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Light Reading on Asia - some suggestions

Light Reading on Asia - some suggestions

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Published by Donald B. Wagner
A bibliography of interesting books, compiled by Norman G. Owen, University of Hong Kong, 1997.
A bibliography of interesting books, compiled by Norman G. Owen, University of Hong Kong, 1997.

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Published by: Donald B. Wagner on Dec 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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H-ASIA**********************************************************From: NGOWEN@hkucc.hku.hk Subject: Light Reading on AsiaFor an MA course, I have compiled the following list, which I thought might be of some interested toreaders of H-ASIA. Its limitations are obvious: besides those of time, space, and general ignorance,there are books of which I have heard simply not available in the UHK library. I would, therefore,appreciate such corrections and amplifications as may occur to you, either direct to me(ngowen@hku.hk) or to H-ASIA.This is not copyright, and although I've given some desultory thought to publishing it (much revised,with more complete bibliographic information) some day, that day is not near at hand. Anyone whowants to use it, therefore, may do so. If you use it complete, I'd appreciate your keeping my nameattached. Norman G. Owen
LIGHT READING ON ASIA: Some suggestions
Many of us studying Asia, besides reading the primary sources and scholarly works required in our  particular field of study, enjoy reading more widely about the region, taking pleasure in the realizationthat what we are perusing will not wind up on an examination question or in a footnote. We find it arelatively painless way of gaining a greater appreciation of some of the diversity of cultures and his-torical experiences that Asia represents.We have assembled, over the years, lists of books -- novels, memoirs, travel accounts, etc. -- that haveappealed to us in this way. Some we have read; many we have not, but hope to get around to someday. The only order here is alphabetical; we imply no judgment as to which of these are moreworthwhile [except that I've put an asterisk* by a few I personally most enjoyed], and we do notintend to slight any authors we may have omitted. I am grateful to Ron Hill, Paul Kratoska, andStewart Richards for contributions to this list, but they should take none of the blame for anyshortcomings.These readings are "light" in the sense of enjoyable, rather than easy. Some are quite simple; othersrequire more background knowledge, vocabulary, or analysis to appreciate. You might wish to dipinto some of them to see if you enjoy them too. If not -- don't bother. There will be other readingsrequired for the course; don't punish yourself with reading for "fun" if it isn't fun! Norman G. OwenDepartment of HistoryUniversity of Hong KongFor MA in Comparative Asian Studies, August 1997.Abd Allah ibn 'abd Al-Kadir. [AKA Munshi Abdullah] The Hikayat Abdullah. Trans. A.H. Hill.1955. Early Malay autobiography.Abdul Rahman, Tunku. Looking Back: Monday Musings and Memories. 1977. Malaysia.Abdul Rahman, Tunku. Lest We Forget: Further Candid Reminiscences. 1983. Malaysia.Adams, Cindy. My Friend the Dictator. 1967. On Sukarno.Alberts, A. The Islands. 1952; trans. (by Hans Koning) 1983. Novel, Indonesia.Ali Haji ibn Ahmad, Raja. The Precious Gift (Tuhfat al-Nafis). Trans. V. Matheson and B.W.
Andaya. 1982. Malay chronicle.Allen, Charles. Plain Tales from the Raj. 1975. Reminiscences of India.* Allen, Charles. Tales from the South China Sea. 1983. Reminiscences of SEAsia.Ambler, Eric. The Night-comers. 1956. Novel, SEAsia.Ambler, Eric. Passage of Arms. 1959. Novel, SEAsia.Anderson, John. Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra in 1823. 1826; reprint 1971.Anderson, Patrick. Snake Wine: A Singapore Episode. 1955.Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung San of Burma: A Biographical Portrait by His Daughter. 1984.Aung San Suu Kyi. Freedom from Fear. 1991; rev. ed. 1995.Aveling, Harry, trans. and ed. Gestapu: Indonesian Short Stories on the Abortive Communist Coupof 30th September 1965. 1975. See also From Surabaya to Armageddon: Indonesian Short Stories(1976), Fables of Eve (1991; Malay short stories).Ba Maw, U. Breakthrough in Burma: Memoirs of a Revolution, 1939-1946. 1968.Ba U, U. My Burma: The Autobiography of a President. 1959.Bacon, George B. Siam: The Land of the White Elephant, as It Was and Is. 1881.Ballard, J.G. Empire of the Sun. 1984. Novel, WWII China.Banomyong [Phanomyong], Pridi. The King of the White Elephant. 1940; reprint 1990. Historicalnovel, Thailand.Bao Ninh. The Sorrow of War. 1991; trans. 1993. Novel, VN war.Bates, H.E. The Jacaranda Tree. 1949. Novel, Burma.Bates, H.E. The Purple Plain. 1947. Novel, WWII Burma.Bates, H.E. The Scarlet Sword. Novel, India.Baum, Vicki. Shanghai '37. 1939, reprint 1986. AKA Hotel Shanghai or Nanking Road. Novel.Baum, Vicki. A Tale from Bali. 1937, reprint 1973. Historical novel.Beekman, E.M. ed. Fugitive Dreams: An Anthology of Dutch Colonial Literature. 1988.Beekman, E.M. ed. Two Tales of the East Indies. 1983.Bob Vuyk, "The Last House in the World," and H.J. Friedericy, "The Counselor."Benedict, Ruth. The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture. 1947."Bengal Civilian" [Kinloch, Charles Walter]. [Die zieke reiziger; or,] Rambles in Java and theStraits in 1852. 1853; reprint 1987.Bird, Isabella L. Among the Tibetans. 1904.Bird, Isabella L. The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither: [Travels in Malaya in 1879]. 1883;reprint 1967.Bird, Isabella L. Korea and Her Neighbors. 1898.* Bodde, Derk. Peking Diary, 1948-1949: A Year of Revolution. 1950.Bogarde, Dirk. A Gentle Occupation. 1980. Novel, Indonesia.Boontawe, Kampoon. Child of the Northeast. 1976, trans. 1988. Novel, Thailand.Bornoff, Nicholas. Pink Samurai: The Pursuit and Politics of Sex in Japan. 1991.* "Botan" [Tan Suang-U]. Letters from Thailand. Trans. Susan Fulop Morrell. 1977. Novel.Boulle, Pierre. The Bridge over the River Kwai. 1954; trans. 1958. Novel, WWII Thailand.Boulle, Pierre. Ears of the Jungle. Novel, VN War.Boulle, Pierre. Sacrilege in Malaya. 1958; trans. 1983. Novel.Brandon, James, trans. Kabuki: Five Classic Plays. 1992.Brandon, James, ed. On Thrones of Gold: Three Javanese Shadow Plays. 1970.Branfman, Fred, comp. Voices from the Plain of Jars: Life Under an Air War. 1972. On Laos."Breton de Nijs, E." [Robert Nieuwenhuys]. Faded Portraits. 1954; trans. 1982. Novel, Indonesia.Brooke, Sylvia. Queen of the Head Hunters. 1972. Autobiography, Sarawak.Brown, C.C., trans. Sejarah Melayu; or, Malay Annals. 1953.Brown, Edward. A Seaman's Narrative of His Adventures ... in the years 1857-8. 1861; reprint 1971as Cochin-china and My Experience of It.Broyles, William, Jr. Brothers in Arms: A Journey from War to Peace. 1986.
Buck, Pearl. The Good Earth. 1931. Novel, China. See also her Sons (1932), A House Divided(1935), The Patriot (1939), Pavilion of Women (1946), Peony (1948), and many more.* Bulosan, Carlos. America is in the Heart. 1946; reprint 1973. Memoirs.Bulosan, Carlos. The Philippines is in the Heart: A Collection of Stories. 1978.Burgess, Anthony. The Long Day Wanes: A Malayan Trilogy: Time for a Tiger (1956), The Enemyin the Blanket (1958), Beds in the East (1959).Burgess, Anthony. Devil of a State. 1961. Novel, Brunei.* Buruma, Ian. God's Dust: A Modern Asian Journey. 1989.Buruma, Ian. A Japanese Mirror: Heroes and Villains of Japanese Culture, AKA Behind the Mask:On Sexual Demons, Sacred Mothers, Transvestites, Gangsters and Other Japanese Cultural Heroes.1984.Buruma, Ian. The Missionary and the Libertine: Love and War in East and West. 1996.Buruma, Ian. Playing the Game. Novel, India.Buruma, Ian. The Wages of Guilt: Memories of War in Germany and Japan. 1994.Carl, Katherine Augusta. With the Empress Dowager of China. 1906; reprint 1986. Cf. S. Seagrave,Wu Yung.Carolan, Trevor, ed. Rim of Fire: Stories from the Pacific Rim. 1992.Carr, Caleb. The Devil Soldier: The American Soldier of Fortune Who Became a God in China.1992. On Frederick Townsend Ward.Chandruang, Kumut. My Boyhood in Siam. 1935; reprint 1996.Chang, Jung. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. 1991.Chang, Queeny. Memories of a Nonya. 1981. Memoirs of Sumatra/Malaya.Chapman, F. Spencer. The Jungle is Neutral. 1949. Memoirs of Malaya, WWII.Chaudhuri, Nirad C. Autobiography of an Unknown Indian. 1951.Cheng, Nien. Life and Death in Shanghai. 1986. Memoirs.Ching, Frank. Ancestors: 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family. 1988.Choisy, [Francois-Timoleon], Abbe de. Journal of a Voyage to Siam, 1685-1686. 1687; trans. 1993.See also The Transvestite Memoirs of the Abbe de Choisy; in French, 1966.Chula [Chakrabongse], Prince. The Twain Have Met; or, An Eastern Prince Came West. 1957.Memoirs.Clavell, James. King Rat. 1963. Novel, WWII Singapore.Clavell, James. Shogun: A Novel, Japan. 1976.Clavell, James. Tai-pan: A Novel of Hong Kong. 1966.Clifford, Sir Hugh. In a Corner of Asia: Being Tales and Impressions of Men and Things in theMalay Peninsula. 1899. See also Heroes of Exile: Being Certain Rescued Fragments of SubmergedRomance (1906), Malayan Monochromes (1913), The Further Side of Silence (1922), A Prince of Malaya (1926; reprint 1989 as Saleh, A Prince of Malaya), Bush-whacking and other Asiatic Talesand Memories (1929), Stories (1966; reprint 1993 as At the Court of Pelesu and Other MalayanStories).Clifford, Sir Hugh. Journal of a Mission to Pahang, January 15 to April 11, 1887. 1978. See also[Report of] An Expedition into Trengganu and Kelantan in 1895 (1961; reprint 1992), In Court andKampung (1897).Clifford, Sir Hugh, ed. The Hikayat Raja Budiman (A Malay Folk Tale). 1890-96.Coates, Austin. City of Broken Promises. 1967. Novel, Macau.Coates, Austin. Islands of the South. 1974. On SEAsia and Oceania.* Coates, Austin. Myself a Mandarin: Memoirs of a Special Magistrate. 1968. On HK.Coates, Austin. The Road. 1959. Novel, HK.* Collins, Larry, and Dominique Lapierre. Freedom at Midnight. 1975. On the partition of India,1947.Collis, Maurice. Foreign Mud: Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830'sand the Anglo-Chinese War that Followed. 1946. Cf. Arthur Waley, The Opium War Through Chinese

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