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History of the Church Didache Series: Final Exam 1st Semester

History of the Church Didache Series: Final Exam 1st Semester

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Published by: Fr Samuel Medley SOLT on Dec 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Theology III Period AName________________________ Final Exam Fr Samuel Wednesday, December16, 2009
Part I Multiple Choice: Place the Appropriate Letter in the Blank 
 _____ 1. Who led the Jews from captivity?A. JesusB. St PeterC. MosesD. None of the Above _____ 2. When did God send the Holy Spirit to guide the Church?A. 313 ADB. PentecostC. TuesdayD. During the reign oCharlemagne _____ 3. Who is the cornerstone of the Church?A. JesusB. ApostlesC. PopeD. Me _____ 4. Who are the successors to the apostles?A. SlavsB. The Medici Family C. Priests D. Bishops _____ 5. Where were the earliest Masses celebrated?A. Synagogues B. Streets C. Homes & Catacombs D. RomanSenate _____ 6. Who is the authentic interpreter of sacred scripture?A. Me B. Pope C. Roman SenateD. Any group of peoplethat agree _____ 7. What is Gnosticism?
A. Soup B. Jewish Law C. Religion of Secret Knowledge D. famous politique _____ 8. What does the word Martyr mean?A. Bonus! B. Measure or Standard C. Witness to Jesus D. Conversion _____ 
9. What is the Hypostatic Union?A. Rock Band B. Union of 2 Natures in Christ C. a Saint D. divineLaw _____ 10. Who is the common ancestor for Jews and Muslims?A. DavidB. Saxa RubraC. Emperor Nero D. AbrahamMatching Dates and Events: Place the Appropriate Letter for the Date of theEvent _____ 11. Date of the First CrusadeA. 313
Out of
 _____ 12. Christianity legalized through the Edict of Milan? B.March 12, 2000 _____ 13. Pope John Paul II asks for forgiveness for mistakes of pastC.800 _____ 14. Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman EmperorD. 1054 _____ 15. Great Schism between Eastern and Western ChristianityE.1095-1099Match the great Saint and Evangelizer with the people to whom he was sent: _____ 16. St. Patrick A. Germany _____ 17. Sts. Cyril & Methodius B. England _____ 18. St. Augustine of CanterburryC. Ireland _____ 19. St. BonifaceD. Russia _____ 20. St. VladimirF. Slavs True or False: Mark an
for False or a
for True _____ 21. St John Damascene’s showed that veneration of icons passes tothe one represented. _____ 22. Charlemagne is noted as one of the greatest rulers of his age. _____ 23. The most important city for the evangelization of Germany wasParis. _____ 24. Monasteries were not target of Barbarian Slavs - they had no goldnor fine vessels. _____ 25. St Bernard helped to found Cluny along with St Berno. _____ 26. The Cluny Monastic movement emphasized relaxation,entertainment, and wine. _____ 27. Henry IV ignored the excommunication of Pope St Gregory VII asunimportant. _____ 28. The Crusades were military expeditions to regain the Holy Landfrom Muslim rule. _____ 29. The First Crusade was successful in taking back Jerusalem but thisdidn’t last long. _____ 30. St Francis of Assissi’s patience won the Franciscans custodianshipof the Holy Land.
Short Answer 31.
What does it mean to say that history begins in the mind of God?What are the four marks of the Church?
32. ______________ 33. ______________ 34. ______________ 35. ______________ 36. What did the early Christians believe about abortion and infanticide?37. Name one of the three major effects of monasteries on Europe.38. Explain the difference that Pope John Paul II sees between Christianityand Islam.
What is conversion?40. What is one way which you can be an evangelizer to those around you?41. What would you say to someone who says “you shouldn’t push yourreligion on others”?42. The Church is full of saints and sinners, weeds and wheat, shining lightsand shiners on the face of Christ. Name one famous saint and public sinnerof our modern times.43. According to author Philip Jenkins, what is the last allowable prejudice?44. The Church is also affected by sinfulness. How does God respond tocorruption, scandal, or sinfulness in the Church?Vocabulary. Define one term in each box.
EXTRA CREDIT- points forextra answered
Apostle -45. Martyr -Council-
Bishop-51. Pentecost-Church-Didache-46. Baptism-Papacy-Agape-52. Eucharist-Apostolic Father-Heretic-47. Ad Metalla-Trajan’s Rescript-Apostasy-53. Vox Populi-Domus Aurea-Conversion-48. Evangelize-Caesaropapism-Icon-54. Iconoclasm-Papal States-Great Schism-49. Feudalism-Nepotism-Treaty of Verdun-55. Simony -Lay Investiture-

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