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2092699 How to Pray the Rosary in 8 Easy Steps

2092699 How to Pray the Rosary in 8 Easy Steps

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Published by Ebenezar Policarpo

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Published by: Ebenezar Policarpo on Dec 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 “How To PrayThe Rosary in8 Easy Steps” 
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The Rosary: An Overview
When you hear the word “Rosary”, what usually comes into your mind is thebeaded bracelet that now comes in various sizes and designs. The term actuallypertains to both the set of prayer beads, somewhat similar toprayer beadsused by Buddhist monks, and a system of set prayers to be recited as the beads aretold.The Rosary is a traditional popular devotion in theRoman Catholic Church. Itmerges vocal (or silent)prayerandmeditation —concentrated around sequences of saying theLord's Prayerfollowed by ten "Hail Mary" and a "Glory Be to the Father". Each of these sequences is known as a
.Until the recent addition of five additional Mysteries byPope John Paul II, theRosary had been prayed in three parts of five Mysteries distributed within theweek. At present, the Rosary can be prayed in four parts, one part each day,with the "Mysteries" being rotated daily.
History of the Rosary
The Rosary came to replace the popular devotional practice that consisted of reciting the 150Psalmsof theBiblein thirds or 50 at a time. Instead of the Psalms, was replaced with the Angelic Salutation, commonly called the “HailMary”. The 150Our Fatherswere recited. Over the course of the middle ages, theLord's Prayerprayers of the Rosary were set by the late 16th century.In 1160St Rosaliawas buried with a string of prayer beads. 1214 marks thetraditional date of thelegendof St Dominic's reception of the rosary from the  Virgin Mary. It was in the early 15th century that aCarthusian,Dominic of  Prussia, introduced the mysteries. But it was in 1569 that PopePius V  established the current form of the original 15 mysteries.From the 16th to the early 20th century, there were no changes in the Rosaryuntil the mid-20th century when the addition of theFatima Prayerbecamepopular.
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 In 1917, Our Lady of Fatima asks that theFatima Prayerbe added to the Rosary.There were no other changes until 2002 whenJohn Paul IIproposed five newLuminous Mysteriesas an addition.
Our Lady’s Prayer
Many times in the past, the Mother of the Lord has appeared in various parts of the world and asked for the recitation of the Rosary. She gave it to the worldcenturies ago in an apparition. It is her favorite prayer for it is essentially ameditation on the life of her Beloved Son. The Rosary is a combination of vocaland mental prayer that entails a reflection on important events in the life of Christ and His Mother.
Just like any other undertaking, you also have to prepare what you need whenpraying the Rosary. Of course, you have to have a rosary bead and if you’re notvery familiar with the prayer, you may use a prayer book as a guide. When youare ready to pray the Rosary, you can follow these 8 simple and easy steps:
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