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Costume Information

Costume Information

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Published by 04tollidayl

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Published by: 04tollidayl on Dec 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Throughout our opening scene we will use costumes that fit in withconventional horror films. Costumes are important throughout thefilm as they connote a lot of information to the audience, our groupwill may sure the costumes are accurate and clear throughout thefilm.
 The antagonist will be wearing dirty, baggy ripped jeans and a t-shirt that hang of his skeletal body, this will show thathe hasn’t washed or changed his clothes in at least a few days,making the audience think that he doesn’t care about hisappearance and his presents. These clothes will be darkly colouredand possibly red to connote danger, death and pain. As his identityis unknown the baggy cloths will further hide his identity making theaudience think he has something to hide. The mans body posturewill be shown to be slouchy and withdrawn making the audience asmaking the audience think he has something to hide. These costumes can be easily sourced. We will ask the characterplaying the antagonist to wear jeans and a dark coloured top and jumper. When filming we will be able to advise them of how to wearthe clothing.
 Jane, the protagonist will be wearing normal palecoloured clothing as this connotes her naivety and innocence to theaudience. She will be wearing lots of layers as this makes theaudience feels as if she wants to be covered up and hidden makingher look vulnerable. She will be wearing a long black coat over herpale colours when she walks out the house as because blacks hint ather death and her ultimate fate. Also she will wear a white scarf when leaving the house, wrapping this round her neck will connoteto the audience that she is trying to keep herself safe moreover itcould signify that she will be strangled. She will ideally have blondehair and wearing very natural make up as this will convey herinnocence as the pale colours show her purity and defencelessness. The protagonists clothing will also be able to source. When we arefilming the scenes with the protagonist in we shall ask her to wearpales colours. Before filming we will be able to apply make upefficiently making sure it looms professional. The black coat and thescarf will be provided by the group members.
 The nurses will be wearing smart clothing, a collared shirtand black trousers. As a group we decided that this would beappropriate as the nurses aren’t actually working in a hospital.Wearing smart clothing will make them look professional showingthe audience that they are important in the film.

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