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Communism Graphic Organizer

Communism Graphic Organizer



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Published by jholderman

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Published by: jholderman on Apr 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Communism Graphic Organizer
Communism vs. Capitalism
: in the boxes, take notes on the key elements of communism and capitalism.
*These notes go in your folder when completed AttributeImageCommunismCapitalist DemocracEconomy Political SystemSocial ClassGovernment’sRoleReligion
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Communism Graphic Organizer
For the following scenarios, you will write on your own paper whether the scenario describes a communist government,a capitalist democracy, neither government, or both. Next, you will explain WHY you selected your answer. Please staple the paperto this handout.
Scenario 1:
Cashus Bakr began his life as a poor sewer cleaner. He could only afford enough food for one meal per day, and that was when times were good. As poor as Cashus was, he was also quite bright and one day he designed an automatic sewer cleaner. Whilethis put him out of a job, it also made him a millionaire as he marketed his product to different cities and towns. 
Scenario 2:
Because of the decline in moral values within her country, Princess Ann Dreea Bells decides to actively promote religion within her country. She believe that if her people are more religious, they will treat each other better and the moral state of hernation will improve.
Scenario 3:
Due to his insatiable desire for power Dictator Bendismelly decrees that all loyal countrymen must sear an oath of allegiance to him and donate 10% of their earnings to him. Fortunately, the power-hungry Bendismelly is not allowed to make thislaw because the parliament vetoes his executive order. Thank heavens!
Scenario 4:
Daisymary Holson is a hardworking farm girl. As an astute farmer, she owns her own farmland and gauges how muchcrop she should produce and adjust the type and amount depending on what people are demanding. Daisymary’s key is producingenough product to satisfy peoples’ demands, without producing too much so that it costs her money.
Scenario 5:
Because of increased government taxes, Holdermania (a fictitious country) is able to fund a literacy program whose goalis to make every persona able to read and write by the age of 18. Teachers are sent into homes, orphanages, and even workplaces tohelp people become literate.
Scenario 6:
In order to provide cheap fuel to his people, the benevolent dictator Holderman nationalizes (takes over) all of the oilcompanies in Holdermania. He permits the government to regulate how much fuel will be produced, and the price at which it will besold to the people.
Scenario 7:
There is much poverty in Holdermania, and in all his goodness and benevolence, Holderman decides that somethingmust be done. In order to help the poor, he will tax the rich and use the tax money to provide welfare and financial assistance to thepoor so that they can afford food, clothing, and housing.
Scenario 8:
In a stroke of pure genius, Queen Key Airabury decides to get rid of all forms of currency. Her reasoning is that, if thereis no money, than there will be no poverty. Is Queen Key going to be satisfied with her decision?*These notes go in your folder when completed

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