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Trouble in Maerdyn

Trouble in Maerdyn

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Published by Tralese
This is my first scenario in the world of Aganor, which is a medieval fantasy setting similar to forgotten realms and greyhawk. This is a starting level adventure that is part of a larger campaign set in Aganor. Let me know what you think about it.
This is my first scenario in the world of Aganor, which is a medieval fantasy setting similar to forgotten realms and greyhawk. This is a starting level adventure that is part of a larger campaign set in Aganor. Let me know what you think about it.

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Published by: Tralese on Dec 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Trouble in Maerdyn 
 A D20 D&D Module 
Trouble in Maerdyn is a D20 D&D adventure designed for a party of 4-6 staring level characters (levels1 or 2). Set in the in the Kingdom of Laerdanor, the adventure begins at the Inn of the Roasted Gooseon the banks of the river Forodel. Having their meal interrupted by a dying man causes the heroes togo hunting for orc raiders, but they soon discover that there is more to these orcs than meets the eye.While set in Laerdanor, in the campaign world of Aganor, the location can easily be modified to fit anycampaign setting. Just change the names of the different locations.
Campaign Notes If you plan on using the campaign setting I've been working on for these stories you should know that the orcs are not creatures of this world. Crafted by Chaos, out of chaos, bred for chaos, orcs have theblackest of souls, but thankfully most have limited intelligence. Their entire purpose in life is to find and destroy all forms of life and bring back the universe to its original state of chaos. Some humansand a few changelings, having lost their sanity, have given themselves over to the worship of Chaos,and live to bring about the apocalypse. For this reason orcs and the priests leading them take great  pleasure in killing and devouring humans, and should be given serious consideration. In this scenario, you will find certain skills that may not be found in the existing 3.5 D&D edition. Usethe following substitutes if you want to stick to 3.5: Perception=Search or Spot (depending on the situation), Linguistics=Decipher Script or Specific Language.
If you plan on storytelling this scenario, make sure you read this through once before introducing your  players to it. However if you don't plan on storytelling the scenario, be advised that reading any further could ruin the surprise. You are forewarned!
The adventure begins at the Roasted Goose Inn located near a bridge crossing off the banks of theForodel River in the province of Maerdyn. An orc raid on a nearby farm plunges the group into a huntfor justice and a rescue attempt. Garth Morgen's sons may still be alive and at the mercy of theseuncouth beasts, and it is up to the heroes to track down the raiders and bring the farmer's sons back alive. However, arriving at the orc base of operation the heroes discover that this raid may just be the beginning of a war between the neighboring provinces of Maerdyn and Boscavia.
Starting the Adventure
The whole campaign starts at a small inn called “The Roasted Goose” on the northern edge of Laerdanor on the banks of the river Forodrel. How you get the characters to this inn is up to you. Theydon't necessarily have to know each other at the beginning, but that does make things a little easier.The characters should all be enjoying a warm meal in the commons, as the sun begins to set in the quiet province of Maerdyn.
Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 
Read the following:He hands the bundle to the first person walking up to him.Looking more closely at the peasant shows that his wound isn’t very deep, but the green puss around itas well as the foul smell emanating clearly indicates that he was injured by a poisoned weapon.Anyone with Craft(Herbalism) or Healing (DC10) or Survival or Craft(Alchemy) (DC15) can find outthe poison is Legian Sap which slowly seeps into the bloodstream and can stop a man’s heart (FortDC15 for 1d6 Con, secondary Fort DC15 an 2 hours later for another 2d6 Con). The antidote is madeof Grayfen leaves that can be found in the region, but it must be administered within 2 hours or thefarmer will die. An antitoxin vial can delay the poison’s secondary effect for 24 hours. Sherry is his three months old daughter whom he saved from the grip of an orc just before being hit inthe head. He managed to knock the orc over, but not before the orc got a swat at him with his scimitar.He ran away and managed to reach the inn before the poison spread throughout his body. Sherry haslittle blond curls, hazelnut eyes, and a very cute face. The people at the inn will instantly recognizeGarth Morgen, the owner of a little farm one mile north east of the inn.If the characters ask around the owner of the inn will tell them,
If the group inquires about Garth’s family the innkeeper will tell them that he also had a wifeand three sons.
If the characters decide to leave immediately for the farmers place they will encounter the orcs pursuing Garth 5 minutes after leaving the inn (wide open area).
If the characters stay more than 5 minutes at the inn, the five orcs pursuing Garth will storm intothe inn scimitars out, and shields adorned.
Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 
“Sherry… please… my family… the farm!!!” are the last words that he manages to gasp out as life slowly ebbs away from his body.
This is very strange, I have never seen orcs so closeup before. I've heard of their kind indistant lands. I hear they appear in large numbers and leave only death and destructionbehind. If they are raiding our farms, this does not bode well for our people. Someone must  find out where they are coming from, and alert the militia.The bard just got done singing a short ballad about a King Norverre who mistook the Dukeof Hebrin for the Duchess of Cormandor and asked him to dance. His final note isimmediately followed by a roar of laughter from the captive listeners.Suddenly, a farmer stumbles into the inn, exhausted, and bloodied. His breath is heavy, and  you notice blood dripping down his temple from an oozing head wound. “Please… orcseverywhere…family…all dead…” Only then do you notice that he is carrying a small bundlein his arms.
Orcs (5): HD(1d8+1), 6HP, Init +0, Spd 30, AC15/14/11 (chain shirt and small round wooden shields), Scimitars +3 (1d8+2, [18-20]x2 crit), Fort +3, Ref +0, Will -1, Str 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8,Wis 8, Cha 10. Feats: Weapon Focus (Scimitar).
GM Note: At this point the characters should decide whether they want to go straight after the orc raiders or go looking for Grayfen leaves to craft an antidote for Garth. Finding the leaves is easy enough using Survival or Perception (DC15, one roll per 30 minutes of searching). However, if they don't find the leaves within an hour and a half Garth will die before they can return, prepareand administer the antidote.The five orcs storming the inn are a subset of the raiding party that attacked the Morgen farm. Smart PCs will try to keep at least on of them alive in order to question him. The following information can be gotten throughintimidation.
Questions Asked...What are you doing here, or why did you attack?
 Intimidate DC10: “Mighty Turuk...(cough)... was growing tired of eating animals and... (cough) wanted a tasteof man flesh...(coughing fit)”
Who is Turuk?
 Intimidate DC15: “Mighty Turuk is our fearless leader... (cough) he will soon rule this province... (coughing  fit)”
Where is Turuk?
 Intimidate DC20: “Mighty Turuk rests to the north east... (cough) a few days in the woods (cough)...more man flesh for him... hahahaha...(coughing fit)” Nothing else can be learned from the raiding party.
Once the characters decide to head to the farm read the following:Have the characters make a moderate (DC15) perception or normal (DC10) Survival (track) roll.Anyone who succeeds will see the following:
Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 
 As you reach a rise on the path you notice some smoke rising in the distance. The pathmeanders down cutting through two large wheat fields in full bloom. The fields give way toa large open space nestled against the woods. Smoke billows up from the burnt down farmhouse while a blazing inferno engulfs the wooden barn. The house’s walls are still  standing, but the roof collapsed into a burning heap. As you witness this grim scene a slight drizzle starts to fall from the already cloudy sky. You look around for any remains of Garth’s family, but the bodies don’t seem to be anywhere around the house.Searching the surrounding area you discover a gruesome scene in one of the field. Twohumans were slaughtered and all that remains are the heads, hands and feet. From the heads you gather that those must have been Garth's wife and his eldest son. You gag as abloody/putrid smell emanates from what’s left of those two corpses.Some badly covered up tracks seem to lead back east towards the foreboding forest.

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