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The Baby in the Trashcan

The Baby in the Trashcan



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Published by Devon Pitlor
A prep school graduate intoxicated with a strange skill finally veers away from evil toward the good and finds something like eternal love.
A prep school graduate intoxicated with a strange skill finally veers away from evil toward the good and finds something like eternal love.

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Baby in the Trashcan
by Devon Pitlor
Prologue:What interests me most about Slayton Travitor III is not his celebrated psychicpropensities, which have been so much in the news lately since he both solvedthe case of the unfortunate Shauna Gainor and prevented another child abusehomicide in the Craig Murtance matter, but how a twenty year old boywavered between good and evil and finally decided on the good. Because of hisso-called “psychic” assistance, the police, always sluggardly and laggard, wereable to incarcerate a serial kidnapper and rescue a nine year old boy from anabsolutely invisible case of heinous maltreatment which would have certainly,if left undiscovered, resulted in the boy's brutal death. Then Slayton TravitorIII, at the height of his media popularity, disappeared suddenly. This is thestory of how and why.I. The early life of Slayton Travitor IIIBefore Slayton Travitor III became Slayton Travitor III, he did not have aname and was found wrapped in a plastic bag at the bottom of a trash barrelnear the entrance to Everest Park on the south end of Severton. He was a pinand lovely baby with enormous pale blue eyes, a solid baby who cried verylittle and was found with a kind of engaging smile across his lips when hisadopted mother, a woman by the name of Lucille Mitcham pulled him out of the garbage and decided that she would use her network to adopt him. Lucillewanted a baby, anyhow, and she had very little interest in any sort of liaisonwith a man. So the find was serendipitous for both Lucille and the soon to be
Slayton.Lucille, an ex-felon who had done five years in the State Penitentiary forWomen on forgery charges, had the contacts necessary to turn a baby in atrashcan into a real person with a real birth certificate and to almosteffortlessly become his legally adopted mother. All it took was a few phonecalls. Lucille had gone into prison as a very clumsy forger of municipal bondsbut, like all clever inmates, had received the best education possible whileincarcerated, honed her skills, and made friends who, like most intelligentcriminals, could accomplish nearly anything. Turning an unwanted child intoSlayton Travitor III was not as difficult as it may have seemed, and by the timeSlayton was five and entering kindergarten his paperwork was seamless. Hebecame an attractive, popular, athletic and affable young man and loved hismother as much as any boy could.Lucille was a realist and she told Slayton numerous times about his beginnings.Slayton had no regrets. Lucille was the best mother possible, and Slaytonexhibited no particular interest in his own biological origins.As his real story opens, we see Slayton, now somewhat of a preemptory snob,walking through the tree lined central arcade of Babbington PreparatoryAcademy in a neat blue blazer with the exclusive school's emblem proudlydisplayed on his breast. On each side of him was a girl, visitors from thenearby Martha Inesco's School for Gifted Girls. These were pretty girls andissued from some of the wealthiest families in Severton, and not one of themever had an inkling that Slayton had begun life in a garbage can. Slaytonplayed his role perfectly right down to the part about totally ignoring hismother as she passed in her cook's frock along the central walkway. Shewinked her eye at him, and he managed to return the wink without beingnoticed, but by agreement neither spoke. Lucille Mitcham had found a wayinto the employment at Babbington as a kitchen worker and had thus beenable to get her son into the fashionable school. Only the academy presidentknew of the relationship, and he knew better than to reveal it. Lucille had someother goods on him. So Slayton had fabricated, with his mother's help, a ratherdramatic resume of genealogy which more than qualified him to walk amidstthe scions of the old money crowd. And that is where we find him today, asenior within five days of graduation and already accepted, almost withoutscrutiny, at Yale.
II. Partying, sex, girlfriends and something elseLike all rich kids, the graduating senior boys of Babbington and thegraduating senior girls of Martha Inesco had a big bash planned to celebratethe end of preparatory school and to bathe their hormones in a common pool.Kegs of beer and exotic pharmaceutical substances would abound, and any boyworthy of note at Babbington had a Martha Inesco girlfriend to invite to thegated mansion where the event was to be hosted. Slayton Travitor III was noexception. His major interest was in a stunner named Bashira Minlock whosefather owned one of the few working gold mines left in American hands inVenezuela. Bashira was gorgeous and sought after by many of the Babbingtonboys, but of late she had seemed to capriciously settle on Slayton, and Slaytonwas blinded by Bashira's absolute sensual pulchritude and, though he realizedthe frighteningly lessened morality of the established rich, he followed Bashiraeverywhere like the proverbial hound dog in heat. Bashira by age eighteen, of course, had slept with many boys, but she had withheld her gifts from Slaytonbecause she wanted to hook him as deeply as she could before discarding him.That had always been how she played the game. Her own university plansinvolved a far away place with an exotic name, and it was certain that shewould totally evaporate after graduation in the following week. Other thanbeing ultra pretty, uber rich and beyond any sense of conventional propriety,there is very little else we need to know about Bashira because after the bigrevelry which would take place this very Saturday night, Bashira will, aspredicted, totally vanish both from Severton and from this story. So let's notget too hung up on this gold miner's daughter. Call her irresistible and leave itat that.The boys of Babbington and the sponsors of the graduation party did notskimp on alcohol or drugs or empty bedrooms or any other orgiasticaccoutrements. How much need is there in describing one of these parties?The wealthy are reckless and destructive, as Fitzgerald said, and they "getaway with everything." A few naked Martha Inesco girls would run out

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