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YHVH Mandala Expanded

YHVH Mandala Expanded

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Published by bgeller4936

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Published by: bgeller4936 on Dec 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kabbalistic Astrology:The YHVH Zodiacal Mandala
Patrick Mulcahy © 2006-7
 About the Author
Patrick Mulcahy is an author and teacher whose workcombines astrology and kabbalah in a modern interpretation.His writings also incorporate principles of theTheosophical teachings of H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey,etc. Most recently he has developed the
Jacob’s Wheel
system of kabbalistic astrology.Web-site:http://members.optusnet.com.au/~astroqab/
This article illustrates how the divine name YHVH isused to create a mandala that describes the metaphysicaldynamics of the Western zodiac. The mandala is shown toreveal important esoteric relationships that exist betweeneach of the twelve zodiacal signs, and also how each signis involved in the evolutionary and creative processesoccurring on our planet.
Kabbalistic Astrology:The YHVH Zodiacal Mandala
Patrick Mulcahy © 2006-7
According to the Zohar
(and other ancient esotericHebraic writings) one of the most venerated names ofdivinity is YHVH
). The metaphysical teachingsof the ancient Hebrews attribute to such divine namesmeanings that lie beyond their simple face-value so it is
 Diagram 1: The YHVH Zodiacal Mandala (Heb. version)
not surprising that this most sacred of names conceals aformula describing the profound esoteric nature of ourworld.Using the name YHVH we can construct a mandala, potentwith meaning, that illustrates the archetypal nature of theenergy-system that infuses our globe. The YHVH mandala willbe shown to embody in its symbolism the fundamentalevolutionary (and ultimately creative) purpose of thetwelve signs of the Western zodiac.
The Causal Lotus and the Zodiac
The twelve-sign zodiac was well-known to the ancientHebrew sages, and it is well represented in their writings.
They understood its importance and I believe theyrecognized in its structure a universal blueprint that isalso the foundation of the 'energy centre' thatTheosophists have called the 'causal body'. Like thezodiac, the causal body (or 'golden lotus') is thought tohave twelve distinct energy fields (or 'petals').
The causal body is the central, controlling organresponsible for the evolution of human consciousness.Consequently every human-being has a causal lotus locatedwithin the higher levels of their mental body. The causallotus comprehends our personal evolutionary needs. Itdetermines the evolutionary requirements that characterizeeach new incarnation. The
aspects of thecausal lotus impel us to reincarnate, and to endure eachstage of the evolutionary process.We usually speak of the causal lotus as existing
us, but in fact it is the other way around. It is wewho, as human personalities, exist within it. What weexperience as we go through life is a reflection of thecausal lotus projected onto the ‘screen of matter’. Thecausal lotus contains an archetypal configuration thatreflects our personal evolutionary needs, and this causalblueprint also determines the nature of our experience ofthe physical world. That is why we, as unique individuals,attract experiences of a certain type. It is those life-experiences that lead to the evolution of our consciousness

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