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your ice cream callebaut

your ice cream callebaut

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Published by Cristina

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Published by: Cristina on Dec 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your ice cream and Callebaut:
more than a perfect match

Callebaut not only offers a wide choice of chocolates that are simply made for ice cream. There\u2019s a lot more that becomes possible: tastes from hazelnut to strawberry and textures from soft to crunchy\u2026

Your ice cream preparations and Callebaut are simply made for each other! And of course all Callebaut products are of guaranteed superior quality, made with premium ingredients. Callebaut is made to complement the unique skills of the artisan ice cream maker.

Flavouring ice cream

Adding other ingredients to the basic ice cream preparation (made with
wholemilk, cream/butter, egg yolks, sugar, glucose, invert sugar, honey, vanilla)
to enrich the ice cream with extra \ufb02 avours.

Chocolate ice cream with a perfectly smooth texture
Callebaut offers a special selection of dark and white chocolates that contain less
cocoa butter and plenty of taste.
\u2022 Their lower fat content makes them ideal for \ufb02 avouring ice cream: it avoids a

hard, grainy texture. So ideal for soft and smooth chocolate ice cream!
\u2022 Callebaut offers you choice in tastes to vary: from creamy, over sweet to intense.
\u2022 Processing is easy. Just melt the chocolates (without tempering!) and mix in the

ice cream base composition.

Especially for ice cream preparations, we offer cocoa powder that blends in perfectly
with the ice cream composition and offers great taste and colour. It is ideal for
intensifying the colour and \ufb02 avour of chocolate-based ice cream compositions.

TIP: Try the Callebaut chocolates with no added sugar for ice cream containing
less or no added sugar at all!
What chocolate \ufb02 avour
do you want to obtain?
Min. %
cocoa solids
How to process
DARK CHOCOLATEIntense cocoa taste
\u2022 Intense L60-40NV
\u2022 Block \u2013 5 kg
Callets\u2122 \u2013 10 kg bag
Melt and mix in \u00b110% per litre of composition.
Evenly balanced taste
\u2022 Select L811

\u2022 Block \u2013 5 kg
Callets\u2122 \u2013 2.5 kg and
10 kg bag

Shavings in the chocolate
\u2022 PA810
\u2022 Block \u2013 5 kg
Slice off chocolate shavings and mix in after
WHITE CHOCOLATEBalanced creamy milk taste \u2022 Select HW2
\u2022 Callets\u2122 - 2.5 kg and
10 kg bag
Melt and mix in \u00b110% per litre of composition.
Dark colour & mild cocoa
\u2022 CP
\u2022 1 kg and 5 kg bag

\u2022 Melt and mix in 4 to 8% per litre of
composition. Gives ice cream a warm colour
and subtle cocoa taste.

\u2022 Can also be added to the chocolate ice
cream composition, for intensifying colour
and taste.

Callebaut Choc\u2022o\u2022lat\u00e9 the shortcut to delicious \u201c\u00e0 la minute\u201d
chocolate ice cream with an exciting taste!

Now you can offer your clients great chocolate ice cream \u201c\u00e0 la minute\u201d with
Callebaut Choc\u2022o\u2022lat\u00e9! Choc\u2022o\u2022lat\u00e9 is a superior, ready-to-use ice cream base with an
overwhelming chocolaty taste, a full-bodied texture and a deep, intense colour!

\u2022 For a real intense \u201cItalian\u201d chocolate ice cream: just add 10% glucose to 1L of
Choc\u2022o\u2022lat\u00e9 and churn directly in the ice cream maker.
\u2022 For a more creamy chocolate ice cream: mix 1L of Choc\u2022o\u2022lat\u00e9 with 1 litre of
your ice cream base and churn directly in the ice cream maker.

Add a different \ufb02 avour to your ice cream with Callebaut\u2019s coloured & \ufb02 avoured Callets\u2122!
\u2022 Each of these products are made with 100% chocolate and enriched with surprising colours and/or
\ufb02 avours of orange, honey\u2026
\u2022 For a homogenous and creamy end result: melt the Callets\u2122 and mix in before churning.

Special \ufb02avours
What \ufb02 avour/colour do you
want to obtain?
Min. %
cocoa solids
How to process
Orange colour and \ufb02 avour
\u2022 ORANGE
\u2022 Callets\u2122 \u2013 2.5 kg bag
Melt and mix in \u00b110% per litre of
composition before churning.
Honey \ufb02 avour/milk
chocolate colour
\u2022 CHF-Q1HONEY
\u2022 Callets\u2122 \u2013 2.5 kg bag
Hazelnut or almond \ufb02 avoured ice cream is a true delight. That\u2019s why Callebaut offers
plenty of possibilities to get great results.

\u2022 For a pure, unsweetened hazelnut taste, you can mix in our pure hazelnut paste (100% ground hazelnuts!). If the ice becomes too hard, use PRA (contains sugar) instead of PNP.

\u2022 Our pralines of hazelnut or almonds give ice cream a subtle caramelised nut
taste. They each offer excellent quality and guaranteed minimal decantation!
\u2022 Chocolate and hazelnut mixtures are superb in ice cream. Try our premium

gianduja\u2019s: Callebaut offers them ready to use!
\u2022 Processing is easy: mix in with the ice cream base composition (gianduja\u2019s need
melting before mixing in). Ready!
TIP: For a crunchy texture, you can also mix in Callebaut broken or whole
hazelnuts or br\u00e9silienne.
Nut \ufb02 avoured ice cream \u2013 from hazelnut to gianduja
What \ufb02 avour do you
want to obtain?


% hazelnuts
% almonds
% chocolate

How to process
Unsweetened hazelnut
\u2022 Pure nut paste
\u2022 PNP
\u2022 5 kg bucket

Melt and mix in \u00b110% per
litre of composition. Only
\ufb01 ts for soft compositions.

Very \ufb01 ne hazelnut
\u2022 Hazelnut praline
\u2022 PRA-CLAS
\u2022 1 kg and 5 kg bucket

Melt and mix in \u00b110% per
litre of composition. Fits
also for harder compostions.

Almond praline
\u2022 Almond praline
\u2022 PRAMA
\u2022 5 kg bucket

Melt and mix in \u00b110% per
litre of composition. Fits
also for harder compostions.

Dark chocolate &
hazelnut taste
\u2022 Dark gianduja
\u2022 GIA-D2
\u2022 5 kg cuvet
Melt and mix in \u00b110% per
litre of composition.

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