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Born of a God

Born of a God

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Published by sedbona
A story for FF Dragonica contest.
A story for FF Dragonica contest.

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Published by: sedbona on Dec 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Land : 
SHINACharacter : Er Lang Story : Born of a God 
Er Lang looked around. He was anxious to see the Sky. He wanted to fly, to touch theceiling of the Sky, like he once had, when he first died.
But I'm still dead...
he thought, as he stood up and spread his arms to his sides.'Say, Liu...is there anything that might get me a new heart?' he asked, then closed hiseyes and let the air flow through him, as he became immaterial for a few seconds.After seeing that, Liu pulled him down, muttering something incoherent aboutresponsablity.Er Lang opened his eyes and smiled.When they landed, Liu pulled Er Lang after him, making sure he could stand and walkproperly.They looked up at the gate, and smiled, looking like mirrored images.Their wings covered each, and when the wings folded on their back again, they weredressed in the ceremonial robes.
It's only polite.
 Liu's robe was black and red, while Er Lang's robe was dark red and golden.They made a deep bow, at the same time, and their voices rang together.
"We have our own secrets, and yet we keep them. We know other secrets, and yet, they remain secret. We swear secrecy to all we see. We have no hearts, we can give no guarantee. We can only give you ourselves, but we need each other.
Er Lang and Liu looked at each other. A significant event? But there was only one eventthat could be mentioned.
"The day we were reborn as Gods. Reborn, one into each other's soul. Reborn,the opportunity to take our lives into our own hands...Reborn, to follow thecommands of the two most highest Gods. Reborn as each other. Reborn foreternity, yet frail for eternity, as well. We are dead and alive. We are reborn."
 Again, their voices rang together, as they made a polite bow, one of the wings ellegantlycurved over a shoulder.Er Lang looked around, actually feeling something - something that he recalled as beingcuriosity.'I wish I knew. But as far as I'm concerned, only time creates perfection. Such asthis...but that's just a thought' he whispered.Liu looked over at him, then shrugged.
'You need rest, Er Lang. Or else you'll die or something' he muttered. 'Oh...sorry for that'he added, when he saw Er Lang's glare.Er Lang shook his head, and leaned against Liu.He was really tired, as much as he hated to admit that, to agree with Liu.'Rest...just...rest' he muttered, then stood up again and walked by himself.Even if he was an undead now, he still had to deal with his inner world. The world thattired him, the world that wanted to stay alive, behind all the barriers already imposed bylife.
Somebody else's life.
 Liu gave him a worried look. Something wrong was bound to happen.Er Lang let out a harsh breath, and almost fell to his knees. Liu caught him before hereached the ground, and helped him stand up. He glared towards the threebrothers.
This is completely...URGH!!! 
 He was about to say something cruel reffering to the beggars treatment towardsstrangers - guests, when Er Lang's grasp on his arms tightened, and he stood up on hisown, once again. He couldn't make the polite bow he always made when he metsomebody important, so he just kept his head low, as if he was too tired. Hair fell overhis face, as he smiled.His soft voice was heard a few seconds after, but his lips didn't move at all.
Once a dead tree, hoping for one good day.Smiling, I walk upon the graves.And as I fall, I remember the clear rain, and the one scent.And I die.But still, here I am - trying to make the best of today's remains 
he started, then choked.It was hard. After a few seconds, he lifted his head, and leaned it to a side, his eyesclosed.
But still, here I am - swearing an only trust 
 Singing for an oath, a pact I cannot deny 
Then Liu took over, after making sure Er Lang was not about to fall.
Letting words pour out - making life ring out through this promise Once a dead tree, always to kill those that count.But no more.An oath for secrecy, following the truth.I will keep all to myself.But no more.
he concluded. He lifted Er Lang in his own arms, as he had goneunconscious.

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