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The carbon cutter’s 2- Retail Industry

The carbon cutter’s 2- Retail Industry

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Published by Rafay Mahmood

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Published by: Rafay Mahmood on Dec 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The carbon-cuTTer’sguide
2: Retail industRy
From April 2010, UK organisations using large amounts o electricity will need to comply with the carbon reduction commitment (CRC)energy efciency scheme. In the second o a series o case studies, we explore the options or a typical high-street chain, “Stores R Us”.
The challenges
 As cnsumrs and prssur grups grwmr sphisticatd, Strs R Us will hav tshw that its actins arn’t mr “grnwash”. This will als apply t indirct carbnmissins alng its whl supply chain. Th cmpany’s lng histry f undr-invstmnt in nrgy managmnt prsntsprblms, t. Thr is sm catching up td with basic huskping and ducatingstaff n bing mr carbn-cnscius.Mrchandisrs hav had a fr hand in thtyp f lighting usd in prduct displays untilnw. Futur rfits will nd t cnsidr lw-carbn altrnativs, spcially fr lighting,hating, air-cnditining and rfrigratin.Strs R Us has prgrssivly incrasd itsprsnc n th high strt vr th past twdcads. It prats a numbr f clthingchains t catr fr svral markts. Thcmpany als has a fd rtail chain, whichwas a rlativly small pratin until thrcssin. Nw its sals figurs ar startingt undrpin th prfitability and shar pricf th whl grup. Th cmpany’s supprtpratins includ th grup HQ, rginalffics, warhusing, lgistics and a datacntr fr its in-hus IT functin.Lik many mdium-sizd and largrtailrs, Strs R Us is rspnding tmunting cnsumr prssur t rduc thimpact f its activitis n th nvirnmnt andth cmmunitis it srvs. Th mplys arawar f this, but thir day-t-day fcus is nmting shrtr-trm prfrmanc targts. Th cmpany spnds mr than £20m ayar n nrgy. This is mainly fr lctricityand is wll vr th carbn rductincmmitmnt (CRC) qualifying thrshld f 6,000MWh f half-hurly mtrd lctricity.But its small cntral nrgy tam has arlativly lw prfil unlss pwr prics arrckting. As a rsult, th tam has fcusdmstly n nrgy prcurmnt t kp a lidn csts rathr than n nrgy managmntt cntrl cnsumptin.
   I   L   L   U   S   T   R   A   T   I   o   N   S   B   y   R   U   S   S   e   L   L   C   o   B   B
fnancial management
The organisation

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