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DB Connect Extraction

DB Connect Extraction

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Published by yshrini

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Published by: yshrini on Dec 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1st Document
Most DataSources within an SAP system are delta capable. However, the delta capability is not available whenyou connect to external databases using DB connect. By following this process, you will be able to connect your BW system to an external database and make the DataSource delta capable.
Key Concept
Delta-capable extractors
deliver fewer records, which means fewer network resources are used, BW transfer andupdate rules require less work, and fewer records need to be rolled up in aggregates. Delta capability has a greatimpact on performance when you are loading data into BW.The open architecture of SAP BW from Release 3.0 on allows you to integrate data from an external databaseusing DB connect. It offers an option for extracting data into BW from tables and views in other external databasemanagement systems that are supported by SAP and are connected to BW.The integration between BW and R/3 is seamless. DataSources and extractors are delivered along with a plug-inthat is installed on the source system that makes the extraction of data into BW an easy task. Most of theDataSources are delta capable, which means they extract only the data that is newly created or changed after thelast load into BW.However, all the fun dries up when you use DB connect to extract data from a source system that is not part of SAP. Although BW allows you to connect to external databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBMDB2, the delta capability delivered as a part of the Service Application Programming Interface (SAPI) componentof the plug-in is not available. Because of the lack of delta capability, system administrators monitoring extractionand system performance have not always exploited DB connect.In our two-part series, we explain why you do not have to reinvent the wheel to make the external DataSourcedelta capable. (See the sidebar, “Prerequisites for Configuring DB Connect.”) We’ll use the example of an externalOracle database to take you step by step through the process. This month we’ll show you the first two steps:Step 1. Connect to the external database using the DB connect Functionality of SAP BWStep 2. Create and configure the DataSource on the external database systemIn the next article, we’ll show you the ABAP code that makes the DataSource delta capable.
Step 1. Create a source system for the external database using DB connect
. Go to Administrator Workbenchin the modeling area to use the source system creation (menu path
Modeling>Administrator Workbench:Modeling>Source Systems
).Use the context menu from the source system and click on the create icon (
Figure 1
). First click on the
button and then right-click to get the context menu. In this case the context menu gives only one option
Figure 1
Create a source system in Administrator WorkbenchSelect the button for 
Database System (Data and Metadata Transfer Using SAP DB Connect
). Click on thetransfer icon to confirm the selection. Assign a
Logical System Name
in the pop-up screen (
Figure 2
). It shouldbe a meaningful name. We selected
since we are connecting a development system using DBconnect.
Figure 2
Assign a logical system nameChoose the external database system you are connecting to. In this case we are connecting to an externaldatabase on Oracle (
Figure 3
Figure 3
List of available database systems to connect to using DB connectThe system leads you to a screen where you need to provide the logon data for the external database system(
Figure 4
). The
User name
is the user created on the external database application.
Figure 4
Add logon dataThe
Conn. info
is required for the native SQL to open the database connection of the external application. The
check box is useful for the situations in which the database connection is lost — for example, when thenetwork link is broken or the database itself experiences some sort of failure. You should set the flag if thedatabase connection is essential, or when it is accessed very often. In our scenario, this box is blank. Since weload the data to BW every night, it is a periodic job that requires just a temporary connection to the externaldatabase.The database administrator of the external application provides the user name, password, and connectioninformation. You put the connection information into a file called
.ora on the Oracle database server onthe BW side. The connection information details are shown in
Figure 5
. You can use an editor to edit the file. Themain parameter values in this connection information are the IP address of your external application and portnumber. The database administrator of the BW system makes those entries in the file. The administrator of theexternal database provides all the required parameters (e.g., the IP address of the external database, port, andsurrogate ID [SID] for the database).
Figure 5
Entry in file
in the database server for BW
is the
Conn. info
name provided in
Figure 4
. The
Figure 5
is the domain.This is defined by means of the entry
. Normally
is usedas the default domain name.
stands for session data unit, which determines the size of the sent datapackages. The maximum value set for this parameter is
SAP BW 3.0B with SP 24, DB connect, permits connection to Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2/MVS,DB2/RS6000, ADABAS/D, and DB2/OS400. These databases require different parameters for connecting to BW.SAP has released several SAP notes for connecting to specific databases. Refer to the section “Reference toRelated Notes” of SAP note 323151 to access the correct SAP note. SAP BW 3.5 goes beyond the extraction

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