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BSAIII Legislative Record

BSAIII Legislative Record

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Published by J. O. M. Salazar
Summary of bills and resolutions filed by Senator Benigno S. Aquino III (via Manuel L. Quezon III at http://www.scribd.com/doc/21327451/BSAIII-Legislative-Record)
Summary of bills and resolutions filed by Senator Benigno S. Aquino III (via Manuel L. Quezon III at http://www.scribd.com/doc/21327451/BSAIII-Legislative-Record)

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Published by: J. O. M. Salazar on Dec 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amending theGovernmentProcurement Act(SB 2160)SBSA filed a bill amending section 4 of RA9184 or the Government Procurement Act tomake it very clear that it applies to allgovernment procurement activities, regardlessof source of funds, whether local or foreign,and that only treaties or international or executive agreements entered into by thegovernment prior to its enactment shall beexempt from its coverage. This bill was filed inlight of the declaration by the DOJ of thevalidity of the NBN-ZTE deal citing itsinternational and executive agreement natureas reason for its exemption from theprocurement process as stipulated in RA 9184.Pending in theCommittees onConstitutionalAmendments,Revision of Codes andLaws, andFinanceBudgetImpoundmentControl Act(SB 3121)Impoundment is the power of the President torefuse the release of funds appropriated byCongress. However, this power has been usedand abused by the President and in theprocess “emasculating Congress’ authority tocheck the President’s authority to spend publicfunds.” That is why SBSA filed Senate Bill 3121or the Budget Impoundment Control Act whichrequires the President to submit to Congressfor approval the “Rescission or Reservation of a Budget Appropriation” every time he/shedecides to impound part of the budget.Pending in theCommittee onFinanceIncreasingPenalties for Non-compliancein the WageRationalizationAct(SB 2036)SBSA filed Senate Bill 2036 which seeks toincrease the penalties imposed on corporationsor work establishments who are non-compliantwith the minimum wage set by law.
Pending in theCommittee onLabor,Employmentand HumanResourcesDevelopmentBanning the re-appointment of members of theJBC that alreadyserved a fullterm(SB 1710/SBSA filed a bill banning reappointments to theJudicial and Bar Council in order to avoid thepossibility of instances where its members, intheir desire to be reappointed to the Council,succumb to pressure from the executive tonominate individuals based on politicalconsiderations instead of their actual meritsPassed in theSenatePending in theHouse of Representatives
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CR 23) and qualifications, seriously undermining thequality of judicial appointments and theindependence of the judiciary as a whole.Reform in theappointment of PNP directors
(SB 2978/CR 242)Local Chief Executives, by virtue of RA 7160(the Local Government Code) and RA 6970(DILG Act of 1990) as amended by RA 8551,have “operational supervision and control” over PNP units assigned at their territorial jurisdiction. They shall also have the power tochoose their provincial police director and chief of police. They also have the power andauthority to recommend the recall or re-assignment of the chief of police.However, conflict arose between the local chief executives and the Philippine National Police/National Police Commission because therewas no clear delineation of powers andfunctions over the appointment of chief of polices or their dismissal.SBSA filed a resolution in order to ascertain thefacts surrounding the conflict and determinewhether the practice of the appointment and or removal of chief of polices is consistent withthe law.In conjunction with the resolution, SBSA filedSenate Bill 2978 amending the DILG Act andwhich clarifies with specificity the powers andfunctions of the local chief executives and thePNP/NAPOLCOM with regards to chief of polices. It also gives term limits to chief of polices in the provinces.Passed in theSenatePending in theHouse of RepresentativesPreservation of PublicInfrastructures(SB 2035)Senate Bill 2035 seeks to prevent “faulty anddefective infrastructure” by raising thestandards in the construction of all publicinfrastructures and by penalizing thecontractors of defective infrastructures. It alsorequires the Bureau of Maintenance under theDPWH to conduct periodic inspections of publicinfrastructures.Pending in theCommittee onPublic WorksProductivityIncentives Act(SB 1370/CR 105)SBSA filed Senate Bill 1370 which grantProductivity Incentives Bonuses to employeesfor net profits gained by any company or business establishment. This aims to improvethe performance and productivity of employeesin the private sector.
Pending in theCommittee onLabor,Employmentand HumanResourcesDevelopment
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Prevention of re-appointment andbypassing theCA(SB 1719)SBSA filed Senate Bill 1719 which seeks toenforce the checks and balances on thePresident’s appointive powers by limiting thenumber of times an official may be re-appointed when his or her appointment has notbeen “favorably acted upon by the Commissionon Appointments at the close of the session of Congress.”Pending in theCommittee onConstitutionalAmendments,Revision of Codes andLawsSuperior Responsibility(SB 2159)SBSA filed Senate Bill 2159 which holdsresponsible superior and senior officers, whoby their consent, toleration or negligence in thecontrol and supervision of their subordinates,violates and abuses the rights of the citizens.Pending in theCommittee onJustice andHuman Rights
Resolutions filed by Benigno S. Aquino IIIResolution Summary
Matriculation of the SK andBarangayOfficials in SUCs(SRN. 975)According the Local Government Code, barangay officials andSangguniang Kabataan officials are exempted from tuition andmatriculation fees when in attendance in State Universities andColleges. However, various SUCs imposed limitations on theavailment of these educational benefits.SBSA filed a resolution investigating the said incident consideringthat these officials are legally entitled to such benefits because of their significant contributions to peace and order anddevelopment of their respective barangay community.Investigation intothe possibility of a ConstitutionalConvention(SRN 819)SBSA filed a resolution questioning the need to elect members of the Constitutional Convention that will amend the 1987Constitution through the May 2010 National Elections.Investigation intothe Bataan GunSmuggling(SRN 1327)SBSA filed a resolution seeking an investigation into the Bataangun smuggling which took place last August 21, 2009.Investigation intothe warrantlessarrests of Magdalomembers(SRN 1047)SBSA filed a resolution questioning the “warrantless arrests” of agroup alleged of plotting a raid to rescue detained Magdalomembers. The “warrantless arrests” violates their inherent humanrights as protected in the Constitution.SBSA filed a resolution investigating the events immediately

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