gallon, so if you want to pointfingers and get angry at the oil companies, then you better start screaming at your stateand local county for over taxing you. But by far the largest component of the price you payper gallon of gas is the raw crude oil, which makes up by the largest price component of your gallon of gas at 53% or more. So we have to reduce our demand for foreign oil period.No way around it. As long as demand is high, crude oil will be high, just like whena newPlay Station or iPhone or iPod comes out, demand is high, and people pay $1000 for themon eBay until demand dies down.
Why Oil Prices Have Risen So High In Recent Years
Plain and simple, more demand for oil than supply
Many millions more new houses and gas guzzling SUVs on the road than there wereten years ago, all adds up

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