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Dependence on God

Dependence on God

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Published by mcdozer
What Jesus has to say at the onset of the 21st century on...
...Dependence on God

Another chapter for the eBook project "What Jesus Has to Say"
What Jesus has to say at the onset of the 21st century on...
...Dependence on God

Another chapter for the eBook project "What Jesus Has to Say"

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Published by: mcdozer on Dec 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
Century about……Dependence on God
“As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; nomore can ye, except ye abide in Me.Without Me ye can do nothing.” – John 15:4,5
 Your principal task is to learn to operate by Me, not merely to co-operate with Me, but to function byMe, to make things happen through Me, just use My power & get things done by using Me! Let Me beyour Genie in a bottle! Just rub the lamp, open your vessel & let me fill you with My oil, My strength,My energy, the power that will enable you to DO IT! You wanna DO IT? Let ME do it through you!I will have to become your oxygen, if you want to survive the days to come! I will have to becomeyour only light, your bread, your water, and everything you need to live, for the Devil is going to tryto cut all other means of supply.If you already allow Me to carry you now, to care for you, as if you had nothing but Me, it will not beso difficult when there will REALLY be nothing but Me to rely on.No matter how cool you may be, how open, how permissive: without Me, you’ll still wind up a failure. You must not rely on anything but My hand, My power & My Spirit.I am the difference between life & death. For I am Life, & without Me, you’re dead. – Lifeless,motionless, dead. If you would be fully aware of how incapable you are to get anythingaccomplished without My help, you would constantly be seeking My contact, desperately graspingfor Me as a drowning man grasping for air.I am your oxygen. I am what keeps you alive. If I withdraw just a fraction of the necessaryingredients to keep you alive, your body would cease to exist. What man is taking for granted isactually an endless sequence of miracles.Imagine you’re a deep sea diver. I am the bottle of oxygen on your back! That’s how much you needMe!Sooner or later, every human being will have to come face to face with the fact that without Me youcan do nothing. Let’s face it: without Me you can’t even breathe. Who made the lungs & the oxygen?And Who created the process that made an endless supply of oxygen possible? Just because theyrefuse to give the credit to Me doesn’t change the fact that I’m still responsible for it.I want & need you to want & need Me, so, I’m having to allow these challenges to appear before you,which finally make you desperate enough to cry out for My help!If you were desperate & humble enough from the beginning & not cruise on the drift of apparentvictory, or ”all things flowing just fine” without seeking My face constantly, they might not evenoccur. But it’s your resting on your laurels, your being confident of, “Well, now the Lord surely mustbless me”, that allows the Enemy to come in & test you again with the next battle. ”Him that thinkethhe standeth, let him take heed, lest he fall” is probably one of the key verses in your life, because assoon as you think you’ve got it made, you’re allowing the Devil to prove to you that it ain’t so.And it’s good, because it reminds you that you haven’t got it made at all, but that you desperatelyhave got to cling to Me for every moment & every step of the way, if you want to make it at all.There’ll be no more uncertainty, if you cling to Me each step of the way & seek Me to open your eyesto whatever traps & snares the Enemy might be throwing your way!I specially put this challenge before you to make double sure you won’t fall into the temptation of  just coasting along on the momentum of the flesh or your own carnal mind & wisdom, figuring you'dbe smart enough to handle this.I purposely gave you this one, which I knew was going to be too hard for you to figure out byyourself, in order for you to get into the modus operandi of "without Me ye can do nothing." Finallyyou're getting desperate enough so that you come to Me at every turn, because you don't know howto go on.With your own two hands you can maybe move a few bricks at a time, but using My power, you can
move a whole wall or as I have said in My Word - a whole mountain, with the same or even lessphysical effort.I appreciate your wanting to do things for Me. But there are so many spiritual forces at work behindthe scenes, that you simply must forsake any attempt to do this with your own natural means. Youmust operate in the spirit. That means you must put Me in charge of the things you want Me to do! You can't do the works of the Spirit in the flesh, and to get ahold of My Spirit just takes timefellowshipping with Me, asking Me, receiving from Me, drinking in from Me. Without Me and MySpirit, you can't even see clearly where to go, much less take steps in the right direction.Desperately look to Me for each step you're going to take, depending on Me and knowing thatwithout Me you can accomplish nothing.I want to be the Light that you turn on in your life when it's dark, the heat you can avail yourself of when it's cold, your food when you're hungry, your drink when you thirst.I want you to realize how badly you need Me. How nothing you are without Me. How uselesseverything will be unless you reach out for Me & do it in My strength!Those who are able to lean on their own arms fall flat on their faces and peter out long before thosewho need Me and nothing but Me to cling to, in order to make it through another day.I want you to get to the point where you see that nothing works without Me.The World is busy working away without Me, and where are they headed? - Destruction.It takes a while to turn someone around & get into a whole new modus operandi of working by Me.It's not a thing that happens from one day to the other. It takes time.Cast yourself wholly onto Me & stop relying on the arm of the flesh. You need My Spirit to do it. And the realization of impotence & failure without Me is just helping tomake You seek Me & My Spirit more and to make you more desperate for My help & My power,without which you simply can't do it.There's such a humongous job out there to do, that there's no chance in a lifetime even to think thatyou could do it on your own without My power, and so I'm making you more desperate to get aholdof My power. I'm driving you into My arms by the sheer recognition of the vast need and your impotence to do anything to quench it, and thus of the need you have for My power to do it throughyou and avail yourself of that power...If you want to love them - successfully - you'll have to love Me first & get all the love for them youneed from Me first. And that's why I'm keeping you & training you & teaching you here in My arms.At that point where you recognize the uselessness of the flesh, the futility of the flesh, that "the fleshprofited nothing," that's where you finally get desperate enough to make sure you're getting ahold of My strength, and that that's the only chance you ever had and will ever have, Me in you, your onlyhope. You can't do it yourself. What they need is a love that by far exceeds your own finite capabilities, &you're only going to get the stamina you need by plugging into Me first thing, before you make your clumsy attempts to lift them up. You can't do it without Me. The only way you're ever going to loveanyone enough, & the way they need to be loved, is through Me & by My spirit of power & love & of asound mind.The only real & true & lasting cure is My love, & you're only going to get that from Me. You can't feeda starving soul from empty pockets. You've got to have it first, in order to give it. You can't love in the flesh, you can't perform a miracleof My Spirit in the flesh, and I have ordained it to be purely a work of My Spirit from A to Z.That's just the way it is... You've got to come & get it from Me. I've ordained it that way to preventyou from ever thinking it's you.It's not in you, it's not in you, it's only in Me! You
have enough love! Just admit it.There's another good reason for really making sure you get ahold of Me first thing every day,because if you don't, you know you're gonna make a mess of things, & no matter how hard you try,you're never going to manage to say or do the right things. Without Me ye can do nothing!There's no way you're ever going to have enough love without coming to Me first to get it. I am theBread of life! Unless you eat Me, you're going to faint! How do I give power to the faint & strength tothose that have no might? The same way you gain physical strength by eating food & taking in
physical nourishment! You've got to eat Me, just the way you eat your food, if you want Me to do youany good. If you get hungry you eat, right? So, if you feel like you're running low on spiritual energy& "lovability," just stop & take a break & take a bite of Me! Come, "taste & see that the Lord is good." Your great & "unbearable" dilemma is actually the best & most perfect way possible for Me to showyou just how desperately you need Me.I want you to reach the end of your rope, the end of your own capacities & find Me there, way beyondthe limits of man.It's this very desperation, this incapability to cope with life in your own strength, that I cherish themost, because it creates the necessary desperation in you to call down My power, and that's when Iget a chance to work.When all you've got left is trust in Me, then I get a chance to work in you.When you realize that you can't do it by yourself, that's usually when I finally get My chance! Your very weakness will be your strength. What's going to help you make it through is not any of your personal strength, much less a pretense of any strength that's not really there, but your onlyhope is your trust in Me; getting ahold of Me daily, & never to neglect that link. You can't lean on anything you've got, that you've accumulated or acquired on your own over time,not even your faith, your knowledge of the Word, much less your mind or your wits or your owngoodness, but the only thing you've really got - and all you really need, at the same time - is Me!I'll be there to give you faith when you've got no faith! I'll be there to give you love, when you've gotno love - strength, when you've got none of your own... I don't want you to boast in your faith. I onlywant you to boast in Me.Make sure that you get your strength for the battle from Me every day. I wish to be the Source of allthat you need.It’s got to be Me fighting for and through you. You're going to have to acquire greater unity and love for each other than ever before, greater dependence on Me, and skill in the usage of My spiritual weapons."He that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall." Without Me ye can do anything
!There is no way you can possibly escape or survive what is to come without Me, so you might aswell learn the best you can how to depend on Me daily.I am training you in the art of dependence on Me. The Devil knows that dependence on Me is your only hope of survival, so he will try to get you to forsake the idea of having to depend on Me.I'm like your Mother & you're like My baby. There's nothing unnatural about the baby's dependenceon his mother. There's nothing wrong with dependence on Me! I'm your tug boat into freedom, your horse on which you can ride out of this mess. Hitch your wagon to My star!Every breath you take comes from Me. I am the Oxygen that will keep this flame alive, and as long asyou're aware of how much you depend on Me, this is going to keep going, working and functioning.I wait for you to come to Me, in order to help you to get the victory, so that you will know it's not youwho wins them, but that only I can win them through you! Next time you're battling, remember thatI'm only waiting for you to come to Me to give you the victory! That's what will show that you'vereally learned how to fight properly! I'm your greatest weapon, your shield and your exceeding greatreward! I will be your Victory! I will show you precisely which weapons to use, which are going to bethe most effective in dismantling the Enemy & destroying him and his plans, his lies in your life!The more feverishly someone tries to be perfect in their own strength, the bigger the mess they'remaking out of things, whereas the greatest saints who ever lived learned to let Me do all thingsthrough them.No matter how hopeless a case you may be in the eyes of others - or others may be in
eyes - Ican use both, you and them, in
of it, if you'll just let Me & give Me a chance. That no fleshshould glory in My presence. That I will get the glory for it, since I'm the One Who initiated the wholething in the first place, and the One Who will complete it. The only difference is between those whothink they can do it themselves and those who got the point that there's no way on earth, no chancein a lifetime that they can, without Me.

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