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Published by joy2895

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Published by: joy2895 on Dec 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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peace corps
The Peace Corps is a challenging opportunity offering Americans of everybackground enormous rewards. Should your family member become aPeace Corps Volunteer, you will be proud of his or her time spent helpingothers. But for all the giving they do, it’s important to know that PeaceCorps Volunteers are also opening worlds of opportunity for themselves.
Serving in the Peace Corps gives Volunteers the chance to learn a new language,live in another culture, and develop career and leadership skills. The Peace Corpsexperience can enhance long-term career prospects, whether a Volunteer wants towork for a corporation, a nonprofit organization, or a government agency. ThePeace Corps can even open doors to graduate school.For your son, daughter, sister, brother, or parent to venture to a far-away place fortwo years where they don’t know anyone can be a cause for concern. Somepeople, who may have worked hard to get a child through college or struggled tobring children to the United States in search of economic opportunity, may feeldisappointed when a son or daughter does not take a high-paying job right aftergraduation. Others might think that Americans should help improve the quality oflife in their own community here at home.The following information will help you learn more about the professional,educational, and financial benefits of service that await someone as a Peace CorpsVolunteer.
The benefits of Peace Corps service last a lifetime, but you will start noticing them as soonas a Peace Corps Volunteer returns home. In today
s global marketplace, fluency in foreignlanguages, international experience, and cross-cultural understanding are highly sought-after assets in many sectors of our increasingly global economy. The first three months ofservice in the Peace Corps provide cross-cultural, technical, and language training to helpVolunteers integrate into their new overseas communities.
In addition:
The Peace Corps
Office of Returned Volunteer Services (RVS) providescareer, educational, and re-entry related assistance through its 11 regionalrecruiting offices and its Career Center in Washington, DC.Returned Volunteers have non-competitive eligibility status forappointments to U.S. government executive branch agencies for one yearafter their completion of service. This means that you can be appointed tosome federal government positions without competing with the generalpublic.Once you arrive in your country of service, you will receive intensivelanguage instruction. Some Volunteers become fluent in more than onelanguage.
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