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Pokemon - The Ash is Really in a Coma Theory

Pokemon - The Ash is Really in a Coma Theory



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Published by CJ
Had to post this. EDIT: Guys, I didn't write this.
Had to post this. EDIT: Guys, I didn't write this.

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Published by: CJ on Dec 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The “Ash is Really in a Coma” Theory
written by some guy in /a/
Did one ever know the reason why thepacing and story development change afterAsh was hit by lightning in the beginningepisodes? How Ash and his world were rela-tively normal until after the incident? I havea theory. The accident with the bike put Ashin a coma. Days later he was found and washurried to the hospital and treated with heavymedications. This is why Team Rocket becameless menacing. The medication took effect andstabilized his coma dreams, instead of beingterrifying, they became idyllic, and he’s able tolive out his Pokémon master fantasies.If one had noticed, the early episodes of Poké-mon were of amazing quality. The rest of theseries is just the results of his subconsciousmind ful
lling his desires, as well as attempt-ing to escape them. Should Ash realize he’sin a coma, he would wake up, but suffer braindamage. So he has to take down all his mentalbarriers one by one until he can come to gripswith what he is and escape his coma.This explains why he doesn’t change muchphysically. Also, the worldwide socialism canbe explained if you once again realize that thisis a dream world; he thought up a safe systemof government that would run smoothly andkeeps the world going allowing his adventuresto work like they do. It also explains a fewother things, such as how a child can go off onhis own in a world full of dangerous untamedanimals, and why every Pokémon center hasthe same exact nurse. Joy and Jenny he knewfrom his hometown, and they act as a safetynet or anchor, allowing him to feel safe nomatter where he goes. The professors, likethe Joy’s and Jenny’s represent stability, andash’s ideals. This is why Gary became a pro-fessor. It’s also the reason that every timehe enters a new region, virtually no one hasheard of him, despite his conquests, and whyGiovanni leads Team Rocket. How couldPaul, the rival of the Sinnoh area, not knowof someone who has placed in at least the top16 of all three leagues and has destroyed theOrange league and Battle Frontier?Ash’s travelling partners are actually aspectsof himself he can enjoy, but doesn’t like toassociate with himself. Team Rocket are hisqualities that he deems “negative”, but iscoming to terms with. Jesse and James wantto appease Giovanni, Ash’s Father. Meowthespecially wants to appease him because heremembers the good times with Giovanni. ThisPlaces meowth in a category known as ash’s(corrupted) innocence, and another fragmentof ash’s humanity. If you note that meowth canspeak this quickly becomes apparrent. In factthe whole reason for meowth’s speech is sohe can help Ash accept Team rocket as part of himself eventually.Brock is Ash’s repressed sexuality. He fellinto the coma a virgin and needed an outlet forhis growing sexual frustrations. Since he cannever experience sex, Brock must never suc-ceed. Brock is a projection of his sexuality,and is constantly shot down because Ash couldnever “know” sex. Brock isn’t just Ash’slatent sexuality, he’s also his fatherly instincts,neither of which Ash can come to terms with.Brock leaves his siblings to “journey” withAsh. because Ash can’t cope with having thatmuch responsibility, much as his foray witha real relationship ends on mysterious terms.Ash just cannot handle commitment at hismental level. Brock’s Stay with professor Ivywas an.attempt to outright suppress his sexual-ity. You’ll notice that James got much moredialogue in this part of the series, as well asgetting more touchy feel-y with his pokemonand getting most of his backstory. Ash didn’tenjoy this much, hence the reasons Brock 
comes back all horri
ed, and refuses to speak about it. (ash’s subconscious was repressinghim at the time, so other than a general feel-ing of dread he has no idea of what went onthen.) This is also why brock keeps comingback to the series....Usually AFTER Ash meetsa new girl aspect of himself.Misty is an imagethat Ash had of a girl. This is why she playsso prevalently in the series but is ultimatelyunattainable because he never really knew herbefore the coma. Likely the one that helped gethim to a hospital. I have a theory in line withthis: Since Misty was his initial love inter-est (if only subconsciously), he needed herto reach a level of womanhood. He felt thatpeople could only have relationships whenthey’ve matured. But in practice, it turned outhe couldn’t cope with it and just wanted thenormal, pushy, arrogant Misty he knew, andwouldn’t let her keep Togepi anymore.Misty is Ash’s
rst attempt at a girl hecould love, however, being a girl from thereal world, all he really he knew of her washer anger, as a result she ended up quite hotheaded in his mind. Constantly berating hissexuality, but eventually mellowing out untilshe had faded into the background. This wasalso traumatizing to him, being attached to it.Since then, the thought of anyone around himmaturing to adulthood has been blocked, andanyone who shows signs of it will quickly endup leaving for another, more naive
ll-in.Max came with May, she played the Id withgreat aspirations, and he played the sensibleEgo that “Session”. They worked for a littlewhile but Ash, being a teenager, eventuallyhad his sexuality had to come back into play.He kept reinventing himself and eventu-ally wrote new aspects, but his mind slowlybrought back the old ones as a crutch to makethe transition easier.Dawn is Ash giving himself a chance to love.since he already established Misty as someonehe’s not likely to go anywhere with, he createda new super female, one that was more likehim, and less violent all the time. (One willnote that both May and Misty had no tolerancefor Brock whatsoever whereas dawn seems totry and shrug it off.) .Tracey, The Breeder was a possible future forAsh that he discarded. It was one that he sentoff to work with the Professor (the professorsbeing Ash’s ultimate ideal of a father
gure)when he disrupted the dynamic Ash had withhis other possibilities. Ash’s mind is
ghtingthe coma and since Ash viewed this one asa companion he was quickly replaced with amore threatening Rival.Pikachu obviously represents Ash’s Humanity,hence the episodes where they get separated,and ash wants desperately to
nd him, even tothe point of working with the rockets ( aspectsof himself he woould never normally associatewith) but for some reason cannot. They wantto steal Pikachu (Ash’s humanity) and hand itover to his father, Giovanni. Jesse and Jameswill always oppose ash because ash is terri-
ed of the thought of his humanity lying in thehands of his father. However this is the samereason that he will work with those aspects of himself in order to save his humanity from justbecoming
at out LOST. He couldn’t evolvehis Pikachu without challenging his concept of who he was, something he wasn’t comfortablewith while he was still working through hisoriginal issues.Another thing is the narrator. The narrator isAsh’s higher mind, recapping and explainingthe progress he’s made and the tribulations hewill face allowing itself insight into how best

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yoyoninjagirl reviewed this
Rated 5/5

First of all, let this theory be in hell, and the l8ing incident was the 2nd or third episode which i've watched last day and while watching i felt nothing like that" he is in coma or somewhat else" first of all pikachu defeat that spearrows (the bird pokemon) by his thundershock to protect Ash coz at last he realized that ash truly loves him a lot and actually he was'nt stcked by any lighting... after that he fetched pikachu to pokemon center that's all shown up in this episode. and if all the creatures(pokemon) were created in his mind then how pickachu shown up by professer oak in the very first episode and what about that spearrows,they were also pokemon and they were all shown before l8ing incident and this dumb coma theory says that all pokemons r fictional created in his mind lolzzz .....
There are sooooo many proves that showns this theory is SUPERDUMB don't believe in this plzzzz
And many Idiots says that there are no animals in their world ,well this is also wrong becuz many fishes and worms were shown in pokemon and prawns and chickens too on their plates............
and many people are also curious about jennies and joys well the fact is that cartoonist may get feel bit laziness type to draw different nurses or officers but in one episode ash asks jennie how u all are looking so same then jennie replied that they all r my cousins and we all r similar in every aspect Lolzz
the person who spread this theory is Truly a pokemon Hater ,dont want pokemon to be famous
mehnololkk added this note
OMG such a good theory...
1 hundred thousand reads
1 thousand reads
1 hundred reads
Tye Bratton added this note
well so much for having a normal childhood this is soo sad I was crying while reading it! but are you sure this is real maybe he is in the real unova reagion right now and not in a coma its just a thoery no one can prove its true unless they say it on the tv show.
Mina Lynn added this note
Anybody else cry while reading this?

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