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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Dec 19, 2009
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Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus is a controversial figure and people already know his realhistory. This history isn't presented by the mainstream media. Even the nameof Columbus is very similar to Colombia. Colombia is an old name for theGoddess in mythology. Colombia has been the female name for America aswell. Washington D.C. is called the District of Colombia as an independent citywith its citizens having no voting rights for the Presidency for a time.
The fourthand highest degree emblem in the Knights of Columbus depicts a dive-bombing whitedove. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic version of a Masonic Order. Its members aremade up of politicans, bankers, and other elitists in America.The highest degree in the Kof C is the 4
Degree. Jeb Bush and Alan Keyes are famous Knights of Columbus. Thegoal of the Knights of Columbus is to make America as Catholic as possible under theauthority of the Pope from the Vatican. It’s pretty clear cut what their intensions are. Thelogo of the Knights of Columbus 3
Degree has a fasces image. The fasces is a symbol of authority, which is found in Congress and fascist nations (like in Mussolini‘s Italy, andHitler‘s Nazi Germany).Disturbingly the fasces is also found at US Senate, the Coloradoseal, and the dime. Why is this symbol on the K of C emblem when it claims to be abenetial and beneficent organization? The reason is that the Knights of Columbusembrace centralized authority under the Pope, which is similar to the concept of a fasces
(a fasces have multiple rods bound together around an axe. That means that folks aregroups together in a centralized authority even a dictatorship in some cases).The Frenchword for dove is “Colombe.” Sacrificial doves, representing virgins were known inMasonic circles as the Columbe. Many of the British royal crowns/scepters are toppedwith the white dove. Even Christopher Columbus' birth place is disputed. He was born asit is believed between August 25 and August 31 of 1451 in Genoa, Italy. His father wasDomenico Colombo being a middle class wood weaver. His mother was SusannaFontanarossa
 The original name of Columbus in 15
century Genoese languagewas
 The name is rendered in modern Italian as
Cristoforo Colombo
, inPortugueseas
Cristóvão Colombo
Christovam Colom 
 ), inCatalanas
Cristòfor Colom 
and inSpanishas
Cristóbal Colón 
. In 1473 Columbus began his apprenticeship asbusiness agent for the important Centurione, Di Negro andSpinola familiesof Genoa. Later he allegedly made a trip toChios
, a Genoese colony in the Aegean Sea.In May 1476, he took part in an armed convoy sent by Genoa to carry a valuablecargo to northern Europe. He docked inBristol
, England;Galway 
, Ireland and waspossibly inIcelandin 1477. Columbus wasn’t first man to discover America. TheNative Americans first discovered the North and South American continents.
 According to Alexander von Humboldt, in his work “Admirabiles Auscultationes (Chapter 94, p. 836),” it says that “in the sea which extendsbeyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar), an island wasdiscovered by the Carthaginians [...], a number of days distant by boat.”Diodorus Siculus differed in attributing the island’s discovery to thePhoenicians.
The painting above shows Columbus using a specialized hand sign making rumorsabound that Columbus was apart of some secret society. Some believe that Columbus'sfather in law was connected to the Knights of Christ in Portugal. Columbus had lived inPortugal from 1476 to 1484, making various sea voyages. Columbus's wife was thedaughter of one of Henry's favorite Captains and the first governor of Porto Santo.Columbus spent some time living in Porto Santo, and examining his father-in-law's papersand charts. In Lisbon, a young Christopher Columbus meets Felipa Perestrello at SundayMass. Columbus marries this daughter of a famous family and soon moves to Madera.Christopher Columbus' navigators were members of the extant Portuguese Templar Order,and the Templar cross was featured prominently on the sails of his ships in 1492.TheKnights of Christ were the descendants of the Knights Templar in Portugal. After theTemplar order's suppression by Pope Clement in 1312, King Denis set about creating anew order for the displaced knights in his realm. He instituted the "Christi Militia" underthe patronage of Saint Benedict in 1317 (some sources say August 14, 1318), and PopeJohn XXII approved this order by a Papal bull on March 14, 1319 "AD EA EX QVIBVIS." It'snot a secret that Columbus had links to Merovingian bankers like the Medicis of Italy. andothers in the esoteric crowd. Michael Howard's "Occult Conspiracy wrote that:
“Columbus was associated with a political group that supported the ideas of Dante, one of the alleged Grand Masters of the Order of the Rosy Cross, who is known to have usedcodes and ciphers in his writings, a practice associated with membership of a secretsociety. Columbus’ voyages of discovery were sponsored by Leonardo da Vinci and
Lorenzo de Medici, both initiates of secret societies, who found the explorer wealthypatrons among European Royalty and aristocracy.” (p.74)
“...Columbus...believed when he landed in America that God had led him tothe New Jerusalem. The idea of America as the fulfilment of a biblicalprophecy concerning the foundation of a spiritual Utopia on Earth was acentral belief in the Rosicrucian philosophy of the seventeenth century.”
Occult Conspiracy 
, p.74)
 Some believe that Columbus has Jewish ancestry (there is nothing wrong with that. It justshows the historical makeup of Christopher Columbus). The Jewish scholar, EliezerSegal, cites Columbus’ biographer S. de Madariaga and the Jewish historian Cecil Roth,as providing the most cogent arguments in favor of this view:
“...there has been some weighty scholarly debate over the possibility thatColumbus, though undeniably a devout and zealous Catholic, might also havebeen the proud descendant of Spanish Jews. Ironically, this view has beenchampioned by some patriotic Spaniards, who would rather have him a Spanish Jew than an Italian gentile. “...there has been some weighty scholarly debate overthe possibility that Columbus, though undeniably a devout and zealous Catholic,might also have been the proud descendant of Spanish Jews. Ironically, this viewhas been championed by some patriotic Spaniards, who would rather have him aSpanish Jew than an Italian gentile.
 There is evidence that Columbus spokeSpanish while still living in Italy, an unusual situation unless his family hadoriginated in Spain.
Spanish-speaking Jewish refugees from the Inquisition werenumerous in the Genoa area...."

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