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LOVE AND THE LAW - Charlie Orly December 9-11-2009

LOVE AND THE LAW - Charlie Orly December 9-11-2009

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Published by Jack Ryan
From a Friend of Politijab who retrieved the document from Charles Lincoln III's website.
From a Friend of Politijab who retrieved the document from Charles Lincoln III's website.

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Published by: Jack Ryan on Dec 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AW: Your Letter of Yesterday
Freitag, den 11. Dezember 2009, 0:25:50 UhrVon: Charles Lincoln <charles.lincoln@rocketmail.com>
Kontakt anzeigen
 An: Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ <dr_taitz@yahoo.com>
3 Dateien Alle herunterladen  December 7 First Amended Complaint 3 v Silverstein.pdf (394KB);December 7 2009 Response toMotion to Dismiss Lincoln v Silverstein.pdf (90KB);Response to Order to Show Cause Suzanne Segal11-24-09.docx(41KB)
Dear Orly:So what's this about addressing me (in yourWednesday, December 9, 2009 letter below) as "Mr.Lincoln?" If you're going to be artificially impersonal,couldn't you at least call me "Dr. Lincoln?" I wouldalways give you the honorific title to which you areentitled by education......if I didn't call you "Orly".....You had previously told me not to write to you everagain, but I guess the fact that you've written thisletter gives me license to respond....and I feel I mustrespond, because you are putting me in a worse and worse predicament. You have left me in the lurch ina very serious way---in so many ways, in particularon the litigation front, BUT:Nothing that you said on that awful Wednesdaynight, November 4, 2009, or at any time sincechanged or could have changed the fact that I hadchanged my life, especially my business andlitigation, around you and in total and abject relianceand dependence on you. I still need you to be mylawyer against Silverstein and the banks. You put mein a position where I'm overextended because I
depended upon you and your promises to work withme and support me even.You had wanted me to be even more dependenton you because you wanted me to live at anapartment in Rancho Santa Margarita near youroffice where you could see me conveniently and without suspicious loss of time. You wanted me tohave the window third of your office in Rancho SantaMargarita. You cleaned it out for me, you said it wasmine, you set up computers for me in it. I made thatmy office address. I changed all my mailingaddresses to YOUR office in Rancho Santa Margarita.And then on November 25, 2009, you wouldn't evenmeet me at that office, because you see,All that really happened when you called in afearful tremulous little voice at 9:56 P.M. onWednesday, November 4, 2009, sounding likesomeone was holding a gun to your head, whichsomeone in particular I can think of may well havebeen doing---all that you really said that night wasthat you were cutting off our love affair and romance,on which my heart depended. You told me that nightthat we couldn't sleep together or have sex anymoreand that's all been bad enough.As I told you a thousand times if I told you once: you had re-awakened in my heart, body, and soul ahunger that I had allowed to die, a hunger for life andlove and a woman's companionship and touch.Without your voice, without your touch, without thefeel of your beautiful smooth pale "blue-blooded" skin
and the brightness of your eyes like bright flickeringcandles, ORLY, my life has gone dark indeed---verydark. I sit alone in the dark at night and miss you. I wake up in the mornings and wish you were comingthrough the door again as you did so many amazingmornings here. I want to hear you say you love meagain, even if you say it in the softest whisper like youused to.I am a total wreck without you (physically,emotionally, and yes, financially and professionally).And even if I hadn't gotten sick, I couldn't have faced you at court on Wednesday. Do you really want meto get that strength? I miss you too much, I love youtoo much, I need you too, too much. And really andtruly, I need you in court even more than I need youin bed or in my life generally. I just need YOU Orly.I desperately really and truly do need you NOT to withdraw as my attorney, I need you to withdraw your withdrawal, and to work with me on all the mortgagecases on properties I now have in California---about adozen---and those can serve as the nucleus for agenuine class action against every major bank in theUnited States, just as we had planned.You were with me when I first met the DeLeons.You invited them to come over to your office inRancho Santa Margarita and you met them with me.You recommended that they hire me in your office way back in June. They were counting on yourinvolvement, on you and me working together. Theyhave now deeded me three houses. Even on the

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