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Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest

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Published by Catie Wooten

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Published by: Catie Wooten on Dec 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tropical Rain Forest
By BartholomewWard Gallagher 
Background Information.
The amazon rainforest is very important because itis one of the world’s greatest natural resources. Itsvegetation continuously recycles carbon dioxide intooxygen, it has about 20% of earth’s oxygen, hence being called the “lungs of our Planet.”The Amazon Rain Forest is located in Northernsouth America, and is mostly in Brazil. Although itdoes go through the five other countries, sixincluding Brazil. The Amazon Rain Forest is hometo many different plants thus making it a verydiverse place. There may be 40 to 100 differentspecies in 2.5 acres of a tropical rain forest.
The Curupira Reforestation Project, invested 42million united states dollars in to the installation of microchips (2.1 million of them) which wouldstimulate the growth of the trees from outer space.Th trees would grow by satellite imaging. Its projected that in 20 years the project will produce4.2 million cubic meter of timber.
Plant Life
 Not counting the four layers(see below).The shrubs and saplings layer receives about 3% of the suns light that goes through the other 4 layers.These trees are able to grow because they arecapable of a sudden and powerful growth when thereis just a little light. Beneath the lower canopy the air is often humid. The trees give off water throughthere stomata. The tree’s transpiration, can takecredit for half of the precipitation in the rain forest.
Animal Life
In a four square mile patch of the Amazonrainforest contains around 1,500 flowering plants,750 species of trees, 400 species of birds and 150species of butterflies. The plants and animals in therainforest are used as resources to make medicines tocure cancer. The natural habitats of these animalsare getting killed off every day. The logging of trees does not only effect the trees. It effects theanimals that once inhabited that tree.

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