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When the Sun Sets chapter 2

When the Sun Sets chapter 2



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Published by sam
yess. it's here. finally. haha.. please leave comments and let me know what you think.. i need criticism's.. haha.. share your love guys!! thank you.. godbless.
yess. it's here. finally. haha.. please leave comments and let me know what you think.. i need criticism's.. haha.. share your love guys!! thank you.. godbless.

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Published by: sam on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When the SunSets… 
By: Samantha Lopez
Chapter 2: Visions
I sat there staring at my eyes. I didn’t even know why it hadaffected me so much but somehow I knew it was important.“I need to see.” I thought. What? To see? How? I don’t know.But at the exact moment I closed my eyes and
 I saw once again the man named Stefan but now he looksmore frightened. He was running through a dark route and hewas heading through a bright opening further on.
I heard a woman scream. It wasn’t just any scream; it was ascream of agony. I looked at Stefan’s face and he seems to haveheard it too for I saw the fear in his eyes have turn to remorseat the moment he heard the scream. He had stopped running.
“No, please, no,” 
Stefan mumbled. He sank to the ground andbegan to weep.
“Not Margarett, no, please, save her…” 
he saidover and over again. He looked down and saw the baby in hisarms.
“For your mother, I promise that her death will not be invain”,
he vowed
He stood up again and began to walk.“Whoa!” I blurted out. What was that? Did I just have avision? No I couldn’t have possibly… I sat like there for who-knows-how-long, lost for coherent words when suddenly thephone rang. Once. Twice. And by the time I knew I couldn’t just ignore it, I answered the phone.“Hello,” I breathed.“Hello, Luna? Hello?” The caller said.“Hey Uncle Marius?” I said. I tried to clear my head to makesure that this is all true, that Im not dreaming.“Luna, are you okay?” he asked worried.“Yes, everything’s okay. So, whyd’ you call? Where are youanyway?” I asked keeping my voice light.
“I have to run some quick errands. I’ll be back soon. I justchecked if you’re okay.” He said. “Okay, so bye now kid. Besafe, okay?”“You too. Bye pops.” I don’t even know why he sounded soworried but from the way he sounded I think that he knowssomething like this will happen.“A hot bath and ill calm down,” I told myself over and overagain. I shot a quick glance at the clock and saw that I have 2hours before my first class. Great. So now I have a lot of timeto accomplish things- my math homework for an instance. Andto think. After my hot bath I walked through my closet andbegan choosing through my pile of clothes. I just grab a pair of  jeans and pick a comfortable purple tee. “Perfect,” I saidsarcastically. After I got fully clad I went down the stairs andheaded straight to the kitchen. I fixed myself a bowl of cerealand a glass of juice. After eating I headed straight outside thehouse-not even caring that it’s raining cats and dogs- and intomy car. I drive hastily to school avoiding any alone time thatmight bring the visions back. I know that for some peoplehaving visions seems cool or exciting, well for me it’s not, myvisions distress’ me.It makes my heart break seeing the man named Stefanhelpless. The way he loves the baby like it’s his own andsomehow the love is not enough. He knows he have to protectthe baby, but how!?I didn’t realize I’d reach the school until I heard a loud knock on my window.“Luna!” Amie’s high girly voice greeted me.“Hey Amie,” I greeted her with as much enthusiasm I canmanage.“Oh my gosh. Have you seen him? He’s totally hot, with acapital H!” Amie gushes over.

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