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Serious Dog Bites Italy 2002-2009

Serious Dog Bites Italy 2002-2009



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Published by Tegenpitjes
A list of serious dog bites and fatal dog attacks in Italy 2002-2009
Document was translated by google and patched up a bit by me.
A list of serious dog bites and fatal dog attacks in Italy 2002-2009
Document was translated by google and patched up a bit by me.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Tegenpitjes on Dec 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catania, July 22 2009- (Adnkronos) - Another attack by dogs. The Catania prosecutor's officeopened an investigation into the
death of a child of almost seven years,
G. A., Acireale (Catania),killed late yesterday evening, torn apart by a pack of dogs kept in a private yard, which he had brought food.
(Tegenpitjes: these were probably dogs used to breed fighting dogs:
dobermann, a pitbull and dogo argentino were found 
May 16, 2009: AT, a pensioner of 87 years, is walking along the road St. Michael Licata, in the province of Agrigento, when attacked by two dogs of medium size,
probably strays
. Man seriouslyinjured in different parts of the body.- April 9, 2009: In San Gregorio, in the province of Catania, a child of 3 years was bitten by
a dog
in the head and face. The mother is wounded in an attempt to free her daughter.- March 18, 2009: In Parma, a child of 7 years was bitten by
a dog
of the family that hurts the head,face and neck.- March 17, 2009: In the Ragusa a German tourist is attacked by a
pack of stray dogs
that haveseriously injured in various parts of the body.- March 15, 2009: A
child 10 years
of Modica, in the province of Ragusa, died as a result of seriousinjuries after being attacked by a
pack of stray dogs
in a area near Scicli. In the same attack another child of 9 years is injured, while a man of 45 years in the same area of Ragusa is attacked by dogs and medicated in the hospital of Pozzallo.- March 3, 2009: A cute, tiny center of Palermo, an elderly age of 80 is surrounded by a pack of dogs. Intervene to save her but the Carabinieri, which can easily hunt animals.But here are some of the previous attacks:- 15 February 2009: At Genzano, in the area of the Castelli Romani,
a child of one year
is killed bya
Neapolitan Mastiff 
while he is in the garden with her mother and grandmother who are injured inan attempt to save it.- February 5, 2009: A Livorno a woman, 28 , her face is disfigured by her 
, that bite whileshe was feeding. The dog, suddenly, bit the woman on the cheek and nose.- 29 December 2009: A girl aged 18 was attacked by
a dog
in the parking lot of a shopping center inTrieste. The girl is attacked ear and then the arm and hand while trying to pet it. Hospitalized for tests, has 60 days to prognosis.- November 10, 2008:
A man aged 60
was attacked and killed by a
in Osborne Park (Chieti). The victim, a worker is working in a garden adjoining the house where you find the dogwhen he is attacked and killed by the animal.- November 7, 2008: Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), a businessman of 55 years ends up in hospital,hospitalized in critical condition after being bitten while in the arms and the trunk by
his dogs.
 - October 4, 2008: In beneventano
a child of 9 years
is probably devoured by
stray dogs
and founddead in a pool of blood near the house in the district of the town of Circello Campanaro. To causethe death of the child, as established by the coroner, a bite to the neck which severed the jugular.- September 10, 2008: A girl of 12 years of Rubiera, common in the province of Reggio Emilia, is
attacked and bitten by
two Doberman.
Helped by the staff of 118 the adolescents was transportedto hospital where she was discharged with a prognosis of eight days for deep wounds to the neck and left leg.- July 31, 2008: A child of 9 years is attacked by
a pitbull
in Guidonia, in the province of Rome,while he is at the home of some friends.- May 6, 2008:Paola Palmieri,61, dies in house torn to pieces by his dog,
a pitbull
inPontecagnano (Salerno)- May 3, 2008: A Bari a man is wounded while attempting to defend his dog (a Chow Chow), metregularly on a leash, by the aggression of 
a big pitbull
. The unfortunate victim, transported to theemergency room of the Hospital 'Di Venere', is considered curable in 7 days.- April 5, 2008: In Palermo, a 11 year old boy is attacked by
in the house owned by thefather and is shot in the arm and the groin.- March 13, 2008: A Nuoro a child of 3 years is biting the head by a
injuries consideredcurable in 30 days.- March 4, 2008: A Caltagirone, in the province of Catania, a child of four years was bitten by a
given to his father eighteen months ago. The teeth of the dog cut off the external jugular  but fortunately did not reach the trachea and the carotid artery.- January 30, 2008: In Bologna
a pit bull,
incited by the owner, attacks a police officer, who fired a pistol shot. The agent is conducted to Ursula, while the dog was wounded, is brought to theemergency room for pets in the away Polese.- September 3, 2007: A fourteen year old of Acri, in the province of Cosenza, is attacked by
a pitbul
l in the leg seriously injured.- April 10, 2007: In Bologna two years of a child is bitten by a dog in the late afternoon Vigatto, avillage a few kilometers from the capital. The girl is on a trip with their parents to spend a day of celebration. The animal, a male
half-breed shepherd
Pastore Fonesse
) which lies with a femaleof the same race in the back of the year, the girl tearing bite to the skull and the scalp causing severehemorrhage. The child, with injuries considered serious, was transferred to hospital by ambulance118.- March 5, 2007: In Bologna, a woman is attacked by
a pit bull
while trying to defend her son of 8years who in turn bolted to the rescue of a cat being targeted by the dogs. Protagonist of the terribleadventure of a Polish woman 39 years, wife of the custodian of the faculties 'of Psychology,University' located in Bologna via Filippo Re, which is bitten in the leg and arm.- 11 February 2007: In Milan, a child of 8 years is attacked by
a dog
in Garbagnate in Milan.Rescue, and 'carried Niguarda hospital in Milan where he undergoes an operation.- February 1, 2007: In Turin, a girl of 11 years of Sri Lankan origin, was attacked by
a dog
in a villaBelgirate, on Lake Maggiore. The girl was transported by helicopter to hospital in Turin the 118,comes in a coma in hospital for serious injuries. Because of the aggression the child suffers thealmost total removal of the scalp. Presents numerous injuries throughout the body, especially theface and neck.
- May 11, 2006: In Florence, a
half-breed of medium size,
led by a man walking in the gardens of Scandicci, a bite to the throat of a 12 year old who tried to pet it. The girl, taken to the hospitalemergency pediatric Meyer, and emergency operations.- May 4, 2006: Herringbone Gardolo, in the province of Trento,
a rottweiler
bite the head of a baby just 30 months. Little one is transported to the emergency hospital in Trento, where he is medicatedfor non-serious wounds and was discharged.- February 9, 2006: A Popoli (Pescara) a six year old girl is attacked by
a Rottweiler
while walkingwith her parents in the center of town. The girl was bitten by the dog in the face of a merchant of the place and the hospital are applied 20 stitches.- 27 January 2006: In an elderly Nuoro is attacked
by a dog
while walking to the central citysquare. Injury but are not serious.- July 27, 2005: In Piacenza a child, of Macedonian origin living in Piacenza, is bitten by a
StaffordShire Terrier
while walking downtown with his mother. The small, 5 years old, suffered severeinjuries to the ear and the lower lip. Admitted to the hospital's department of plastic surgery 'Major'di Parma, undergoes several surgeries to reconstruct an ear.- July 5, 2005: A Spot, a village in the province of Catania, a child on a bicycle is bitten by
a dog
out of a hospital in Villa vicina. Trasportato Giarre, the small wounds were found in the shoulders,arm and knee the gravity of which physicians will transfer Cannizzaro Hospital Catania.- August 5, 2004: A woman is attacked in the throat by
a mastiff 
in the garden of his home inCasarza Ligure (Genoa).- February 23, 2004:
A pitbull
 bite its master and another dog near the Porta Nuova railway station.The animal is killed by police officers, arrived on the spot.- December 6, 2003: A Olbia
a Rottweiler
attacks two women, one of whom was pregnant. Thedog, having prevailed on the dog on a leash held by one of two women, and then pounced on thelady on her friend, and give them a graze wound and a thigh.- September 21, 2003: In Milan, a fifty year old who is working in a laboratory at the northeastoutskirts of Milan is attacked by
a Rottweiler and two free bulldog
for a stroll by the owner of aneighboring body.- September 16, 2003: A Cefalu ', location' resort in the province of Palermo, a housewife of 47years is attacked by
a pitbull
. The dog then tries to attack his owner, but it 'immobilized by the police arrive.- September 8, 2003: In Turin, a child is attacked by
a pit bull
escaped from its owner and remainsseriously wounded in the face.- August 6, 2003: At Padua Villafranca is a woman bitten by
two pit bull
while jogging with afriend is doing. He manages to escape and reported only minor injuries.- July 13, 2003: In Milan,
a pitbull
, left without a leash by its owner, attacks and wounds to the facea woman of 69 years who was returning home.- August 24, 2002: In Frosinone
two stray dogs
dying reduce a child of 9 years who had

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