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America’s Future Foundation

America’s Future Foundation

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Published by atlasnetwork

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Published by: atlasnetwork on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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America’s Future Foundation
Increase your efficiency and grow your reach usingsimple and inexpensive off-the-shelf technologiesAbout AFF
s Future Foundation
s mis-sion is to identify and develop thenext generation of conservative andlibertarian leaders. AFF targets pro-fessionals in their 20s and 30s insupport of limited government, freemarkets, and personal responsibility.Through its programs, AFF offersthese professionals opportunities todevelop their skills, network, andadvance their careers.
See our tech in action
To see how we use these technolo-gies, visit our website:
.First thing to note is that we use thefree Movable Type blogging soft-ware as the content managementsystem that powers our entire site,including our online magazine. Viewan event page—such as
www.americasfuture.org/ events-archive/archives/ 021465.php
, a recent roundtable onLatin America—and notice how weinclude photos of the event using
and how we offer audioof the event as a podcast or simplyby clicking on a link.Check out our free market job boardat
www.americasfuture.org/ jobboard
. All of the jobs you seehere are published as RSS. A young jobseeker could subscribe to ourfeed and be instantly alerted eachtime we add a new position.Visit
www.affdoubelthink.com/ subscribe.php
to subscribe to ourquarterly print magazine,
Double- think 
. Once your submit the form,your contact information is auto-matically added to the Salesforcedatabase and your payment is proc-essed using PayPal.
Blogging is still king
 There may be many new technologies beyond it, but nothing beats blogging for quick and interactive communication with your audience. If you take care to cultivate the right audience, your blog can be in
 Tell journalists and policy makers about your blog 
to integrate photos into your site
Creating podcasts is easy
You have always been able to add audio
les to your site. Youraudience can click on a link and listen to your audio content ontheir computers. The unique feature of podcasting is that userscan
to your podcast, and each time you publish a new audio
le, they are alerted or the
le is automatically transferedto their MP3 players.
Sites like
make it simple to create podcasts
to track the number of subscribers
Putting on a panel or lecture? Record and podcast it
 To capture an audience and keep it interested in a pod
cast, keep it short
15 minute episodes are best
andpodcast frequently 
 weekly is better than monthly 
RSS pushes your content to readers
 The technology undergirding podcasts is RSS. Almost all content on your site can be turned intoan RSS feed that users can subscribe to. Oncesubscribed, users won
t have to remember to visit your site to check for new information. Every time you addsomething new, it automatically appears in subscribers
homepages or news readers.
t wait to set up
to track your feed
RSS isn
t just for blogs and podcasts: use it for your calen
dar of events, job board, and message board

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