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Visual Basic 6.0 Notes short

Visual Basic 6.0 Notes short

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Published by joinst1402
These notes are developed for visual basic 6.0 for B.Sc. Students
These notes are developed for visual basic 6.0 for B.Sc. Students

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Published by: joinst1402 on Dec 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Notes For Visual Basic 6.01
Sunil S. Trivedi
Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0
Visual basic is an ideal programming language for developing sophisticated professional applicationsfor Microsoft windows. It makes use of graphical user interface for creating robust and powerfulapplications. Coding in GUI environment is easy and quicker as compare to traditional, linear programminglanguages.Visual Basic was developed from BASIC programming language. It required at least Microsoftwindows 95/NT 3.51, 486 processor and minimum of 16 M.B. of RAM and also 250 MB of hard disk toinstall complete enterprise edition.
Starting Visual Basic 6.0
Visual Basic is initiated by using the Program option -> Microsoft Visual Studio and MicrosoftVisual Basic 6.0 from it. Then it opens into a screen as shown below (fig 1.1)Fig .1.1
The integrated Development Environment
One of the most significant changes in visual basic 6.0 is the
integrated Development Environment 
(IDE).IDE is the term commonly used in the programming world to describe the interface and environment that weuse to create our applications. It is called integrated because we can access virtually all of the developmenttools that we need from one screen called an
 The visual basic IDE is made up of a number of components
Menu Bar 
Tool Bar 
Project Explorer 
Properties Window
Form layout Window
Form Designer 
Object Browser 
Menu Bar
 Notes For Visual Basic 6.02
Sunil S. Trivedi
This is bar display the commands that are required to build an application. The main menu items have submenu items that can be chosen when needed.
Tool Bar
The toolbar in the menu bar provide quick access to the commonly used commands.
The toolbox contains a set of controls that are used to place on form at design time thereby creating the user interface area. Additional controls can be included in the toolbox by using the Components menu item of theProject menu. A toolbox is represented in fig 1.2Fig 1.2
The pointer provides a way to move and resize the control and forms.
Label display a text that the user cannot modify or interact with.
Frame control serves as a visual and functional container for control.
Checkbox display a True/False or yes/no option.
Textbox is a control used to display message and enter text.
The Listbox display a list of items from which a user can select one.
ComboBox contains a textbox and Listbox. This allows the user to select an item from DropdownListbox, or to type in a selection in the textbox.
HScrollBar and VScrollBar controls allow the user to select a value within the specified range of value.
Timer control executes the timer events at specified intervals of time.
Dirlistbox allows the user to select the directories and paths, which are displayed
Shape control use to draw shape on form.
Image control is used to display icons, bitmaps, metafiles etc2Pointer LabelFrameCheckboxComboboxHScrollBar Timer DirListBoxShapeImageOLEVScrollBar DriveListBoxFileListBoxLineDataPictureTextboxCommandButtonOptionButtonListbox
 Notes For Visual Basic 6.03
Sunil S. Trivedi
OLE control is used to link or embed an object, display and manipulate data from other windows based applications.
Picturebox displays icons/bmp/jpg and metafiles. It displays text or acts as a visual container for other controls.
CommandButton control which is a part of an option group allows the user to select only one optioneven if it display multiple choices.
The FileListBox display a set of files from which user can select the desired one.
The DriveListBox display the valid disk drives and allows the user to select one of them.
Line control to draw a line on form.
Data control enables the user to connect to an existing database and display information from it.
Project Explorer
Docked on the right side of the screen, just under the toolbar, is the project Explorer window. It display objects of your project like forms,classes and modules. All the object that make up the application are packed in a project.Fig 1.3 (project explorer )
Properties Window
The properties window is docked under the project explorer window.The properties windows exposes the various characteristics of selectedobjects.Fig 1.4 ( Properties window )
Form Layout
The form layout window use to place the form starting position after you runs it.Fig 1.5 (Form layout window)
Variables, Data Types and Modules
Variable are used for storing values temporarily. Declaring a variable tells Visual basic to reservespace in memory. It is not must that a variable should be declared before using it.A defined naming strategy has to be followed while naming a variable.1.A variable name must begin with alphabet letter and should not exceed 255 characters.3

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