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Public Chartable Trust 11.12.2009

Public Chartable Trust 11.12.2009

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Published by whybalu

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Published by: whybalu on Dec 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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at SANKARAPURAMthis the 18th day of February, 1999 by R.SRINHASAN 3/0 Ramanujaa aged about 45years residing at 186, Kallakurichi Main Road, Sankarapuram. HERE IN AFTERREFERED AS THE AUTHOR OF THE TBBST WITNESSETH AS FOLLOW?PREAMBLEWHERE the a foresaid R.Srinivasa, the AUTHOR of the TRUST desirous of establishing and creating a Charitable Trust for establishing and running schools inand around Sankarapuran, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu and the other Objectsconstituted hereunder and whereas this is a public Charitable Trust and no benefit for the Author of the Trust and WHEREAS the Author has with the aforesaid Objects inview, created .Trust on this 18th day of February«1999 and has now accordingly bowgiven a donation of" Rs.501/• (Rupees Fire Hundred and one only) for the Objects andconstitution of the Trust AND WHBREAS the Author is desirous of executing a regular Trust Deed NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETB AS FOLLOWTRUSTEESThe AUTHOR OF THE TRUST, R. Srinivasan is desirous of appointing along withand in addition to him the following person a the FIRST
TRUSTEEThe First Trustees are :
firm Trus
t1. Mr.R.Srinivasaan, S/0 Ramanujam Naidu, age* 35, residing at 186, KallakuriohiMain Road, Sankarapuram, 606 401.2. Rev.Fr.A.John Franois S/0 Anthony, aged 35» r«ildin« at Church Street, Vlrlyur,Sankarapura Taluk.3. Mrs.Saral, w/o R.Srinivasan, age 27, residing at 186, kallakurichi Main Raod,Sankarapuran, 606 401.The above named TRUSTEES have agreed to be the FRIST TRUSTEES of theprevents as istestifiesbytheir  joining and according these present andasum of  Rs.501/- paidby theAuthor to the Trustin each onthe accounting of these presents, the» receipt of which theether two First Trustees hereby acknowledge and admit withthe intention that they shall hold the said sub upon trust for the objects statedhereinafter.2. The AUTHOR for effectuating the s*id desire and in consideration of the premisesstated herein before doth herebypay andtransfer irrevocable of the TRUSTEES thesun of Rs.50i/-hare andto holdreverieand take all the said money upon the TRUSTEES for ever upon trust and subject to the Powers, provisions agreements anddeclaration hereinafter contained and concerning the same.
a) The Trustees do hereby declare that they, the TRUSTEES, Shall hold and possessof the said moneys all of which are herein after for brevity's sake, referred to as theTRUST FUND which expression shall also Include cash or other property (movableand Immovable) intangible benefits, capital gains, investments or whatsoever intowhich the same or any part thereof may be conveyed invested or varied from time totime to such as may be donated to or acquired by the TRUSTEES or come to their hands by virtue of these presents upon public trust and subjects to the powers,provisions, agreements and declarations herein after declared, contained andconcerning the same.b) The AUTHOR as well as the TRUSTEES so hereby declare that the settlement andthe TRUST are IRREVOCABLE and that the sum of Rs 501/1 (Rupees Five Hundredand one only) transferred by the AUTHOR to be held by the TRUSTEES shall formpart of theTRUST FUND
The administration of the TRUST shall be carried on at 186 Main Road*Sankarapuram & Post, Villupuram District or at any other place or places as decidedby the Board of Trustees from tine to time. The Trust can have branch offices,Registered Office shall be at 186 Main Road, Sankarapuram & Post, VillupuramDistrict
I.To promote national integration and to educate all children without any caste,creed, religion, sect etc.
To provide education to the children of mentally mentally,retarded, daf anddumb, blind students and also to help children of physically handicapped andmake them to •am for their livelihood.
To promote all cultures of India and also to conduct seminars, discussions onthe culture of particularly our country.
To start hostel and provide free food to the children and to educate persons invillage who are illiterate etc.
To promote and magnate school., Colleges or other bodies or institutions of alldescription, including public schools, technical institutions and vocationalinstitutions.
To propagate and preserve the Indian culture, traditional Indian crafts, andIndian philosophy and Yoga and Music and Fine Arts.
To devise ways and means for the advancement of education the spread of allkinds of useful knowledge and accord facilities for candidates to specialize in allor any of the courses including, tension of appropriate technology to rural andother tribal areas.
To train students again character and efficiency through the medium of instruction.
To issue diplomas and certificates.
To arrange literary associations, educational conferences (Seminars) Lecturesand debates
To publish books, magazines, periodicals and other literature for thedevelopment education, knowledge and wisdom among the public.
To pen libraries, reading rooms and to conduct evening classes andcorrespondence courses.
To establish maintain, run develop, improve, extend ad support and to grantdonations for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, runningdevelopment improvement and extension of schools, colleges vocationalinstitutions, sports complexes, hostels crèches, libraries Reading
recreation centre’s holiday camps, research institution an* ether facilitiescalculated to be of use in imparting education and developments of knowledgeto the general public or to the student population in particular.
To give donations to educational institution of any kind including technicalInstitutions for creating Endowments, for giving scholarships, to give grants tothe poor and needy students for books, uniforms and any other learning aidsand for districting prizes etc and to do all other necessary things for impartingeducation to the general public and to the student population in particulars.
To encourage studies of all faculties and to institute prizes, endowments,shield rolling trophies etc for students and general public.
To amalgam age or affiliate any other institution whose objects and interest mayin any manner directly identifies with and or advancement of the objects or interest of the TRUST.
To establish, run maintain develop, improve extend and support medicalSchools, colleges, hostels, research institutions in furtherance of research inmedicine such as allopath, homeopathy, naturopathy, inane, Ayurvedic andsuch other systems of systems.
To establish run, maintain develop, improve extend, manage and supporthospitals, dispensaries, laboratories, convalescing homes, post treatment carecenters of all types and nature and other allied institutions for treatment of persons suffering from illness or mental defectiveness of for the reception* andtreatment of persons during convalescing
of p
ersons requiring medical attentionor rehabilitation.
To provide and employ surgical medical and pharmaceutical officers, doctors,nurses and attendants to the above institutions and to educate them to further the knowledge by way of classes, seminars, symposium and other modes of training in the prevention and treatment of diseases and promotion of generalhealth.
To award grants, scholarships, fellowships and financial assistance or encouragement to the Doctors, students, research follow in furtherance of research in medical sciences.
To give all necessary assistance for the disabled parsons, deaf, dumb muteetc by way of financial assistances or any other assistance In kind bypurchasing by supplying them necessary equipments etc or any other type of assistance required by them.
To help the poor and needy or incapacitated persons in poor and destitutecircumstances.XXIII.To construct and maintain homer for the aged
To aid and assist artisans or traditional craftsman by undertaking constructionof temples and monuments of archeological or arties importance, to repair andmaintain removable or repair any temple or structure of archaeologicalimportance by way of assisting poor artisan craftsman etc,
To give doles to the poor and needy to provide food do thin of shelter etc intime of distress like famines.
To undertake to construct maintain repair, community centers, reservoirs tanksand other public utility infrastructure to provide for employment etc to the poor and needy.
To conduct and maintain from medical centers and eye camps includingsurgery or the poor sections of the society.
To provide drinking water facilities to the public at large.
To acquire purchased hold take on lease or hire any properties, buildings landsecurities any kind of movable or immovable properties to use for the purposeof and fulfillment of the object of the TRUST.
To accept subscriptions and donations devises and bequest of movable andimmovable properties subject to charges or otherwise for all or any of thepurposes a for said and redeem charges created by diners from out of theincome or property of TRUST.(xxxi) To acquire by accepting as Gift, purchase, lease exchange or otherwise, lands,buildings an structures of any tenure or description add to build constructions on landsand extend improve and repair buildings and structures and otherwise dual with theproperties for the purpose afford-said or any of them,(xxxii) To received gifts, donations and contributions whether in cash or kind.(xxxiii) To carry on such other objects incidental or manically to the above said object.If the Trustees of the opinion to promote any objects which is not specifiedhereinabove they are at liberty to do the same and all the receipts that have beenobtained by the Trust should be placed only for the promotionof the objects of the Trust which has been mentioned hereinabove.
It is specifically provide that:a) The above objects shall be independent of each other And the TRUSTEES constituted may, from time to time apply the Income, profit andfunds of the TRUST for carrying out the objects of the TRUST.b) The objects of the TRUST shall not be restricted on the basis of caste creed or community of religion or sect.c) The objects and the activities of the TRUST shall be limited to India.d) The objects of the TRUST shall not be carried on profits motive so long as the

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