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Sinaksary - Prolog From Ohrid by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich

Sinaksary - Prolog From Ohrid by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich

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Published by Artan
Saints, Preachings, Comantary
Saints, Preachings, Comantary

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Published by: Artan on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. THE CIRCUMCISION OF OUR LORD AND GOD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRISTThe eighth day following His birth, the Divine Child was presented in the Temple and circumcisedaccording to the Law existing in Israel since the time of Abraham. On this occasion, He was given thename Jesus, which the Archangel Gabriel announced to the All-Holy Virgin Mary. The Old Testamentcircumcision was the proto-type of the New Testament baptism. The circumcision of our Lord showsthat He received upon Himself the true body of man and not just seemingly, as was later taught of Himby heretics. Our Lord was also circumcised because He wanted to fulfill the entire Law which HeHimself gave through the prophets and forefathers. In fulfilling the written Law, He replaced it withBaptism in His Holy Church as was proclaimed by the Apostle Paul: "For neither does circumcisionmean anything, nor does uncircumcision, but only a new creation" (Galatians 6:15). (In the cycle of theliturgical calendar of the Church, this Feast of the Lord's Circumcision has neither a Forefeast nor anAntefeast).2. SAINT BASIL THE GREAT, ARCHBISHOP OF CAESAREABasil was born during the reign of Emperor Constantine. While still unbaptized, Basil spent fifteen yearsin Athens where he studied philosophy, rhetoric, astronomy and all other secular sciences of that time.His colleagues at that time were Gregory the Theologian and Julian, later the apostate emperor. In hismature years he was baptized in the river Jordan along with Euvlios his former teacher. He was Bishopof Caesarea in Cappadocia for almost ten years and completed his earthly life fifty years after his birth.He was a great defender of Orthodoxy, a great light of moral purity, a religious zealot, a greattheological mind, a great builder and pillar of the Church of God. Basil fully deserved the title "Great." Inliturgical services, he is referred to as the "bee of the Church of Christ which brings honey to the faithfuland with its stinger pricks the heretics." Numerous works of this Father of the Church are preserved;they include theological, apologetical, ascetical and canonical writings as well as the Holy and DivineLiturgy named after him. This Divine Liturgy is celebrated ten times throughout the year: the First of January, his feast day; on the eve of the Nativity of our Lord; on the eve of the Epiphany of our Lord; allSundays of the Honorable Fast [Lenten Season], except Palm Sunday; on Great and Holy Thursdayand on Great and Holy Saturday. St. Basil died peacefully on January 1, 379 A.D., and was translatedinto the Kingdom of Christ.HYMN OF PRAISE
January 1
THE CIRCUMCISION OF OUR LORD AND GOD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRISTSAINT BASIL THE GREATYou, Who, gave the Law to the world and to man,You, the Law-giver, placed Yourself under the Law,Others, you enjoined by impostition - Yourself, voluntarily.That is why on the eighth day, in the flesh, You were circumcised.In fulfilling the Law, with a new one You replaced it:Circumcision of the flesh, was replaced with a spiritual one.That impure passions we cut off from ourselvesAnd with a spirit pure, to gaze upon You.That, with the spirit, the will of the body to cut and to constrict,Your will, O Savior, by the spirit we fulfill it -To this circumcision, the saints learned,Their fiery example, to us, they left.Wonderful Basil, to a glowing ray, similar,To such circumcision, generations, he teaches.To Basil, be glory, Your servant, greatGreat, because of You, humble and constrained He became.That is why he became great, and Great,He remained.RELFECTIONWhy is it necessary to listen to the Church and not listen to one man who thinks against the Church,even though he might be called the greatest thinker? Because the Church was founded by the LordJesus Christ, and because the Church is guided under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. Because theChurch represents the realm of the Holy, a grove of cultivated fruit trees. If one rises up against the