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Rethorical Analysis

Rethorical Analysis

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Published by prattcm

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Published by: prattcm on Dec 14, 2009
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People Will ComeRay Kinsella, a man who has just destroyed a large portion of his crop to build abaseball field, is in a bit of a predicament. He has used all of his money to build the baseballand has no more money to pay the mortgage. Ray's brother-in-law, Mark, who works for thebank, is pressuring Ray into selling his farm because he says the bank will foreclose the nextday. Amidst this argument Terence Mann, a reclusive author, steps in and this is when hegives his "People will come" speech. It is in this speech that Terence convinces Ray to followhis heart, even though some people may think he is crazy, he motivates Ray to do what hethinks is right.
Field of Dreams
(1989) is about a man named Ray Kinsella. Ray grew up withbaseball, his father, John, loved baseball, he played a few seasons in the minors, and was abig White Socks fan, and he loved "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. In 1919 eight players from theWhite Sox team were accused of throwing the World Series to the Reds. All eight playersincluding the great "Shoeless" Joe Jackson were banned from baseball for life. Joe hadgotten money from the deal, but nobody could ever prove that he did one thing to lose thegame.Unfortunately as Ray grew up his relationship with his father got worse and worse, untilJohn died in the fall of ‘74. A few years later Ray was convinced by his wife, Annie, to buy afarm in Iowa. Shortly after that they had a daughter named Karin.One evening as Ray was walking through his corn field, he hears a faint whisper, "If you build it, he will come." Unsure of what this means Ray begins to become frustrated, untilone day he is out in the field and hears the same whisper, but this time he imagines a
baseball field in his corn field. He realizes that the voice is telling him if he builds a baseballfield "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and the rest of the 1919 White socks team will come play on thefield and it will be their one chance to play again after being suspended.Ray plows under a large portion of his corn field and begins to build a baseball field.After the completion of the field Ray spends hours and hours waiting for something tohappen, he nearly gives up hope, until one night, over a year later, he sees the 1919 WhiteSox team practicing on the field. A few days later Ray hears the voice again. "Ease his pain."Based on a dream him and his wife both had the night before believes it is telling him to gofind an author named Terence Mann. He travels to Boston where he finds Terrence and theygo to a Boston Red Sox game together. While at the game they both hear the voice again"Go the distance," and they see a message "Archibald "Moonlight" Graham, 1 inning played,0 at bats" on the scoreboard. After the message Terrence is very curious and they attempt tofind Moonlight, only to find that he had died two years earlier. That night Ray had gone out of his hotel for a walk, a short while later he realized he was in 1972, two years earlier, whenMoonlight was still alive. He goes and talks with Moonlight and asks him why he stoppedplaying.The next day as Ray and Terence are returning to Iowa they spot a young hitch hiker with baseball equipment. They decide to pick him up and he introduced himself as ArchieGraham. They get back to Iowa and Moonlight gets to play with the White Sox, he will be the9th plater and they now have a full team. The day after their return Mark and Ray get into theargument about selling the farm. This is when Terrence gives his speech. Only those whobelieve can see the players playing on the field. Mark doesn’t believe, therefore he can’t see
the players; this is why he thinks they are all crazy and just staring at nothing.Terence gave this speech in order to convince Ray to not sign the papers to sell thefarm. He knows that up to this point Ray has done everything that he thought was right. Heplowed under his corn and built a baseball field. If he has done all that, why stop now? Thisspeech takes place next to the baseball field where the ghosts of the 1919 White Sox arepracticing. Shortly before the speech Ray's daughter Karin said to him."Daddy, we don't have to sell the farm. People will come... From all over. They'll justdecide to take a vacation, see? And they'll come to lowa City. They'll think it's really boring.So they'll want to pay us. Like buying a ticket. It will be just like when they were kids, a longtime ago. They'll watch the game and remember what it was like.(Field of Dreams)"On the front left corner of the bleachers Terence sits quietly as the argument betweenRay and Mark escalates. Terence
a somewhat surprised look on his face, like he has just realized what Karin has said will cone true, interrupts with "People will come, Ray"After all that Terence and Ray have done together, and the fact that Terence is theonly other person that has heard the "voice" gives him a great amount of credibility in Ray'seyes. "They'll arrive at your door as innocent as children longing for the past. “Of course, wewon't mind if you look around," you'll say. "It's only $20 per person." They'll pass over themoney without even thinking about it. For it is money they have and peace they like" (Field oDreams). Terence assures Ray that he will get the money to pay the mortgage. $20 is a lowprice to pay for even a short moment of peace, as people come to the field they would forgetabout their everyday lives and remember the past, "It reminds us of all that once wasgood"(Field of Dreams).

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