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1678 TOEFL Words List_42pg

1678 TOEFL Words List_42pg

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Published by garfield gizmo

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Published by: garfield gizmo on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 a pivotal figure a pivotal figure (the key) characters pivot axisa. insurance premium premium n. advanced, high-priceda premium student a premium student for outstanding studentsa range of a range of a range of things (with order) a range from sth.to sth. ... from ... to the scope, ranging from orderedabandon abandon abandoned abandonment n. indulgenceabbreviate abbreviate v. shortened, abbreviated abbreviation n.abrasion abrasion abrasion n.abstract abstract (ab-removed, stract pull) a. abstract, n. summaryabsurd absurd absurd a.abundance abundance (und-wave) n. a rich, multi-'Shakes the Barleyroll' undulate / fluctuate fluctuationaccelerate accelerate (celer-speed) v. accelerate, increasing celerityspeed decelerate v. slowdownhave access to have access to be able to access, close to you haveaccess to the librarymay be close to the accessible accessible a.acclaim acclaim v. cheer, welcome welcome acclaimed a.accommodate accommodate v. gives the provision of accommodation; and ... consistent with adaptation (commod-convenience of commodity productsaccommodating accommodating a. helpfulaccompany accompany v. companionship, accompanimentaccompanist accompanist accompany accompaniment n. objects,accompanied byaccord accord v. harmony (-ion piano) accordion accordionaccumulate accumulate (cumul-stacking) v. accumulation of cumulusclouds gatheraccustom accustom v. accustom get accustomed to sth. Customscustom duty tariff acquaintance acquaintance n. familiarity, awarenessacronym acronym (acr-high,-onym words) n. Acronymacute acute a. keen impatient, and acute chronic chronic diseasesadapt adapt v. adapt adaptable adaptation adaptation can be adaptedto rewrite theaddictive addictive a. (drug) addiction addict (dict-were ordered to dosomething) v. to indulgeadditive additive (add-plus) additives, additional
seasoned adept adept a.adjoining / adjacent adjoining / adjacent a. adjacent, contiguousadjust adjust (just-right) v. adjustment, calibration adjustment n.adobe adobe adobe n., Indian housing construction materialsabode abode n. shelter, housingadopt adopt (opt-choice) v. adoptions, the adoption of adoption n.adornment adornment (orn-decorated) n. decorative ornamentationornamentsadvent advent n. to adventure n. adventure with the advent of 21century with the advent of the 21st centuryadverse adverse (-verse change) a. adverse, antagonistic ~ windagainst the wind ~ influence of the adverse effects of adversity n.disaster, misfortune, adversity and adversary n. opponent, adversaryadvocate advocate v. / n. support, endorsement, (persons)anesthetic esthetic a. sensory anesthetic (an-no) a. anesthesiaaesthetic a. aesthetic, aestheticaffect affect v. effect, to pretend severe strom adversely affect ourstudyaffected affected a. bumbling affection n. brotherhood, friendshipaffectation affectation n. pretendingaffiliate affiliate (fili-rope, family, a line, his son) v. to become the sonof ..., and ... joint, join in, add filiale subsidiary of filial children, andfilialafflict afflict (flict-combat) v. tortured conflict n. conflictaffluent affluent (flu-Mobile) a. wealthy, richaggravating aggravating (grav-weight) a. repeated deterioration of gravitation gravitational gravity gravityaggregate aggregate (greg-groups, is the group variant) v. totalaggregation n. a collection of gregarious a. gregarious, and socializeagitation agitation n. excited to incite agitate v. agitationakin to akin (-kin kinship relations) ~ to and ... are similar, closelyrelated toalchemy alchemy (chem-chemical) n. alchemy chemistry chemistryRed alder alder poplar poplar older elderly people sitting under theredsloth sloth slothalgae algae n. algae algal a.alien alien alien n. alienate alienate v.all but all but + a. almost almost a collection of inter ... + n. all exceptoutside of all of the
all inclusive all inclusive all-inclusiveallocate allocate (loc-local) v. distribution (wealth)alloy alloy alloy n.ally ally n. Union, the Alliesalternate alternate v. alternately selected one of two alternative a.altitude altitude (-alt High) n. highly exalt promotion praisedlatitude latitude latitude longitude longitude free spacealuminium aluminium aluminumambiance ambiance (ambi-on both sides) n. surrounding, atmosphereamenable amenable a. responsible, shall be subject to theamiable amiable amiable a.amplify amplify (ampl-Large) v. amplification amplifier amplifierancestor ancestor (an-in front of ces-go) ancestorannihilate annihilate (nihil-becomes zero) v. eliminate, annihilatenihility nothingness The annual annual annual a.anomaly anomaly (norm-specification) n. abnormal people or thingsanonymous anonymous (an-non-onym-name) a. anonymousantibiotics antibiotics (anti-anti-bio-physical) a. antibioticsantiquate antiquate v. to make old, abandoned antique antique,obsolete old antiquity ancient antiquated a.apart from apart from Apart from ... outside besides; aside fromappeal appeal v. appeal, appeal, and appeal (to)appealing appealing appealingapprentice apprentice apprentice n. repeatedly tempered person(practise)approach approach v. close (to sb.), methodaptly aptly a. proper, decentaquatic aquatic a. water, aquatic aquarium aquariumarch arch n. arc, arch doors, the mainarchaeology archaeology (archae-ancient) n. Archeologyarchipelago archipelago (archi-key) n. Islands, with a large number of o at the end of the word is Italian, such as: soprano - Mezzo-soprano -alto soprano-mezzo-altoarchitect architect architect n.arduous arduous (ard-warm-ous too) a. laborious, tiring enthusiasm of 

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