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at Analysis

at Analysis

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Published by priy14

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Published by: priy14 on Dec 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discriminant Analysis is a technique forDiscriminant Analysis is a technique foranalysing data when the dependentanalysing data when the dependentvariable(DV) is categorical (classification)variable(DV) is categorical (classification)and the predictor independent variablesand the predictor independent variables(IVs ) are Metric or Non Metric(IVs ) are Metric or Non MetricIMPORTANTIMPORTANT
DV : Non-metric (Nominal or ordinalDV : Non-metric (Nominal or ordinalscaled)scaled)Classification/groupingClassification/groupingvariablevariable
IVs : Metric or Non Metric variablesIVs : Metric or Non Metric variables(Interval or ratio scaled variables or(Interval or ratio scaled variables ordummies)dummies)
DV is Choice of a brand of PC (A, B or C)DV is Choice of a brand of PC (A, B or C)and IVs are rating of attributes of PC’S onand IVs are rating of attributes of PC’S ona 7- point scale.a 7- point scale.
Classification of customers into buyersClassification of customers into buyersand non- buyers based on theirand non- buyers based on theirdemographic profiles such as age,demographic profiles such as age,income,sex and some factors related toincome,sex and some factors related toshopping habits.shopping habits.
Families who go/don’t go for vacationFamilies who go/don’t go for vacationholidays to holiday resorts as criterionholidays to holiday resorts as criterionvariable and income,house hold size,variable and income,house hold size,attitude towards travel, importance toattitude towards travel, importance to
Discriminant AnalysisDiscriminant Analy
to understand segmentation/to understand segmentation/classifications and to predict groupclassifications and to predict groupmembershipmembership
INPUT:INPUT:dependent variable as andependent variable as anindicator of group membership andindicator of group membership andindependent variables as classificationindependent variables as classificationcriteriacriteria
KEY OUTPUT:KEY OUTPUT:classification matrixclassification matrix

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