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Data Warehousing Concepts 3

Data Warehousing Concepts 3

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Published by ypraju

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Published by: ypraju on Dec 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Data warehousing conceptsBy PenchalaRaju.Yanamala
Latest Answer:It is logical design techniques and visual techinques it can becontain aggregate table, dimension table, fact table ...
Answered by swetha on 2005-03-30 12:00:33: OLTP Current data Shortdatabasetransactions Online update/insert/delete Normalization ispromoted High volume transactions TransactionLatest Answer:Thanks Jyothsna....... ...
don't knowLatest Answer:We can say "Surrogate key" is a User defined primary key..
Data Mart is a segment of adata warehouse that can provide data for reporting and analysis on a section, unit, department or operation in the company, e.g.sales, payroll, production.Data marts are sometimes Latest Answer:A Data Mart is the subset of the data warehouse that caters theneeds of a specific functionaldomain.examples of functional domains can begiven as Sales, Finance, Maketing, HR etc. ...
Latest Answer:There are four methods in which one can build adatawarehouse.1. Top-Down (Emphasizes the DW. )2. Bottom-Up (Emphasizesdata marts.)3. Hybrid (Emphasizes DW and data marts; blends “top-down” and“bottom-up” methods.)4. Federated (Emphasizes the need to ...
DataWarehouse is a repository of integrated information, available for queriesand analysis. Data and information are extracted from heterogeneous sources asthey are generated....This makes it much
Latest Answer:Data Warehousingis Relational Database which is speciallydesigned for analysis processing rather then for querying and transactionalprocessing. ...
Latest Answer:By far, the best ETL tool on the market is HummingbirdGenio.Hummingbird is a division of OpenText, they make, among other things,connectivity and ETL software. ...
Answer posted by Chintan on 2005-05-22 18:46:03: A table in a data warehousewhose entries describe data in a fact table. Dimension tables contain the datafrom which dimensions are created.Latest Answer:Fact table is the one which contains measures of interest at mostgranular level.These values are numeric.Ex:sales amount would be a measure.Each dimension table has a single-part primary which exactly corresponds toone of the components of multiparty ...
Latest Answer:ODS means OperationalData store. ODS & Staging layer are the two layers between the source and the target datbases in the datawarehouse..ODS is used to store the recent data. ...
Latest Answer:A dimension which can be shared with multiple fact tables suchdimensions are know as conformed dimension. ...
Latest Answer:hi if thedatais not available in the source systems then we have to get the data by some reference tables which are present in thedatabase.thesetables are called lookuptablesfor example while loading the data from oltp toolap,we have ...
Answered by Puneet on 2005-05-07 04:21:07: ER - Stands for entitityrelationship diagrams. It is the first step in the design of data model which willlater lead to a physicaldatabase designof possibleLatest Answer:Entity Relationship Diagrams are a major data modelling tool andwill help organize the data in your project into entities and define the relationshipsThere are three basic elements in ER models: Entities are the "things" aboutwhich we seek ...
Answered by sunitha on 2005-04-28 21:17:53: ETL is extraction,trasformationand loading,ETLtechnologyis used for extraction the information from thesource database and loading it to the target databaseLatest Answer:Data Acquisition technique is now called ETL(Extraction,Transformation and Loading)Extraction-The process of extracting the data fromvarious sources. Sources can be file system, database, XML file, Cobol File,ERP etcTransformation-Transforming the ...
Latest Answer:In Integrated schema Design, a dimension which can be sharedacross multiple fact tables is called Conformed Dimension. ...
Latest Answer:A fact,which can be used across multiple datamarts is called asconformed fact. ...
Latest Answer:Absolutely!For example, a perishable product in a grocery storemight have SHELF_LIFE (in days) as part of the product dimension. This valuemay, for example, be used to calculate optimum inventory levels for the product.Too much inventory, ...
Answer posted by Chintan on 2005-05-22 18:34:55: Arelational database schema organized around a central table (fact table) joined to a few smaller tables (dimension tables) using foreign key references.

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