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RFL8_Children Are Forever!

RFL8_Children Are Forever!

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Published by Quotes&Anecdotes

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Published by: Quotes&Anecdotes on Dec 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Every time a child is born there is another soulthat is going to live forever! It’s the biggest miraclesince the creation of the world! One little babe isworth more than anything man can make and isgoing to last longer!
Almost two centuries ago men followed theevents of General Napoleon’s march of conquestacross Europe, waiting with bated breath for anynews of the outcome of his various wars. All thewhile, babies were being born in their own homes.But who could think about babies? Everybody wasthinking about battles!However, in that one year, 18O9, there cameinto the World several babies who were destined to become stars of the greatest magnitude—WilliamGladstone, considered by many as Britain’sgreatest statesman of the 19th century; AbrahamLincoln, one of America’s most famous Presidents;Alfred Lord Tennyson, the celebrated poet laure-ate of Britain; and Louis Braille, the blind inventorof the widely used Braille system of reading forthe blind! But while they were being born, no onethought of babies, just battles. Yet which of the
of 18O9 mattered more than the
of 18O9?Some fancy that God can manage His worldonly with big battalions, when all the while He isdoing it by babies! Whenever a wrong needs right-ing, or a truth needs preaching, God sends a babyinto the world to do it!
A baby is a small member of the home thatmakes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer,the bankroll smaller, the home happier, the pastforgotten, and the future worth living for.
A perfect example of minority rule is a baby inthe house!
Never minimize the training of your children.Did you know that a child learns 8O% of whathe’s going to learn in his whole life before he’s fiveyears old? So think how important it is that youteach them the right things during those first for-mative years!—It’s going to be 8O% of everythingthat they’re ever going to learn. No wonder theBible says that if you train up a child in the way heshould go, when he is old he will not depart fromit. (See Proverbs 22:6).These first five years are extremely important.You can’t wait till your child is five years old be-fore you begin teaching him. Every single day isimportant, and what they learn each day is impor-tant.
as a parent are responsible to see to it thatthey are not only fed, clothed, protected, and arehealthy, but also that they are taught God’s word,trained in His truth and inspired with His love!Some people have the wrong idea of just lettingtheir kids go. “If they learn, they learn, and if theydon’t, they don’t.” Well, we don’t believe in forc-ing children to learn something they don’t wantto learn, but they
want to learn; they’re happierand feel more fulfilled and at peace when they arelearning; and can learn a lot more with your assis-tance than if you just leave them idle, without anyguidance, help or encouragement to learn!In fact, it is entirely unscriptural and anti-Godto leave a child to make up his own mind withoutfirst informing, guiding and encouraging him!For “a child left to himself bringeth his mother toshame!” (Proverbs 29:15). If you haven’t got thetime to train and take care of your children, thenfor your child’s sake, find someone competent whocan, and who does it right and the way you know
ChildrenAre Forever!
God’s greatest andmost precious giftis His love in alittle child!

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