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Alexan Kits

Alexan Kits



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Published by Superbenj

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Published by: Superbenj on Dec 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 AUDIO/HI-FI ACCESSORIES _____________________________ ISSUE
LED/VU Meter II43/V5
 AUDIO/HI-FI AMPLIFIERS/BOOSTERS _____________________________ 
2-Watt Utility Amp w/ HC85119/V36-Watt Power Amplifier3915-Watt Bridge (mono)V115-Watt Stereo Amplifier w/ 12-0-12 2.5A21/V216-Watt Biamplifier w/ Heatsink & 6951 (9V-0-9V 1A)5225-Watt Amplifier w/ 0-24 2.5A (stereo)V325-Watt Amplifier w/ 0-34 2.5A (mono)V325-Watt Single Chip Stereo Amplifier6340-Watt Power Amplifier w/ 3" Heatsink1/V1P-50A (50-W) Power Amp w/ 6" Heatsink5610-Watt Amplifier w/ 2-3" HeatsinksV210-Watt RMS Stereo Amp w/ DC Controlled Pre-Amp65/V2LM12 (150 W) Power Amp Module w/ 4" heatsink55Cassette Stereo Booster w/ HC873, 20V 4A54Low Cost Power Amp Module58Low Cost Power Amp for your PC and CD/MP3 Playersw/HC981, MS-7BHS69OTL Pocket Amp for Experimenters w/ HC00169Porta Amp w/ 10-0-10 750mA35Room Amplifier34/V3Ultra Sensitive Mini Amplifier63Universal DC Controlled Pre. Amplifier63Walkman Stereo Amplifier w/ HC991 & 9Vx2 1A49Video Pre-Amp Buffer w/ HC851 & 695057
 AUDIO/HI-FI EQUALIZERS ________________________________________ 
5-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer w/12V 200mA42/V5Equalizer (mono)V3Parametric Equalizer Module w/ 6V 500mA52
 AUDIO/HI-FI SIGNAL PROCESSORS _______________________________ 
Analog Delay for Echo Rev. FX w/ HC872 & 12x2 750mA45Digital Echo Karaoke BoxV5Echo Reverb Processor w/ HC841 & 9V32/V4Low-Cost Digital Echo/Reverb Microphone Preamp65PA Annunciator with Microphone Input62Sound Field Generator Module62Stereo Blender w/ 695054Stereo Enhancer II w/ 6V 500MA52Stereo Enhancer w/ 12.6 200mA13Stereo Simulator w/ HC851 & 9V33/V5Stereo Synthesizer16/V2
 AUDIO/HI-FI MIXERS ____________________________________________ 
4-Input Mixer w/HC8419/V1Attenuator/Direct Injection Box w/ HC81258Minus One Plus One w/ HC841 & 9V28/V2Multipurpose Audio Mixer64Parametric Equalizer Mixer w/ 6V 500MA52Parametric Equalizer Mixer w/ 6V 500MA w/o optional parts52Simple 4-Input Stereo Mixer60
PREAMPS/INPUT SELECTORS _____________________________________ 
1040 Tone Volume Balance Control w/ 9VAPT4831/V4Electronic Stereo Source Selector w/ 6V (6952)31/V4Low-Cost Preamp w/ Tone Control39P-50C Control Amp w/ Microphone Input56P-50S Audio Input Selector w/ Phono Pre-Amp56Pre-AmplifierV3Universal Hi-Fi PreampV1Universal Mic Preamp w/ HC851 695057
3-Way Active Crossover Network w/ HC85153Audio Notch Filter66Dynamic Noise Filter w/ 12-0-12 250mA26Scratch and Rumble Filter17Sub-Woofer Pre-driver w/ HC872 & 12Vx2 750mA47
 AUDIO/HI-FI PROTECTION CIRCUITS _______________________________ 
Amplifier Clip Detector46Compressor Protector w/ HC991 & 695051Delayed Switch-On Speaker21Speaker Protector Device14Speaker Sentry w/ 6x2 500 (6950)51Speaker Time Delay8/V3
 AUDIO/HI-FI POWER SUPPLIES ___________________________________ 
10-Watt Power Supply w/ 35-0-35 5AV210-Watt RMS Stereo Power Supply6540-Watt Power Supply w/ 25-0-25 4AV1Power Supply40Low Cost Power Supply Module58LM 12 (100 Watt) Power Supply 28V5A55P-50 Power Supply w/ 36-0-36 3A 12-0-12 1A56Universal Hi-Fi Power Supply w/ 10-0-10 750mAV1
 AM/FM RADIO/TV CIRCUITS ______________________________________ 
AM Radio w/ 702V1AM Pocket Radio61/V3AM Teenybopper Cassette Tape RecorderV5AM/FM Clock Radio (Sleepmate)59AM/FM Pocket Radio 12-72560FM Stereo Broadcast Transmitter w/ HC84161Home Video Distribution System w/ HC851 & 695031/V4Surround Sound Processor w/ 12x22.5mA, HC841 & 1.5"heatsink46/V1TV Combination Lock w/ 6x2 750mA (6952) & HC99146TV ModulatorV3TV Stereo Decoder w/ HC851 & 695040/V5Video Tone Controller w/ HC981 & 12Vx2 250mA48
 AUTOMOTIVE ____________________________________________________ 
Auto. Car Battery Charger w/ 4A 17VV2Bark Horn w/ HC00143Bionic Sound Car Horn w/ HC00138Car Battery Monitor42Car Stereo Booster36/V5Car Thief Staller w/ HC99120/V2Electronic Ignition System w/ HC812 & 3" HeatsinkV4
Kits Scanner w/ Bulb/Light & HC981V3Melody Back Horn w/ HC001V1Sensorless Car Alarm w/ HC87261
CLOCK/COUNTERS/TIMERS _____________________________________ 
3-in-1 (Up-Down Counter/Frequency Counter/Clock)593-Minute Phone Timer w/ HC981 & 12V 250mA44Automatic Minute Timer w/ HC981 & 12-0-12 250mA29Darkroom Exposure Timer w/ HC872 & 12V 250mA45Multipurpose ON/OFF Timer38/66Clock Radio (Sleep Mate AM/FM )59
DOORBELLS ___________________________________________________ 
2-Tone Melody Doorchime II w/ 8 Melody case582-Tone Melody Doorchime w/ 8 Melody caseV416-Melody Doorchime w/ 8 Melody case5416-Melody Proximity Chime w/ 8 Melody Case58Computerized Door Tune w/ 9V (6951)2/V1Door Phone w/ HC981 & HC00157Electronic 2-Tone Doorbell w/ HC981 & 9VV1RC Doorbell w/ HC871, HC981 & 12V39Tok-Tok-Tok Doorbell w/ HC981 & 12-0-12 750MA35
GAMES _______________________________________________________ 
Decision Maker w/ HC98123Electronic Roullete w/ HC981 & 695050Electronic Ladder Game18Electronic Number Game64LED Dice67Memory Challenger w/ HC98140Reaction Tester14Russian Roulette w/ HC98119
3-in-1 (Up-Down Counter/Frequency Counter/Clock)59AC-100 Control20/V2AC-360 MultitesterV1AC Line Voltage Monitor66AC Line Voltage Sensor w/ HC87148AF/RF Generator w/ HC00121Compact Function Generator66DC Voltage Monitor65Digital Logic Probe II w/ HC1122/61Digital Soldering Iron Controller68LED Thermometer66Live Wire Tester62Logic Checker20Logic Gate Checker50Logic Pulser36Multipurpose Coil Tester w/ HC85155Modulated Signal Injector w/ HC00110Precision Function Generator w/ 10-0-10 & HC84122RMS to DC Converter w/ HC991 & 12V 200mA50SCR Tester22Signal Tracer11Repairman's Signal And Injector w/ HC001V3Soldering Iron Controller w/ HC981 & 695050/V4Temperature Probe for DMM68Transistor Tester w/ HC0019/V1
AC-220 Auto Voltage Regulator (500 Watts)21/V30-25 Volt One Amp. Regulated Power Supply 0-28 1.5A15/V11.25 to 25 Voltage Regulator Power Supply w/ 0-24V 3 Amps2320-Amp. Regulated Power Supply w/ DS-6", 2-3" HeatsinkV5Low Cost Regulated Power Supply w/ HC873, 14V 1.5A12/V1Micro DC to AC Inverter w/ HC873 10-0-10 750MA34Power Inverter w/ 12V 150W & 9" Heatsink27/V4UPS/Power Inverter (Quasi Sine Wave Power Inverter & UPS)V5Versa Power Supply w/ 0-14-28 3.5A33/V3
TELEPHONE PROJECTS __________________________________________ 
2-Way Intercom System w/ HC001 (2), HC99111/V2Automatic Telephone Recorder w/ HC981 & 6V34Electrophone w/ HC87344Extension Telephone Switcher w/ HC00147/V2FM Telephone Pick-up15Push Button Telephone Dialer w/ HC99112/V2Simultaneous 2-Way Intercom w/ 8 Melody Case49Telephone Amplifier w/ HC98116Telephone Call Monitor w/ HC872 & 6V 500MD49Telephone Line Tester68Telephone Musical Ringer w/ HC981 & 9V36
RUNNING LIGHTS _______________________________________________ 
2 Channel Multifunction Light Chaser67Disco Dancing Lights w/ HC841 & 9VV3LED Matrix Dancing Lights for your Amplifier69Low-Cost 3-Channel Dancing Lights w/ HC991 & 6V22Moving LED Light Chain68Simple Color Organ65Programmable Light Sequencer II w/ HC841 & 695258Programmable Sequential Light I w/ HC841 & 6952V3Running Lights w/ 12V 750mAV2
EMERGENCY LIGHTS ____________________________________________ 
Emergency Lamp/Flasher20Mini Emergency Lighting Unit w/ HC85154
DIMMERS/CONTROLLERS ________________________________________ 
Electronic Lamp Dimmer w/ HC981V1Lamp DimmerV1Multifunction Lamp Controller w/ HC98153Push-Button Lamp Dimmer15Remote Controlled Lamp Dimmer Transmitter/Receiver w/ HC871 & HC991 & 695054Touch Controlled Lamp Dimmer w/ HC00139/V5
FLASHER _______________________________________________________ 
Night Time LED Flasher49
MUSIC PROJECTS _______________________________________________ 
Chorus FX for Musical Instruments w/ HC872 & 9x2 500mA49Distortion FX w/ HC98140Digital Delay FX w/ HC98160Dynamic Phaser w/ HC991V4Electronic Drum Set w/ HC872 transformer 695053Electronic MetronomeV2/59Frequency Doubler FX w/ HC981 transformer 695051Fuzz Tone23Guitar Compressor Sustainer w/ HC98138Guitar Track Jam Box64Intelligent Musical Organ16/V2Overdrive FX58Practice Amplifier53Quick and Dirty Fuzz68Simple Color Organ65

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