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Child Abuse

Child Abuse

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Published by: Parental network Europe on Dec 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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especially this one is from the "family" Mo's brotherhood:
 -- A $400 Million Lawsuit was Filed by Former SGAs Against ISKCON (HareKrishna) For Child Abuse on June 12, 2000.
-- An assortment of religious groups who believe in beating children for God.
 -- horrific accounts of abuse in Hare Krishna schools
-- Statements from teenagers and young adults under oath of sexualabuse in the Family, summarised by the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Ward
-- An article from a Sociology Prof. on the detention programs in theFamily.
 -- Book, writtenby a young woman who grew up in the Moonies and became a 15-year-old bride handpicked by theReverend Sun Myung Moon for his son. Link is to Amazon.com
-- site for people recovering from being involved in the cult of Guru Maharaj Ji/Prem Pal/Rawatt. Followers and their children have suffered abuse and deception,many are still recovering, some have committed suicide, and it's all been ignored or hushed up by theorganisation (Divine Light Mission/DUO/Elan Vital/Enjoying Life.)
-- Signs of maltreatment
-- Children abused in the Jehovah Witnesses
 -- Accounts (mostly from former FGA) of child mistreatment in Scientology
--From the Boston Herald, Sep. 4, 2001http://www.nhne.com/specialreports/srsaibaba.htmlNHNE Special Report
Sai Baba
Saturday, February 21, 1998© Copyright 1998 by NewHeavenNewEarthooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
David Sunfellow
G.R.R. Babu
Jed Geyerhahn
By David SunfellowInSMORGASBORD 6,I wrote an article entitled, "A Power Greater Than Ourselves". Among other  things, the article lamented the apparent lack of authentic spiritual masters in the world today. "I haveyet to meet or hear of anyone alive today," I wrote, "who embodies the kind of perfection I believe isour birthright. And while there is certainly no shortage of people claiming to be perfect, those whoproclaim spiritual mastership the loudest, often turn out to be the least developed and most lost. Andthis includes many of the eastern world's most celebrated 'masters' who, along with whatever genuineinner strengths and powers they tapped into, frequently demonstrate glaring moral defects and/or aninability to function gracefully in the real world."While many readers wrote back saying that they, too, had grown disillusioned over the apparent lackof spiritual masters in the world today, one reader asked a question that has been nagging me for decades: "What about Sai Baba?"I first encountered Sai Baba over twenty years ago when a friend showed me a book of his. After reading that Sai Baba considered himself the second coming of Christ, I promptly dismissed both himand his claims of spiritual mastership. Eventually, I came across a psychic reading done by RayStanford (one of a handful of psychics that I believe was genuinely gifted), in which Sai Baba wasdescribed as "an avatar of mind unspiritualized." This particular reading, which was published in 1976in the Journal of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE UNDERSTANDING OF MAN, further accused SaiBaba of sexual indiscretions and said that he had physically beat people who did not do his will.According to the Stanford source, "There is a direct contradiction in the life of the individual involved,between what he claims of himself and what he does in practice. This is exemplified in the sexual life,in the intellectual life, and in the emotional reactions of the individual called Baba. Also is it exemplifiedin the external form of those attitudes mentioned -- such as the physical beatings which that one hasdone to individuals who did not do his will."
The Stanford source also added this pointed reminder,"Realize that He who is the true incarnation of Love gives evidence of Himself by love. Do not deceive yourself by rationalization into believing thatthe giving of trinkets is the evidence of love, for love given purely need not conceal itself behind meretrinkets of gold, stone, and tinsel."While I viewed Sai Baba as one more wayward guru, an increasing number of friends continued tosing him praises. Some of these friends actually visited him in India. Their first-person impression of Sai Baba was that he was, indeed, the high-powered spiritual master he claimed to be. Others, whospent years in close association with Sai Baba, swore that they personally witnessed many "miracles"that could not be explained by ordinary means. In addition, Sai Baba is well-known in India, and oftenvisited by Indian government officials and world leaders -- in part because of his supposed powers,and in part because of his reported good works, which, among other things, includes building hospitalsand helping poor villages.So is Sai Baba a genuine master, or another charlatan?To get to the bottom of this, I contacted officials connected with THE COMMITTEE FOR THESCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION OF CLAIMS OF THE PARANORMAL (CSICOP), based in the UnitedStates, India and London. One of these gentlemen, G.R.R. Babu, the Executive Director of INTERNATIONAL HUMANIST & ETHICAL UNION in London, faxed me an article he wrote thatitemized many disturbing events associated with Sai Baba, including faked materializations, murders,corrupt government officials, money laundering, and other scandals. Since CSIOP and their affiliateorganizations are staunch humanists, they have a vested interest to discredit all claims of supernaturaland/or divine interventions in the affairs of humanity. Babu's report cannot, therefore, be viewed as anobjective overview of Sai Baba. In addition, Babu's article has a sarcastic edge to it that compromisesnormal journalistic standards. It does, however, detail events that should cause any seeking person toseriously question Sai Baba, as well his claims of mastership. With permission, I have included a copyof Babu's report on Sai Baba in this NHNE Special Report.I have also been in touch with Jed Geyerhahn, a past devotee of Sai Baba. With his permission, I haveincluded a letter that describes his relationship with Sai Baba. Previously published on THE NEURALSURFER (http://www.mtsac.edu/~dlane/saiessay.html), Geyerhahn's letter supports and elaborates onthe accusations presented in Babu's eye-opening overview.While Sai Baba may not live up to his "perfect master" billing, it is worth noting that many of the peoplewho have been drawn to Sai Baba are sincere spiritual seekers. As David Lane, the creator of THENEURAL SURFER points out in picking Sai Baba as one of his top ten "Scum Bag Guru's"(http://www.mtsac.edu/~dlane/gurumay.html), "I hesitated putting this Gumby blessing Avatar on mylist for over a year because his followers can be (at times) so downright sweet."Being a sincere, even a "sweet" spiritual seeker is, of course, no guarantee we won't be duped.Indeed, some of the most sincere, sweet, and discerning spiritual seekers I know were reeled in by SaiBaba -- or his devotees. But as increasing numbers of spiritual seekers mature, and our globalnetwork of ears and eyes expands, I believe it is going to be increasingly difficult for the Sai Baba's of the world to work their magic on those of us that really want to know the truth...ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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