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Quran Tafsir.org

Quran Tafsir.org

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Published by Anam
Surah baqrah tafseer cont.........
Surah baqrah tafseer cont.........

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Published by: Anam on Dec 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Surah Al-Baqarah 
Part 3 (Ayahs 143-208) 
s is the third part of our tafsir of Surah Baqarah, Insha Allah please go to Quran-Tafsir.org forthe first and second parts.
143. The foolish among the people say “What has turned them from the qibla that theyhad?” Say “To Allah alone belongs the east and the west. He guides whom He wills to theStraight Path.”
 This ayah was revealed when Allah (swt) changed the direction that the Muslims facein prayer from the direction of
Bayt al-Maqdis 
in Jerusalem to the direction of the Kabbah inMakkah. We know that when the Prophet (saw) first arrived in Madinah, Allah (swt) had orderedhim (saw) and the Muslims to pray towards
Bayt al-Maqdis 
in Jerusalem. Although the Prophet(saw) had obeyed this command, he (saw) still longed to pray towards the Kabbah. So in order toease the heart of the Prophet (saw), Allah (swt) ordered that the qibla or prayer direction bechanged from the direction of
Bayt al-Maqdis 
in Jerusalem to the direction of the Kabbah inMakkah. Another reason that some scholars have cited for the changing of the qibla fromJerusalem to Makkah is to signify the changing of the responsibility for the carrying the Messageof Allah (swt) to mankind from the Jewish nation to the nation of the Prophet (saw). After the qiblawas changed, the mission of carrying the Message of Allah (swt) to mankind had officially beenchanged from the children of Israil to the Ummah of the Prophet (saw). Now when Allah (swt)changed the qibla, many among the Jews and the hypocrites used to question why it had beendone. They asked why Allah (swt) would change the direction of prayer in such a way. That waswhen Allah (swt) revealed this ayah in order to comfort the Prophet (saw) and the Muslims, andalso to respond to the questions and accusations of these Jews and hypocrites.
Allah (swt) begins the ayah by saying “
The foolish among the people say “What hasturned them from the qibla that they had?”
”. This was what the hypocrites and the Jews saidwhen Allah (swt) changed the qibla for the Muslims. They questioned for what reason Allah (swt)has changed the qibla. As we discussed when we went over the ayahs concerning abrogation,their real intention in questioning why the qibla was changed was to put doubts in the hearts ofthe Muslims. They did not really have any sincere questions as to why the qibla was changed.They did not care about the qibla or the prayer of the Muslims, they only wanted to create doubtsin the hearts of the new Muslims in order to drive them away from Islam. Notice how Allah (swt)calls them “fools” in this ayah. This demonstrates the kind of people that they are. How bad can apeople be when the Creator and Sustainer of the universe refers to them as “fools”. They truly arefools in every sense of the word. They live only to serve their passions and their desires. They donot care about their Creator and Sustainer. They do not care about their fellow human beings.And they are working to take people away from the worship and servitude of Allah (swt). Who buta complete fool would do that? Allah (swt) Knows each and every one of their actions, and sowhat are they earning with such actions except punishment from Allah (swt)? How could anyonethen be so foolish as to do the actions that are earning themselves pain and destruction in theeternity of the Hereafter only to get the transient pleasures of the life of this world? These are thefools who questioned the change of the qibla in such a way.The response that Allah (swt) tells the Muslims to give for their questioning is to say
To Allah alone belongs the east and the west
”. With this statement, the attention is takenaway from the qibla and towards Allah (swt). Allah (swt) is the One to Whom belongs this entireuniverse, the east and the west, the north and the south, wherever you turn that direction belongsto Allah (swt). Allah (swt) is beyond being in a particular direction but every single directionbelongs to Him (swt). Allah (swt) is the One Who ordered that the qibla be changed from thedirection of Jerusalem towards the direction of Makkah. Once Allah (swt) gives that order tochange the direction of our prayer, it is not our place to question that order in any way. Allah (swt)is the All-Knowing and the Most Wise and He (swt) is our Lord and Master. Our task is only tosubmit to Him (swt) and to carry it our His (swt)’s commands. This was the important fact that all

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