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History of the Church Didache Series: Test 05 Fathers & Heresies

History of the Church Didache Series: Test 05 Fathers & Heresies

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Published by: Fr Samuel Medley SOLT on Dec 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Theology III Period A Test 4The Early Christians Multiple Choice - Circle One Name____________________ 1. A Creed is an official statement of belief. What is one of the two points that theAthanasian Creed emphasizes?A. The EucharistC. The TrinityB. PurgatoryD. All of the Above2. What is one guiding principle of Gnosticism?A. Live long and prosperC. Secret KnowledgeB. The body is holyD. None of the Above3. What role did asceticism play in Manichaeism and other gnostic heresies?A. The body is evilC. Sanctification of the bodyB. Get in shapeD. All of the Above4. Who alone has the power to start, change, and end and ecumenical council?A. The holy angelsC. The PopeB. The emperorD. None of the Above5. Who is a “Church Father” and what is one characteristics of a Church Father?A. Has many childrenC. Long beardB. Orthodoxy of DocrineD. All of the Above6. How and why did St Ambrose stand up to the very powerful emperor Theodosius in 390?A. He didn’t like himC. ExcommunicationB. Called him a hereticD. None of the Above7. The New American Bible is unique because it:A. Is used in LiturgyC. Is written in LatinB. Has a nice coverE. None of the above8. For what is St. John Chrysostom best known?A. Calm personalityC. PreachingB. Soft, quiet voiceD. All of the Above9. Why was Arianism such a threat to Christianity?A. The attack on RomeC. distracted the faithfulB. Was expensiveD. None of the Above10. Who convened the Council of Nicea in 325?A. PocahantisC. ConstantineB. The PopeD. None of the Above11. What is the Hypostatic Union?A. business partnershipC. Union of natures in Christ
B. Marriage of emperorD. None of the Above12. What does the statement “Peter has spoken through Leoreally mean withreference to Pope St. Leo I?A. Leo knew scripturesC. St Petersauthority was alive in his successorB. Recorded Peter’s voiceD. All of the Above13. Which regional churches form the Oriental Orthodox Church?A. Texas, Ohio, New YorkC. Spain, Sicily, North AfricaB. Egypt, Ethiopia, SyriaD. Liturgy, Sacraments, Prayer14. How did Pope St. Leo I increase papal power?A. Was a lucrative administratorC. Condemned Gnostic heresyB. Proclaimed Christ’s AuthorityD. All of the Above15. What is Dogma? A. Must be believed by faithfulC. Divinely revealeddoctrineB. Truths of the faithD. All of the Above16. How did St Augustine answer the challenges posed by Donatism?A. Started a monasteryC. Wrote a bookB. ordained new priestsD. Said theyre dependent onChrist17. Why would St. Augustine’s ordination be particularly controversial with thedonatists?A. He was a converted sinnerC. He disagreed with themB. He was AfricanD. None of the Above18. What do the words, “tolle et legeand what is their significance in StAugustine’s Life?A. Take and eatC. Come and SeeB. Seize the dayD. None of the Above19. What topics did St Augustine address in two of his best known works,Confessions and City of God?A. Conversion to Christ from theworldC. HeresyB. Church politicsD. Creed20. When and by whom was Christianity declared the official religion of theempire?A. Constantine 313C. St Anselm 323B. Theodosius I 391D. The Pope in the First centuryVocabulary: On the Back of this paper define one term from each group
21 22 23 24 25
AnathemaAnomoeansApocryphaApollinarianismApostles Creed

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