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preptalk gk

preptalk gk

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Published by akash

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Published by: akash on Dec 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. The Ochterlony Monument was built in 1848 by Sir DavidOchterlony to commemorate his victory in the Nepal War(1814 – 1816). What was it renamed as after India achievedindependence?(1) VictoryTower (2) Qutub Minar(3) Shaheed Minar (4) Char Minar2. Whois the author of 'The ThreeMusketeers'?(1) MiguelDeCervantes Saaverda(2) William Shakespeare(3) AlexandreDumas(4) Robert L.B. Stevenson3. Which is the world's leading egg-producing country?(1) China (2) India(3) Japan (4) Malaysia4. The sampling rate, (how many samples per second arestored) for aCDis…?(1) 48.4 kHz(2) 22,050Hz(3) 44.1 kHz(4) 48 kHz6. Where isFortWilliam located?(1) Chennai (2) Goa(3) Kolkata (4) Mysore7. WhenwasTipu Sultan killed?(1) May 10, 1799(2) May 12, 1799(3) May 5, 1799(4) May 9, 17998. Whichscientist discoveredthe radioactive element radium?(1) Isaac Newton (2) Albert Einstein(3) BenjaminFranklin (4) Marie Curie5. The Globe is famous for being the theatre whereShakespeare performed. Which theatre was its main rival?(1) Whitefriars(2) Salisbury Court Theatre(3) TheRose(4) Blackfriars9. Name the Indian Tennis player who has turned Hollywoodfilmmaker?(1) LeanderPaes(2) Mahesh Bhupathi(3) Vijay Amritraj(4) Ashok Amritraj11. Some lasers are referred to as being “cw.” What does “cw”mean?(1) Circular wave(2) Constant white(3) Continuous wave(4) Clear white12. In which year did Milkha Singh win the first National titlein the 400mrace?(1) 1955 (2) 1956(3) 1957 (4) 197013. Which crop isNOTcultivated in Goa?(1) Coconut (2) Rice(3) Corn (4) Areca14. What is the most important part of an egg called?(1) Shell membrane (2) Yolk(3) White (4) Germ
15. Which monument was built in memory of a Britishmonarch?(1) Victoria Memorial(2) Prince ofWales Memorial(3) King George Memorial(4) King Richard Memorial16. Whois the author of 'TheNameof the Rose'?(1) John Steinbeck(2) William Shakespeare(3) Umberto Eco(4) J.K. Rowling10. Whoinvented Internal Combustion Engine?(1) Roger Bacon (2) Karl Benz(3) Dr. Alan M.Turing (4) Otto
General knowledge
PT’s PrepTalk – October 2009 53
17. Compact discs, (according to the original CDspecifications) hold how many minutes of music?(1) 74 mins (2) 56 mins(3) 60 mins (4) 90 mins18. Where did India play its 1st one day international match?(1) Lords(2) Headingley(3) Taunton(4) TheOval19. Which chocolate bar with a honeycomb centre wasintroduced in 1929?(1) Time Out(2) Flake(3) Crunchie(4) Wispa20. Which of these Cities located in the state of Gujarat isfamous for zari production?(1) Surat(2) Rajkot(3) Surendranagar(4) Ahmedabad21. The final act of betrayal was when Tipu went himself tofight the British soldiers that were able to enter the fortcourtyard. One of the traitors then ordered the inner doorsto be shut.Whowas this traitor?(1) Badaruddin(2) Zaman(3) Purnia(4) Mir Sadiq22. What type of system did Paul Nipkow, John Baird, andCharles Jenkins all invent?(1) Telephone(2) EarlyWarning(3) Electricity(4) Television23. Located in India it is Asia's largest residential university.Nameit…?(1) Banaras Hindu University(2) TheUtkal University(3) Jawaharlal Nehru University(4) Anna University24. Which caves dating back to 600 A.D. are located onGharapuri Island in Mumbai's harbour?
(1) Elephanta Caves(2) Ajanta Caves(3) Kanheri Caves(4) Ellora Caves25. What is the process responsible for producing photons in adiode laser?(1) Fermi level shift(2) Majority carrier injection(3) Carrier freeze out(4) Electron-hole recombination26. When was Amateur Athletics Federation of Indiaestablished?(1) 1936 (2) 1946(3) 1956 (4) 196627. Which living bird lays the world's smallest egg?(1) Hornbill(2) BeeHummingBird(3) Gulls(4) Woodpecker28. In which Indian city would you find the mosque with“Shaking Minarets”?(1) Hyderabad(2) Lucknow(3) Ahmedabad(4) Allahabad29. Whois theAuthor of 'Les Miserables'?(1) AlexandreDumas(2) William Shakespeare(3) Victor Hugo(4) MaryWollenstonecraft Shelley30. The base 10 (or decimal - our normal way of counting)number 65535 is represented in hexadecimal as…?(1) 0xFFFFF(2) 0xFFFF(3) 0xFFF(4) 0xFFFFFF31. Whowas the 1stODIcaptain for India?(1) AjitWadekar(2) Bishen Singh Bedi(3) NawabPataudi(4) Vinoo Mankad32. Whenwas MilkTray first introduced?(1) 1915 (2) 1934(3) 1923 (4) 194233. Which State in India is the largest producer of Soyabean?(1) Rajasthan(2) Gujarat(3) UttarPradesh(4) MadhyaPradesh
54 PT’s PrepTalk – October 2009
34. In 1799, the British attacked Mysore. Many of Tipu's highrankingofficials were involved in a conspiracy with theBritish. Most important of these was his Prime-Minister,Whowas he?(1) PanditPurnia(2) Mir Sadiq(3) Badruzzamah Inaita(4) Shah Zaman35. Whoinvented fuel cells in 1839?(1) BuckminsterFuller(2) SirWilliamGrove(3) Sylvester Graham

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