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2590097 PAromita Aunty Me

2590097 PAromita Aunty Me

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Published by harish09_be

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Published by: harish09_be on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PAROMITA AUNTY & I...I am glad to share with U about my incident which happened when I was in Calcutta.Im in a medical profession. I lived in a flat in the second floor. I had a niceview of my neighbour’s bedrooms as my balcony is in a good location. I always loveto watch Bengali aaunties as they are really horny. Especially my neighbours arereally gorgeous ones. My wife works on different shift & I don’t have regular lovemaking with her.So I keep lookingoutside my window or balcony looking for desperate housewives whowants me to satisfy them. One winter evening I had a shower after my work. I wasabout to dry my towel in the balcony, I just stepped out & was surprised for amoment to see something I was longing for. It was my neighbour aunty Paromitha…..with her lovely breasts open for show. She was getting ready to go out somehwere &there wasnt anyone at home. So she for got to keep her window closed. I hid myselfbehing in the balcony to watch the live show. First she took of her pallu of thesari & undressed from her house dress & then she undid her blouse. It was weighingso heavy with her fully grown milky breasts. She wasn’t having a bra. She justopened the hooks & jung jung came her beautiful breast hangigng & looking at mewanting to cuddle them. I became horny & slowly started growing hard inside. Thenshe completely removed her sari & was walking inside the room to her wardrobe toget another dress. When she wakled up & down her lovely breasts were juggling & Ifelt like having them in my mouth & lick & suck them till the last drop of milk.Then she took her bra & then dressed herself & went out. From that day onwards, Itoo made up my mind to do some free shows to Paromitha aunty when she is alone athome. Days passed by, I used to run to the balconyt to see if she is there whe nI realize the bedroom lights were on. Most of the time she roams inside the housewith her sari pallu off showing her dangling boobs. I regularly made it a habit.One day she too noticed me watching her & she was showing much interest in me. Ilived in that house for amore than an year but I never spoke to any of myneighbours though I love to talk to them , have a relationship & also to have sexwiththem as amany nights I stay alone.I keep materbating thinking of Paromitha aunty when I hear her talk in the phone…….. she used to come close to my window & then talk so I will slowly open mycurtain & watche her. She satred showing me her cleavage by bending while shetalks in the phone. So we became secret lovers though we hadn’t spoken a word witheach other.One day after the pooja festival, she was alone at homw after the guests in herhouse hada left. I was also alone @ home & so I did some wahing & cameto dry theclothes. Then I was looking for herbut in vain. Wihle I was drying the clothes,suddenly my towel slipped off my waist & I became nude but since I had clothes inmy hand I didn’t mind continuing my work. While I was doing I suddenly turned tosee surprised but happy to see Paromitha aunty watching me from her other window.I didn’t show off, just I kept doing my work & allowed her to enjoy my beauty.Then after about 10 mins of show I turned to see if she was still there ……. I sawher standing against her window pressing her hard grown nipples in the glasswindow pane. I smiled at her & her smaile was an invitation to get closer to her.We started talking to eachother in my broken Bengali as I hail from South India.She liked me very much & started getting to know more about me & my profession.Then she said that she needs some medical advice. I was very happy. So I told thatI will come. I simply said that I will come in the evening when uncle is at home.This is just to make sure if anone is there at home. Then she said No, akun astheparbae? Then I nodded yes. I jumped into my room & very excited what to do withher & how to get her to bed & enjoy her seducing body. I took one of my specialbody spray & applied on me & went to her house. I rang the bell. She came & openedthe door. I was a bit hesitant to get inside coz it was athe firsttime I mgoinginto her house. She doent speak much English but very simple Bengali she talked soI can understand. Then she closed the door behind & we were talking ingeneralwhats what & who R all there in her house , about my work, how is my marriage etc.
Within a few minutes we became so close that I felt so near to her. Then I askedwhats her health problem. She said back pain. I was really happy. So I said I wantto test U before I adviceany medicine. Then she went into her bedroom & called mein. I went inside & saw my house freom there. From Paromita aunty’s bed room onecan see whats happeing in my house. Then I slowly asked her if she used to hearany sounds from my house. She said no not atll. So I was happy coz I used to watchxxx movies rented from outside & watch them in the night. After a while she said Ican hear some sounds coming from your house in the night. Then I got reallyshocked but she said that sound is really good. She asked me if I do have sex evrynight. Then I said my sad story that my wife goes for night duties always & Imalone. I said that I watch TV. So she slowly asked me if I watch any adult movies.I then smiled at her & said blushing yes aunty. She came close to me & sat in herbed. She asked Have U watched any xxx movies? I said yes….. do you like it. I saidofcourse yes. Then she became much closer to me & said that the scene she watchedthismorning was really nice. She said that she wants to see it everyday and thattoo very near. I was a bit nervous & was sweating inside.Then I made her lie down& asked her wher all she has pain…. Here…? Here? Here? I was taking thisopportunity to touch her all private part & I tingled her mood ot the peak. Thenshe turned & liedown on her back & her sari pallu fell off revealing her lovelymangoes. Then she asked me will you do something if I ask. I said yes thinking sheis gonna ask for some medicine or advice. She put her hands on me & said are youfeeling hot. I said yes. Then she said that she will bring water….. I said no.Then she asked if I like to have a drink… Then before I could respond, she saiddrink my milk its really tasty. I was totally shot up. My man inside was growingrock hard & I couldn’t do anything. Then she got up & closed the windows & said.Come first taste me & tell me how good my mango juice is. Then she slowly pulledme into her arms & making my mouth touch her big King sized boobs. I slowlycaressed her for a while then she asked me thumi khaabho naa? Then I said yes Iwant to then she hooked off her jacket & those lovely mangoes just fell into mymouth. I was really thrilled. I started sucking them with much longing. She wasenjoying the way I sucked them. We went rolloing over & over & started kissingpassionately. She started moaning & that was giving me immense pleasure. Slowlyshe pulled out my t shirt & pants & in a afew minutes we became completely nude.Our bodies were touching each others & were keep us warm. I drank the love milkout of her & she was really enjoying it. Slowly I kissedher all over & went downher thighs to find her wild thick lust filled forest which was soaked in herjuices. I played my finger inside & she was wriggling like a worm & enjoying each& every move. Then I put my mouth under & started to taste those leaking pussyjuices. She become very much stimulated & was lamenting in Bengali asking me notto stop. I too didn’t fee like leaving her. I tounged her pussy & with my fingerattacked her G spot & she was coming out her pussy juices on my face & I drankthem without any hesitation. Then she made me lie down & started to give me a goodblow job & I too came to the climax & she never dropped even a bit of my semen.Both of us were so tired after the passionate round & we were in the bed with myfinger inside her. After that she said that she wanted me to go into her lovelyvalley & sow my seed in her. Then we started again for the next round & in this wewere so passionate htan the previous round & it lasted for about half an hour ThenI enterd her valley, it was moist & loose becoz of my play. So I managed to enjoywithout giving her pain. I made love to her in a very soft way & both of us hadthe orgasm at the same time & we collapsed. She hugged me & said . bhalochaddhdhaaa. Amake biye korbo? I said but now we are already as husband & wife.Then she said that she needs this treat every day. Then I got up & gave her mymobile number & told her to give me a call so we will have a great time ofpleasure. Since then I go to the balcony & wait for her, she would come into herroom & do the nude show for me.When she finishes I do that jerking from here. Wheneither of us are alone then we would make love together. She started coming to myhouse regularly making friendship with my wife & we really had a great time.Thanks to Paromitha aunty & her love. I will never forget her. Even now she writes

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