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Appliantology Newsletter Winter 2010

Appliantology Newsletter Winter 2010

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Appliantology, the Oracle of Appliance Enlightenment, Winter 2010 issue. The official newsletter of Fixitnow.com Samurai Appliance Repair Man.
Appliantology, the Oracle of Appliance Enlightenment, Winter 2010 issue. The official newsletter of Fixitnow.com Samurai Appliance Repair Man.

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Published by: Samurai Appliance Repair Man on Dec 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Winter 2010
Konnichiwa, my friends!It's been several months since thelast issue of 
was unleashed onto the WorldWeird Web.Our last issue was sent out back in April.Hopey'all have been weathering the economic storm with yourhearts and wallets still mostly intact.Got some tips in thisissue not only to help you save money on your appliancerepairs (by helping you fix it yourself) but that may put someof the weird, wild, wacky things going on today into perspective.Sometimes, things just ain't what they seem and there's more going onthan what's visible on the surface.This applies to current events just asmuch as it does to appliance repair and, in this issue, we'll have somethingto say about both!It's been a busy year for the intrepid crew here atFixitnow.com SamuraiAppliance Repair Man, consisting of Mrs. Samurai, editor, and yours so veryfreaking truly, the HMFIC (don't ask).Lots o' changes at both the mainwebsite,www.fixitnow.com, and the repair forum,www.applianceguru.com. Fer ezzample, the whole sick social web trip--FacebookandTwitter-- that I talked about in the last issue has me scratching my chin a little bit.Facebook I can understand, even though they don't seem to be ableto make up their mind about their user interface.But that littleannoyance aside, I can see the how it's useful for people to keep upwith each other's lives even when they don't live nearby.And although Iannounced with great fanfareour Facebook page, I'm less sure about whatkinds of updates I should post there.At first I thought I would post moreappliance repair stuff but then thought, "Why duplicate what I'm alreadydoing at Fixitnow.com?"So I'm caught in the horns of an enema and this isezzacly where you, dear reader, canadvise the Samurai.What kind o
content and posts would you like to see posted on our Facebook page?Appliance repair stuff?Current events stuff?Personal stuff (not
personal!)?But then there's Twitter.What the hell is up wif dat, yo?Look, Igave it a good go, really and truly I did.But then after a while Istarted feeling like it's one big circle jerk.Seems like most folks useit for pretty frivolous and ridiculous things.They take a shower and tweetabout it… they eat breakfast and tweet about it… they broke their dryer sothey tweet about it… well, maybe that one's OK.Now, I understand thewhole social web thang but, golly-gee willikins, Mr. Cleaver, why should Icare about that glass of Metamucil you had with your prune juice thismorning?Some folks use it to talk about their thoughts on an issue insteadof whatever mundane activity they happen to be doing.OK, gettingwarmer.But unless you think in haikus, it's difficult to convey an interestingthought in 140 characters or less.So I ended up using Twitter as an outletfor the RSS feeds frommy blogand therepair forum.That seems to make sense.It's topical (appliance repair), eminently practical, contains enoughinformation to let the readers know if it's something of interest to them ornot and, if it is, includes a link back to the original post.So the informationflow is always frommy blogorforumtoTwitter.I experimented with the information flow going the opposite direction: creating the original content inTwitter and posting it on the blog.That sucked for all the aforementionedreasons.Meanwhile, theSamurai Appliance Repair Forum(www.applianceguru.com) is smokin'!We completed what ishopefully the last in a long series of painful server migrations.We've been at our new host,Data1Systems(plug, plug) nowfor several months with only one very brief outage and theforum is running better than it ever has at any other webhost.The new host is also the developer of the software thatpowers the repair forum,UltraBB, so it makes sense that hewould have his servers tweaked for optimal forumperformance.Hopefully, this is the last server migration we'll ever have todo.Anyone can surf into the forum, search topics and read all they wantabsotootly free.You can even register as a Grasshopper for free.But if youwant to start a new topic, reply to existing topics, send private messages,and download one of the thousands of illustrative and illuminatingattachments, you have to be an Apprentice Appliantologist.A couple of issues ago, I talked about the new forum apprenticeships available toseekers of higher appliantological wisdom.A quick review:
Type of ApprenticeshipTerm and FeaturesFeeQuarterlyApprenticeshipThree months of fullaccess.Apprenticeshipdoes not auto-renew soreverts to Grasshopperat end of the term.$5AnnualApprenticeshipOne year of full access.Apprenticeship does notauto-renew so reverts toGrasshopper at the endof the term.$15PermanentApprenticeshipPermanent full access.Apprenticeship neverexpires.Bonus:youalso get a secret accesslink to the Samurai'sever-expanding stash of repair manuals.
!$40As indicated, the
Permanent Apprenticeship
is the best value because notonly does it never expire (so you never pay again, even if we have to raisethe fee) but you get access to the Samurai's coveted repair manual stash.I'm adding new manuals all the time and the file collection continues togrow.We're busting at the seams!As you probably guessed, the repairmanual stash uses a huge amount of disk space for storage and bandwidthto serve all those files.For now, my costs for this are stable and I don'tanticipate having to raise the fee.Hopefully this won't change too muchwhen the mis-named Dollar (really just a Federal Reserve Note, read theback of one) finally takes the nose-dive that everyone's expecting (more onthat later).I've had several people email me complaining that full access to the forumshould be free, "... 'cuz it's on the innernet, an' all."And I thought tomyself, I said, "Self, that's a ding-dang good line, I'm gonna try that one onmy web host and file service provider and my other site-related vendors thatI use to keep my sites running."Well, guess what?They all told me to go jump in a frozen New Hampshire lake.And I guess my time running the site(which is considerable) shouldn't count for anything either.

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