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Don Moen lyrics: More Of You Lord

Don Moen lyrics: More Of You Lord

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Published by John Park

CD 16882 / CS 16884

CD 16882 / CS 16884

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Published by: John Park on Dec 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Don Moen 
We’re here because of grace/ Apart of Your great plan/ We havecome to seek Your face/ Not thewonders of Your hand/ And yes weneed Your touch/ But You’ve givenus so much/ That we just want tothank You/ For all You’ve done forusCHORUSWe’ve come to bless Your Name/King of kings and Lord of lords/We’ve come to give You praise/You are the One that we adore/ OLord cleanse our hearts with fire/And fill us with desire for Yourcourts/ For Your presence in ourlivesLord You’ve made a way/ Becauseof Your great love/ And our heartsare filled with praise/ For all thatYou have done/ There is none likeYou/ So faithful and so true/ Andwe just want to thank You/ For allYou’ve brought us throughWe’ve come to bless to bless tobless to bless Your Name/ King ofkings and Lord of lords/ We’vecome to give You praise/ You arethe One that we adore/ O Lordcleanse our hearts with fire/ Andfill us with desire for Your courts/For Your presence in our lives
1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Kathy Zuziak 
You make me lie down in greenpastures/ You make me wanting fornothing/ You fill my hunger withhoney from Your sweet sweetWord/ You let me worship beforeYou/ So I will love and adore You/You are my Shepherd/ You are myJesus/ You are my Lord
1985 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music/Maranatha! Music, c/o The Copyright Co.,Nashville, TN 
Don Moen and Claire Cloninger 
Come to the River of Life/ You willfind healing here/ Come tothe River of Life/ Come and drinkfreely here/ Come if your heart issearching/ Come if your soul isthirsty/ Draw near and drink ofthe mercy of Jesus Christ/ At theRiver of LifeThere is a River/ Who’s streamsmake glad/ The City of God/ TheCity of God/ So come if you’rewounded or sad/ There is a River/There is a RiverIf flows from the land of eternallife/ There’s no more sorrow andno more night/ Into the heartsthat are lifted to Him/ Filling Hischildren again and again and again
1995 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music and Word Music (a div. of WORD,Inc.) & Juniper Landing Music (administered by Word Music) 
Don Moen 
I just want to be where You are/Dwelling daily in Your presence/ Idon’t want to worship from afar/Draw me near to where You are/ I just want to be where You are/ InYour dwelling place forever/ Takeme to the place where You are/ I just want to be with YouI want to be where You are/Dwelling in Your presence/Feasting at Your table/Surrounded by Your glory/ In Yourpresence/ That’s where I alwayswant to be/ I just want to be/ I just want to be with YouI just want to be where You are/Dwelling daily in Your presence/ Idon’t want to worship from afar/Draw me near to where You areO my God/ You are my strengthand my song/ And when I’m in Yourpresence/ Though I’m weak You’realways strongI just want to be where You are/In Your dwelling place forever/Take me to the place where Youare/ I just want to be/ I just wantto be with You
1989 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Ted Sandquist 
Your steadfast love/ Extends tothe Heavens/ Your faithfulnessreaches to the clouds/ Yourrighteousness is like majesticmountains/ And Your wisdom likethe depths of the sea/ And Youcome to meFilling my heart/ With Yourlovingkindness/ I find my peace inthe shadow of Your wing/ I eat myfill from the abundance of Yourhousehold/ And I drink from thestreams of rejoicing/ You are myKing
1974 Lion of Judah Music 
Geoff Bullock 
Lord I come to You/ Let my heartbe changed renewed/ Flowing fromthe grace/ That I’ve found in You/Lord I’ve come to know/ Theweaknesses I see in me/ Will bestripped away/ By the power ofYour loveCHORUSHold me close/ Let Your love/Surround me/ Bring me near/ Drawme to Your side/ And as I wait/ I’llrise up like the eagle/ And I willsoar with You/ Your Spirit leadsme on/ In the power of Your loveMORE OF YOU LORD (Don Moen)CD 16882 / CS 16884
Lord unveil my eyes/ Let me seeYou face to face/ The knowledgeof Your love/ As You live in me/Lord renew my mind/ As Your willunfolds in my life/ In living everyday/ By the power of Your love
1992 Word Music (a div. of WORD,Inc.) 
Paul Baloche, Geoffrey Cueller,Sandy Hoffman and Ed Kerr 
There is a longing only You can fill/A raging tempest only You canstill/ My soul is thirsty Lord/ Toknow You as I’m known/ Drink fromthe river/ That flows before YourthroneCHORUSTake me deeper/ Deeper in lovewith You/ Jesus hold me close inYour embrace/ Take me deeper/Deeper than I’ve ever beenbefore/ I just want to love Youmore and more/ How I long to bedeeper in loveSunrise to sunrise/ I will seekYour face/ Drawn by the Spirit/To the promise of Your grace/ Myheart has found in You/ A hopethat will abide/ Here in Yourpresence/ Forever satisfied
1996 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music and Integrity’s Praise! Music 
Don Moen 
One thing have I desired/ Foreverwill I seek/ To behold the beautyof His holiness/ And to dwellwithin the presence of the King/How could I ask for more/ He’sdone so much for me/ For I havetasted of the goodness of theLord/ And I’ve feasted at thetable of the KingCHORUS 1I just want to know Him more(echo)/ I just want to know Himmore/ I just want to know Himmore (I just want to know Him)/ I just want to know Him moreYou’ve called me by Your Name/And You’ve filled me with Yourlove/ You have covered me withmercy and with grace/ And haveshowered me with blessings fromabove/ And yet I know there’smore (echo)/ I hear You callingme/ To a place where I have neverbeen before/ Where Your love isflowing deeper than the seaCHORUS 2I just want to know You more(echo)/ I just want to know Youmore/ I just want to know Youmore (I just want to know You)/ I just want to know You moreOpen my eyes Lord I want to see/All You have promised and given tome/ O I want to know the secrets/That are hidden in Your Word/ Iwant to know You/ I want to knowYou moreAnd one day I’ll see Your face/And I’ll look into Your eyes/ Andthrough all eternity I’ll sing Yourpraise/ And forevermore fulfill myheart’s desire
1999 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Steve Merkel 
More of You/ And less of me/ LordI pray that there might be/ Moreof You and less of meLike a grain of wheat/ That falls tothe earth/ And dies to live anew/All my plans and earthly desires/ Ilay them down to follow YouWe want more of You/ More ofYou/ More of You/ We want moreof You
1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Lynn DeShazo 
I have made You too small in myeyes/ O Lord forgive me/ And Ihave believed in a lie/ That Youwere unable to help me/ But now OLord/ I see my wrong/ Heal myheart and show Yourself strong/And in my eyes and with my song/O Lord be magnified/ O Lord bemagnifiedCHORUSBe magnified O Lord/ You arehighly exalted/ And there isnothing You can’t do/ O Lord myeyes are on You/ Be magnified/ OLord be magnifiedI have leaned on the wisdom ofmen/ O Lord forgive me/ And Ihave responded to them/ Insteadof Your light and Your mercy/ Butnow O Lord/ I see my wrong/ Healmy heart and show Yourselfstrong/ And in my eyes and withmy song/ O Lord be magnified/ OLord be magnified
1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen 
Let Your glory fall/ We are thirstyLord/ Hear us as we call/ Fill usnow/ Let Your glory fall/ Let Yourglory fall/ Let Your glory fallEvery tongue and tribe/ Gatheredround Your Throne/ With one voicewe cry/ Holy Lord/ Every tongueand tribe/ Every tongue and tribe/Every tongue and tribeGlory to the Lamb/ Lamb upon theThrone/ All the saints proclaim/Jesus reigns/ Jesus reigns/ Jesusreigns/ Jesus reigns/ Glory to theLamb/ Glory to the Lamb/ Glory tothe LambMORE OF YOU LORD (Don Moen)CD 16882 / CS 16884

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