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disbeliving love

disbeliving love

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Published by kelly.
this is jane story of how she found her new love this story goes through betrayal, love theres a war, action everythin you could possibly desire hope u lik it plz comment so i could finish this story
this is jane story of how she found her new love this story goes through betrayal, love theres a war, action everythin you could possibly desire hope u lik it plz comment so i could finish this story

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Published by: kelly. on Dec 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A disbelieving love .chapter1 :newsJane P.O.V.All of the volturiguards were headed to the meeting room . Aro called us saying it was important ,I found Marcus “ do you know what’s going on” I asked “ no I’m just as curious asyou Jane “ Marcus said sober . I rolled my eyes and in single file entered theroom. Something told me this was not good .Edward P.O.V.“ something wrong withthe volturi they usually come…..” I started saying curiously “ what if they are atwar or something “ Emmet exaggerated . I turned to him and raised one eyebrow “Alice have you seen any visions “ I asked “ no Edward……wait! I see Jane dead “Alice said while her eyes were still closed . All of us gasped “ what are we goingto do “ esme said “ we have to help them “ Bella insisted “ I’m not sure let’sjust not jump into conclusions , we are not certain yet “ I said . I debatedwhether we should go to the volturi .Jane P.O.V.as we sat , you could tell something was way off . I looked ataro he was usually good at hiding his emotions but right now he looked furious .Were we at war?. It suddenly came to me of course I should off know the Romaniancoven , want’s their leadership back . How can they get a army ?,I do rememberedwhen Stefan and Vladimir where defending the Cullen ’s half human half vampireRomeo . That vermin , but they knew our weakest spot . The real werewolves ,thefull moon guys , not those “ shapeshifters” the Cullen’s have .he suddenly lookedat me and nodded I was right. “ dear friends of the counsel I would sadly tell youthat we have a situation . We are at war! “ Aro said ,everyone gasped and startedwhispering . Aro got back their attention “ it’s bigger than a situation it’s acrisis , we are at war with the one and only Romanian coven , they somehow managedto get werewolves at their side . It’s unavoidable , it’s unreasonable but if theywant war , war they’ll get” Aro spoke for all of us everyone cheered and the warwasn’t yet prepared but demetri would be tracking there every move so we alsowould be ready . We got dismissed ,I saw Felix rushing out and soonly disappeared. I did wonder where he was going ,I just shrugged and went to my room . I put myblack cloak in the closet and changed into leather black plants, a creamy whiteshort sleeve shirt ,black leather high heel boots, and my black lace sweater. Iuntied my hair and it let it flow all the way through my waist. I was on my wayhunting it was midnight already, I suddenly stopped Felix was coming toward me butwith the Cullen’s. the thing was I neither saw Carlisle or esme “ what are theydoing here” I asked Felix “ there here to help us I called them “ Felix said “ youcalled them ,aro is going to get bitter when he finds out and help for what wecould fight them off “ I said “ I believe you wont I saw you dead” alice said Iglared at her and grabbed her by the neck. “ don’t tell me what is or what isgoing to happen to me “ I said ferocious beside me I heard a growl “ jasper ofcourse would you like you’re pixie back” I jokingly said “ let her go Jane I wontrespond “ jasper said menacing I let Alice go and made my way again toward Felix “you are so dead “ I said with a smirk on my face . Felix grabbed my arm “ you wonttell aro” it wasn’t a question it was a demand “ oh please I’m not a snitch hemay already know so let go Felix neither I would respond “ I said challenging himhe let go I walked away “ Jane you will never change just wait until aro kills you!” Felix said I ignored him and continued walking.Romeo p. o. v .the wellknown Jane left she was certainly beautiful in her own way. Definitely attractiveand humorous to watch her challenge. My dad Edward looked at me well he read my

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