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Vol 2 Issue 26 78th Issue Dec. 13

Vol 2 Issue 26 78th Issue Dec. 13

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Published by S. Raghunathan

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Published by: S. Raghunathan on Dec 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The much needed Chennai to Goa directbus service was launched from theChennai Mofussil Bus Terminal, recently.Mr.Mario S.Pereira, owner of PauloTravels and Paulo Holiday Makers,flagged off the Volvo Super Sonic luxurybus, cheered by passengers. The traveltime is just less than 18 hours.The Wi-Fi enabled bus provides relaxingcomfort on board, good environmentalproperties and extremely high reliability,promisingthepassengers a safeandsecure journey. Recounting his experience as a successfulbusiness person, Mario S.Pereira, shares, “Passenger comfort andreaching the destination on time, has been the guiding principle ofour business, for the last three generations.” He says, “Currentlypeople have to hop and stop between bus services or manage witha combination of train and bus service to reach Goa, from Chennai.We wanted to give a comfortable and hassle-free journey topassengers coming to Goa, from Chennai.” This ISO certifiedorganization, aims to reduce the travel time to less than 16 hours, inthe next couple of months.Priced at Rs. 1250/- per person for Slumber and Rs.1,150/- perperson for Seater class, the bus has brief stops at Kanchipuram,Vellore, Krishangiri, Hosur, Bangalore, Hubli, Belgaum, beforereaching Goa. Special discounts for senior citizens, students andfor bulk bookings are also available. The bus departs from Chennaiat 3:00 PM and at 10:30 PM from Bangalore, everyday.Passengers can book their tickets through Paulo Travels officeslocated in Chennai, Bangalore, Belgaum and Hubli or through their5000 travel agent network across the country. For bookings fromBangalore, call (080) 22384040 / 22384242 and from Chennai, call(044) 24790477 / 42818373. In addition, dial 0832-6637777 tobook through the Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS)service or log on to www.paulotravels.com, for online bookings.
78th issue December 13,2009
Chief minister MKarunanidhi on Fridayannounced that the citycorporation’s newly builtflyover on Cenotaph Road-Turnbulls Road will benamed after late Congressleader GK Moopanar. Hisgovernment has also givenconsent for the installationof a statue of Moopanar onCenotaph Road near AnnaSalai.A high levelbridge to replace thecauseway on AlandurRoad and a subway atJones Road in Saidapethave been named after lateDMK functionariesAbraham andPavalakannan. Theprojects, aimed at easingthe traffic congestion in thebusy traffic intersections,have cost the exchequer Rs 37.8 crore. Whileinaugurating the projects at a function, Karunanidhirecalled his famous midnight arrest by the previousAIADMK government in 2001, on account of allegedirregularities in the construction of nine flyovers duringStalin’s tenure as city mayor. In fact, though those projects
Vol 2 ISSUE 26
Householdsevery week
Cenotaph Road flyover inauguratedand named after Moopanar
were initially estimated at Rs 95 crore, they werecompleted then at a cost of Rs 65 crore, thus saving ahuge sum for the exchequer, he said. “We were evenafraid of taking up similarflyover projects in thebeginning (of the presenttenure). However, keepingthe public interest in mind, theseprojects were executed to mitigatethe sufferings of road-users in thecity,” he said. He added that it wasonly when his party was in power thatmany flyovers and bridges had beenbuilt in the state. Also, the figure wasmuch more than the number of suchconstructions during the Congressgovernment of late K Kamaraj andduring colonial days, he said.Deputy CM MK Stalin said trafficprojects worth Rs 90 crore werecoming up in various locations in thecity. The Perambur flyover and LocoWorks bridge would be completedvery shortl, he said. He said thefirst phase of the Adyar Eco-park in anarea of 58 acres would beinaugurated by the chief minister inNovember 2010. Mayor MSubramanian said a recent study byWilbur Smith Associates had foundthat the city fared better than othermetros in traffic management. Electricity minister Arcot NVeeraswamy, deputy mayor R Sathyabama were amongothers who participated.
Fun Sun and Goa in just 18 hours
Vol 2 ISSUE 26December 13.2009
TheTiruppavai,also spelt asThiruppavai,is a collectionof thirtypaasurams orstanzaswritten andcompiled byAndal. All thepasurams arewritten inTamil praisingLord Tirumalor Vishnu orPerumal. It isconsideredas prominentpart in DivyaPrabandha.DivyaPrabandha iscompiled bytwelve Alvarsof TamilVaishnavas.Thiruppavai is a divine text recited during the Tamilmonth of Margazhi and the Telugu month of Dhanurmasam.In 2009, Margali masam or Dhanur masam starts onDecember 17 and ends on January 14, 2010.The thirty pasurams of Thiruppavai explain about theprinciples of Vaishnava dharma and spiritual importanceduring Margazhi masam. The stanzas are recited bydevotees of Vishnu and Pavai Nombu is observed asDhanurmasa vratam a vow dedicated to Andal is observedduring the month of Margazhi. Vaishnu bhakta, devotees ofLord Vishnu, recite Thiruppavai during the month andspecial naivedyam is offered on each day of Dhanurmasam.Thiruppavai, is ANDAL's anugraham (blessings) toall devotees. These paasurams are in Tamil (Dravidam) andthey lead us gradually to the Lord's lotus feet. The journeystarts from "waking up fellow gopikas" for thevratham(Nonbhu), Till waking up of Lord Himself, who is theonly one to give us the eternal bliss.The paasurams are grouped in to SIX sets of five(5x5+5=30), conveying different contexts. They focus on(1) The ways/steps to perform Nonbhu (2) Maidens, whorecently fell in love with Lord are awakened (3) Those, whoare deeply in love with Krishna born in Gokulam areawakened (4) At Nandhagopan's house, Dhwara Paalakas,Neelai and Kannan are awakened (5) The Maidens prepareKrishna to a state in which He can listen to their appeal (6)Krishnan is ready and the Gopis reveal the purpose of theirvisit and pray for the boons of eternal kaimkaryam.Thiruppavai appears to one, in his own level ofmaturity at different points of time such as -- Thiruppavai ispart of Thiru MANTHRAM" ::: Periyalwar revealed themeaning of OM (pranavam) through his PALLANDUprabandham. ANDAL revealed meaning of NAMONARAYANA. Both father and daughter together revealedastaakshari, "OM NAMO NARAYANA". -- Thiruppavai isequivalent to the Upanishads :Every day during our daily pooja, tirunakshatramsand on every auspicious occassion, we performsattrumarai, set of paasurams, the head and essence ofwhich is Pallandu and Thiruppaavai. Veda siras is reveredas Upanishad. Gita is known as Gitopanishad. SimilarlyThisuppavai is Godapanishad- Andal's anmugraham toRamanuja .Bhagavad Ramanuja wrote commentary onUpanishads. Generally such person was rewarded asBhashyakarar. But Ramanuja did not get the honour for noreason. One day, Andal appeared in his dream and told, hewill be bestowed the honour after he completes hiscommentary on Thiruppavai also. Subsequently Ramanujasucceeded and became Sri Bhashyakaarar and ANDALhis younger sister. --Andal exceeds Sri Devi : Andal isamsam of Sri Devi. Tulasi is the mother. Periyalwar herfather. Emperumanar (Ramanuja) Godagrajar. LordRanganatha is Her swamy. All of us Her children. All theremultiple relations glorify Her more than Periya Piratti SriDevi.
Alpha Times 
will feature in the successive issuesthe significance of Thiruppavai recited in Tami verses for thebenefit of readers.
Andal Anugraham
December 13,2009
Sri Sabarigiri Sastha Seva Sangam, WestMambalam will be conducting the seventh edition of theSri AyappaVilakku Pooja on Sunday Dec.13 at the SriRam Samaj's Ayodhya Mandapam, as per the followingschedule 5.00 am Ganapathy Homam; 9.00 amSahasrnama Archanai; 12.00 Mahadeeparadhanafollowed by annadhanam. In the evening 6.00 pmThiagarajan Guruswamy and party will render Bhajansfollowed by a dance drama by Premalaya NatyaNiketan students. All are welcome.
Homam at Sri Ram Samaj
 At Sathyanarayana Temple
Hanumath Jayanthi will be celebrated at the SriSathyanarayana Temple West Mambalam as per thefollowing schedule.8.00 am Visesha Alangaram and specialThirumanjanam; 5.00 pm to7.00 pm Visesha VadaimalaiAlankaram. Those desirous ofparticipatingin the abovefestivities may contact the temple officeand remitRs.250 forThirumanjanam and Rs.300 for Vadaimalai.
At Sri Ram Samaj
Hanumath Jayanthi will be celebrated at the SriRam Samaj from 5.30 pm onwards. All are welcome
Hanumath Jayanthi on Dec.16
Sri Iyappa Vilakku Pooja
Sri Parvatha Malai Girivalam Committee isorganising a Girivalam at Parvatha Malai, inThiruvannamalai, on December 16, to commemoratethe journey of Sri Maha Periyava to the Malai. Sixty fiveyears ago, in 1944, Periyava circumnavigated the holyhill on December 15 (Margazhi 1). He walked the entiredistance from his camp at Kadaladi village.The girivalam on December 16 will start at 5.30a.m. from Sri Vishnu Temple at Kadaladi Palayam,following the road route of about 30 km along thevillages of Melkodi, Pattiyandhal, etc., and return toKadaladi. Those who wish to participate may assembleon the night of December 15, at Sankara MatamVedapatasala, Sannidhi St., Polur.Arrangements for food etc. will be made by thecommittee and no money will be collected for the same.Devotees who wish to participate may register theirnames with the committee. For further details call:Arunachalam Iyer (044 – 27222115) email:skmkanci@md3vsnl.net.in; Mahabaleshwar Bhat (Ph:04181 222462)
Special girivalam on Dec. 16
A homam to commemorate the forthcoming 'GuruPeyarchi' which takers place on Dec.15 will beconducted at the Sri Ram Samaj, WestMambalam,Tuesday Dec. 15 morning at 7.00 am. All arewelcome.
Stars this week
tars this weektars this week
For the week Dec - 13 to 19
[ March 21 to April 20 ]Prepare for a challenging task aboutwhich you have been hesitating. You are in abetter position to do it and take the credit.
[ April 21 to May 20 ]You are under a misconception thatyou can do no wrong but your stars warn youto desist from this false notion.
[ May 21 to June 21 ]For those born on Wednesday anawaited opportunity would bring happiness.Monday-born could come under weather.
[ June 22 to July 22 ]A dignified Moon in the house of luckmay boost career-plans. You can take it easyand entrust the hard work to others. Don’t beselfless.
[ July 23 to Aug 22 ]Shun the company of people who arenot what they pose to be. If you trust themblindly, you are in for bad days.
[ Aug 23 to Sept 22 ]Some hard challenges can be taken onhead-on. You can humble a rival who had letyou down in the past. Have faith in yourself.
[Sept 23 to Oct 22 ]Advice of Geminians and Virgoans canbring luck. But avoid malevolent Canceriansand Leos.
[Oct 23 to Nov 22 ]A slow Mars may make spending yourhobby. You may splash money on uselessitems. Tuesday may be expensive.
[ Nov 23 to Dec 22]Jupiter has turned complex. You maydo well in one project but falter in the other.Remain alert or the initiative may slip fromyour grasp.
[Dec 23 to Jan 20]Saturn represents your capability toimpress others. Nobody can get better of youin this art. Reflect on the past but live in thepresent.
[ Jan 21 to Feb 19 ]A lucky week as financial affairs maybe sorted out according to your wishes. Goodtime for sale-purchase of stocks andinvestments.
[Feb 20 to March 20 ]Domestic activities and needs couldattract you. Don’t participate in uselessdiscussions with visitors. A bad time to solvecomplicated issues.
December 13,2009
Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials functioningat 7 (15/2), 9th Avenue, Ashok Nagar are organizing “FreeSwayamvaram" ( parents' meet ) for all Brahmins FridayDec. 25 at Balaji Kalyana Mandapam, T.Nagar (BehindAgasthiyar Kovil).as per the following scheduleIyers: 9 AM - 1 PM; Iyengars: 2 PM - 4 PM;Remarriages 4 PM - 6 PM(For grooms minimum income criteria isRs.25,000 p.m)For membership and other details contact PhoneNo: 24716920 or 9840330531. (Founder – Panchapakesan) or Website: www.ssmatri.com
Free Swayamvaram
With the flyover at Cenotaph Road-Turn BullsRoad junction commissioned at the Turnbulls RoadCenataph Road Junction the police have announcedtraffic changes which had come in to force on Saturday.According to a release, all vehicles would beallowed to ply on the new flyover and a two-way systembe implemented.Vehicles from Kotturpuram to Anna Salai couldtake the flyover. Vehicles from Kotturpuram bound forSaidapet could take a left turn at Turn Bulls Road junction via the service road and proceed on ChamiersRoad and take left turn at Nandanam junction. Vehiclescoming from Kotturpuram and bound for TTK Roadcould take a right turn at Turn Bulls Road through theservice road and proceed.Vehicles from Nandanam junction andproceeding towards Adyar could take a right turn at TurnBulls Road junction, while those from Nandanam toAnna Salai could take left turn at Turn Bulls Road junction. Also vehicles from Nandanam proceedingtowards TTK Road could go straight towards ChamiersRoad to reach their destination.Vehicles from the Turn Bulls Road junctionbound for Venkatnarayana Road should take CenotaphRoad, Anna Salai, Nandanam to reach their destination.Vehicles from the junction would not be allowed to gostraight towards Venkatnarayana Road or take a rightturn to Anna Salai.
Traffic changesfrom Saturday
Southern Railway will run Coimbatore-ChennaiCentral-Coimbatore weekly superfast specials to clear therush.Train No. 0648 Coimbatore-Chennai CentralSpecial will leave Coimbatore at 11.55 p.m. on Tuesdaysfrom December 22 to January 19, 2010, and arrive atChennai Central at 8.10 a.m. the next day. Train No. 0647Chennai Central-Coimbatore Special will leave ChennaiCentral at 10.30 p.m. on Wednesdays from December 23to January 20, 2010 and arrive at Coimbatore at 6.50 a.m.the next day.The trains will stop at Tiruppur, Erode, Salem,Jolarpet, Katpadi and Arakkonam. Train No.0648 will stopat Perambur too.Train No. 0647 will stop at Coimbatore North too.Reservation will begin on December 10, says a SouthernRailway release.
Special trains to Coimbatore
SRM Hospital West mambalam willconducting aFree Asthama Health Care Camp on Sunday Dec.13from 9.00am to1.00 pm at the hospitalpremises.Dr.A.D.Arumugam and Dr. Anupama Murthywill be available for consultations. Spirometry testwill bedone free of cost for needy patients.
SRM Hospital" Free Asthma Camp"
A commerce carnival was held at Sri SitaramVidyalaya West Mambalam recently . Mr. BowmickPradyot , President Rotary Club of Madras South listeningto a student who has displayed a project in the carnival.
Commerce Carnival at SSRV
Sloka Competition Prize Winner
Sri Ram Samaj recently conducted an Inter-school Gita Sloka Competition for the students of school in West Mambalam and Ashok Nagar, under the auspices of Killukudi R.Jayarama Iyer Endowment. Many students participated A student of B.S.Mootha Girls Mat.School received a prize from Dr.Sudha Seshaiyan 

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