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Name Date Assigned Due Date Second Quarter

Name Date Assigned Due Date Second Quarter

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Published by: api-26011966 on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name __________________________ Date assigned ________________ Due Date ________________ Second Quarter Poetry and Figurative Language ProjectTask: You will create an electronic anthology of poems in Microsoft Power Point. This anthologywill need to contain examples and explanations of many types and elements of poetry.You will use the computer lab and media center to research and complete this project. We willstudy the requirements and have ample work time in class. Time management will be veryimportant for this project. Students that do not finish their work at school must complete thisproject after school or at home.
It is very important that you are in class to gain all theknowledge and tim e required to complete this assignment .
You will keep a folder containing all work for this project. It will be very important to organize your notes and work for this project and cite all sources. Make sure you are saving your workperiodically. You may bring a flash drive to save your project at school and take home.
It is nota requirement! It will be the student’s responsibility to keep up a flash drive.
The appearance of your book will also be very important. This is an opportunity to be creative.Don’t copy how a friend makes their book. Creativity will be a portion of your grade.This is a major ELA grade for second quarter! The checkpoint will count as a quiz grade. At thecheckpoint you will be expected to have a portion of your project complete. The final projectwill count as a test/project grade. This will be very fun and a great opportunity to be creative.Check point for project: December 18
, 2009This project will be due: Friday, January 8
, 2009.
Checklist for Completed Anthology:
Cover page with art, title, name, teacher, and date
Table of Contents
3 or more poems that you have written
1 must be a Cinquain
1 must be a Lyric
The rest are your choice
1 Haiku
1 Limerick
1 Concrete
3 or more poems that include examples of figurative language (simile, metaphor,personification, imagery, hyperbole, idiom)
1 or more write-ups any of the above poems (after each poem)
3 or more Illustrations or Pictures that match the poem
Cite all sources for poems and art on the page it is on.Poem Write-UpsFor each write up you will need to prove that you understand the elements of poetry. Writeups must be directly after the poem in your anthology. They do not have to be long. The writeups must be at least one good paragraph.Write up Requirements:
Identify voice and audience.
Who is speaking?
Who is the audience?
What is the mood/tone?
Describe the form.
Identify the type of poem.
Explain how the poem is organized.
Explain how language and sound patterns are used.
Describe the rhythm/meter of the poem.
Describe sound patterns used.
Identify figurative language is used. What does it mean?
Share personal thoughts.
What does this poem mean to you?
What is the author’s purpose?
What is the message or moral of this poem?
Do you like or dislike this poem? Why?
Checkpoint Rubric
Student Name: ________________________________________ CATEGORY4321RequirementsI have foundandtyped/writtenmost poemsand write-ups.I have foundandtyped/writtensome poemsand write-ups.I have foundand typed/written a fewpoems andwrite-ups.I have foundand writtennone of mypoems.OrganizationI have all myresearchorganized inmy folder.I have some of my researchorganized inmy folder butone or twosheets are inother folders. Ihave not lostany sheets.My research isin manydifferent placesand not in myfolder. I havelost one sheet.I have lostmore than twosheets .SourcesSourceinformationcollected for allof my poems.Sourceinformationcollected someof my poems.Sourceinformationcollected for afew of mypoems.I have sourceinformation fornone of mypoems.3

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