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Days Within Days

Days Within Days

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I often think about the day that has just passed – in the evening as I sit in the quiet and remember things recently past. It is during those times that I come closest to understanding what it means to live in time – a time that keep on passing with or without my permission.
I often think about the day that has just passed – in the evening as I sit in the quiet and remember things recently past. It is during those times that I come closest to understanding what it means to live in time – a time that keep on passing with or without my permission.

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Published by: Dr. Earl R. Smith II on Mar 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Days Within Days
By Earl R. Smith II, PhD DrSmith@Dr-Smith.com www.Dr-Smith.comI often think about the day thathas just passed – in the eveningas I sit in the quiet andremember things recently past.It is during those times that Icome closest to understandingwhat it means to live in time – atime that keep on passing withor without my permission. Weall have this experience becausewe can’t avoid it. Life itself isthe experience of passing days –and months – and years. It isduring these quiet times thatthe memory of what was - whatmight have been - and theirrevocable loss comes to mind.And the immediacy of ‘nowtakes a back seat to a time of reflection.Each day brings untoldopportunities – to learn – to bekind to understand toconnect with others. Eachpresents itself like an expectantpuppy – eager for attention andwanting so much to find a worldin which it is accepted andcherished. And I find myself – inthose quiet hours wonderingwhy I sent this puppy away why I didn’t realize that thisother one was there at all.Maybe you have had similarexperiences. The people thatyou meet – the chances you aregiven – the gifts they bring toyou represent the county of living thetrue reason tobe alive.Wealth is thereall the time –incrediblerichness flowsall around you– it is a matterof recognizing and accepting theopportunity to partake.But there is most surely a trap insuch remembrances. Living inthe recent past is still living inthe past. When I find myself thinking about such things andwondering about lostopportunities, I take a breathand remind myself that thismoment – this very quiet time –is yet another opportunity – andthat the present is the place tobe living even in thesemoments of quiet reflection.Each day begins withopportunities to do somethingthat you can be proud of – totouch another fellow humanbeing to understand theirconcerns and needs tocontribute to their lives – easetheir pain help themunderstand and cope – and letthem teach you to understand. The afterglow of a day wellspent is in the presence of thoseopportunities that were wellused – a cause for reflection onthe wonder that ‘I really did thatand made a difference‘theworld is a different placebecause I lived through this dayin this way’.
When I am living in the present Ireach out to people – extend ahand try very hard tounderstand the world as theyfind it and the life that they areexperiencing. For the most partit is not so very different thanmine. But the details make allthe difference. At the end of avery good day I end up feelingthat I have lived several livesthrough several days. Severallives through several days – andall in the same twenty-fourhours!Maybe you’ve met someonewho seemed old beyond theiryears – I certainly have. Truthbe told, I collect them – they aresome of my most favoritememories. But it was justrecently that I came tounderstand how they were ableto manage such a thing. Mostof them live forty-eight to sixtyhours in any given day of theirlives.An old friend was fond of sayingthat ‘its not the years, it’s themiles’. Strange that it took somany years for me tounderstand what he was tryingto tell me. Being alive in thepresent brings the exquisitebenefit of living andexperiencing more hours – andliving more deeply than thesimple and mechanical march of the sun around the earth wouldseem to offer.I call this ‘making time’. When Iwas younger I thought that timemade itself but now I know that Iwas wrong. We each make time– we are its creators – to theextent that each day is morethan the minimally allottedtwenty-four hours. And you cando the same – you can be a‘time lord’ and create the mostprecious commodity that anyhuman possesses – more time.Sure, at first this is going tosound very strange to you. Ican hear the literalists now ‘there are only so many hours inthe day and nothing can bedone about that’. But spendsome time with the thought – letit seep into your consciousnessand settle into yourunderstanding – and you will seethat the literalists are gravelymistaken. They are intent onstealing the very thing thatmakes you most human – withall the possibilities that thatimplies. Learn to make time and watch your s grow. Leavethe literalist to wonder at yourcreativity.Right now that suggestion maysound a bit daunting but I cangive you a couple of places tostart. First, make use of thosequiet times at the end of eachday. Use them to replay the dayand look for opportunities thatyou missed gifts that yourefused puppies that youignored or missed altogether.But dont take this as anopportunity to beat up onyourself for being less than youmight have. Think of yourself kindly and with compassion as aperson fallible and capable of 
unintentional mistakes. It’s notthe apportionment of blame thatwealth it is the growth thatself-knowledge can produce. Take a bit of time to make notesabout those things that youwould have liked to have donebetter or at all. Write themdown in a journal. Then promiseyourself to be more aware more alive to the moment when they come by again. Yousee the exercise is not to placeblame and generate shame – itis to create awareness andpreparedness for the gifts thatthe next day will surely bring.Only by honing your senses – bylearning from your mistakes andmissteps can you becometomorrow the person you werenot able to be today. And that isbecause of the most preciousgift that any of us ever receive –the ability to be more tomorrowthan we were today. In a veryreal sense, every day is a ‘doover’ of the last. No, you don’tget to go back and remakeyesterday – but you do have thevery real opportunity to maketomorrow different andyourself very different in theprocess. So learn fromyesterday - let it help youimprove tomorrow.Every day should be amasterpiece that you are proudto have authored. Each hourshould contain within it all thatis the best in you and what youhave to offer. Doing meansreaching out to others andadding to their lives in ways thatthey couldn’t on their own but italso means reaching into yourown life and becoming someonethat does things that the ‘you of yesterday’ couldn’t do as well.Every person who you meet inthe course of your day has adifferent experience of life. Think of the incredible diversitythat surrounds you and thevaried understandings thatabound. This is truly abundancein its highest form. Each dayyou come in contact with thosewho have figured out what it isthat confuses you most overcome the challenges thatyou find most daunting metand slain the demons that arebedeviling you the most. Theyare all there right in front of you.But you also come into contactwith those who are confusedwhere you are not – who needhelp to overcome what you haveovercome and are stillstruggling with the demons thatyou have slain. You see you arenot only a student but a teacher– and your day is going to findyou in both roles. You gainconfidence during a day wellspent – but you also help othersgain confidence. Your journal can become eithera bludgeon or a guiding light.It’s your choice. I regularly goback and read the entire thing.If you do this with kindness anda gentle understanding that youare, after all, only human, theexperience can be very

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