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Published by julieannepham

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Published by: julieannepham on Apr 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TPE #11: Social EnvironmentPerspective teachers clearly develop and maintain clear expectations for academic and social behavior. The teacher knows how to create a positive environment while maintaining a discipline plan.They establish rapport with students and respond appropriately with sensitive issues. The teacher creates a social environment that enhances the academic performance for all students and makeschanges when necessary.Abstract:Attached is a sample discipline plan along with auxiliary materials explaining the basicelements of discipline plans along with how to implement them and motivation that can be given tostudents. The information can be located at http://www.humboldt.edu/~tha1/disciplin.html. Rationale:This sample discipline plan demonstrates that I am able to formulate a plan that I wouldimplement in the classroom in order to manage the students. The auxiliary pages show the types of outside help I would get to make sure my discipline plan is appropriate and to get ideas that I canimplement in the classroom.
Discipline Plan- Julieanne MooradianClassroom Rules (to be posted)- brain storm with students rules they think they should have and statethem in a rights form.ex. We have the right to a quiet classroom where we can think without disruptions.Lead the students to rules that you would like in the classroom1.We have the right to a quiet classroom where we can think without disruptions.2.We have the right to keep focused and work our hardest to accomplish all that we can.3.We have the right to respect, and be respected by everyone.4.We have the right to follow classroom traditions and have everyone else do the same so that theclass runs smoothly.These traditions are the rest of the little rules that can be implemented as need be.Incentive-Students on task will receive spirit tickets that they can enter into a drawing for prizes.-Students receive verbal praise and “snaps” from the other students for good behavior.Limited Seating Acts-proximity-eye contact-waiting for students until they get the message-clap once if you can hear me Negative consequences-Verbal warning-behavior slip-Missing of recessBack up Plan
-Sent to another room-Sent to see principles-A call home

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