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Havoc Open Beta

Havoc Open Beta

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Published by LauraHenson
This is the open Beta version of the combat rules for the upcoming Role Playing Game Hoard. In Hoard you get to play a dragon. This version is Public Domain.
This is the open Beta version of the combat rules for the upcoming Role Playing Game Hoard. In Hoard you get to play a dragon. This version is Public Domain.

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Published by: LauraHenson on Dec 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The text of this document is public domain; anyone may make use of this text forany purpose. However, all layout and design elements are copyright of LeviKornelsen and Robert “Clash” Bowley, 2008-2009. All graphic art is copyright2008-2009 Laura Hamilton. The Better Mousetrap logo is copyright of BetterMousetrap Games.
Open BetaOpen BetaOpen BetaOpen BetaVersionVersionVersionVersion
Open Beta?
The version of Havoc that you’re reading is quite playable, but itisn’t yet perfected - and it’s the kind of game where balance canonly be achieved by having a lot of people reading, and trying a lotof different things. That’s where you come in.If you come across places where you can’t quite sort out what thetext means, or where you think that there’s an issue with balance,you’re invited to drop the writer a line. Email goes over to[levi.kornelsen@gmail.com], and would be very much appreciated.In addition to this document, there are a couple of online“slideshow” tutorials that you might find useful, either forunderstanding the rules, or for showing your friends to let themknow about the game. These are:
Tutorial 1: The Overview.
Tutorial 2: Custom Dragons.
http://www.slideshare.net/LeviKornelsen/havoc-tutorial-2Further tutorials on the game will be created if they seem to bewarranted, and will certainly be created for the follow-up games of Haven and Hoard (for more on those, skip to the very end of thisdocument).Thanks for joining in!
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Havoc is a standalone combat game for two or more players, in which eachplayer takes the part of a dragon. It is based on the setting of Hoard, 2ndEdition. To play this game, you will need:
Filled-out dragon sheets:
One for each player. Example dragons can befound at the end of this document, as well as a blank sheet for creating acustom dragon with the rules in the second part of the document. You mayalso find it handy to reference one of the example dragons while readingover the rules.
When the game rules refer to dice, they always mean regular six-sideddice. Each player will need up to a dozen dice, of at least two visiblydifferent colors.
Pencils and an eraser:
To track altitude, speed, and reserves, and check off boxes on the dragon sheets. Players wanting to preserve sheets for re-usemay wish to instead employ stacks of pennies or other counters.
Setting Up
Each player places their dragon record in front of them, and (whether throughtokens, dice, or pencil) puts the starting values for Altitude, Speed, andReserves in the big boxes for those. They grab pencils and dice, and they’reready to go.
How To Win
Each dragon has “reserves” - this tracks their energy as well as their health.At the end of each round, any dragon whose reserves are empty is eliminated.The last dragon in the air wins. Note that it is possible for several dragons tobe defeated in the same round, causing a draw. It is also possible to play intwo teams of two (or more!) dragons per side, rather than as a free-for all. Inthat case, the team with the last member or members wins.
Rules Of Play
Reserves, Speed, Altitude
During the rules, these three terms will come up constantly. Here’s whatthey mean:
A number indicating how much energy your dragon has left.If your dragon runs out of reserves, your dragon is eliminated at the endof that round.
A number indicating how hard it is to hurt your dragon, fromone to six. Dice must match or beat this to hurt your dragon.
A number used to decide if your dragon is able to use manyattacks; some attacks only work if altitudes are closer together, whileothers require that your dragon have a higher altitude than their target.
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