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Scheduling a Workflow

Scheduling a Workflow

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Published by ypraju

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Published by: ypraju on Dec 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scheduling a Workflow 
By PenchalaRaju.Yanamala
You can schedule a workflow to run continuously, repeat at a given time or interval, or you can manually start a workflow. Each workflow has an associatedscheduler. A scheduler is a repository object that contains a set of schedulesettings. You can create a non-reusable scheduler for the workflow. Or, you cancreate a reusable scheduler to use the same set of schedule settings for workflows in the folder.You can change the schedule settings by editing the scheduler. By default, theworkflow runs on demand. If you change schedule settings, the IntegrationService reschedules the workflow according to the new settings. The IntegrationService runs a scheduled workflow as configured. The Workflow Manager marksa workflow invalid if you delete the scheduler associated with the workflow.If you configure multiple instances of a workflow, and you schedule the workflowrun time, the Integration Service runs all instances at the scheduled time. Youcannot schedule workflow instances to run at different times.If you choose a different Integration Service for the workflow or restart theIntegration Service, it reschedules all workflows. This includes workflows that arescheduled to run continuously but whose start time has passed and workflowsthat are scheduled to run continuously but were unscheduled. You mustmanually reschedule workflows whose start time has passed if they are notscheduled to run continuously.If you delete a folder, the Integration Service removes workflows from theschedule when it receives notification from the Repository Service. If you copy afolder into a repository, the Integration Service reschedules all workflows in thefolder when it receives the notification.The Integration Service does not run the workflow in the following situations:
The prior workflow run fails.
When a workflow fails, the Integration Serviceremoves the workflow from the schedule, and you must manually reschedule it.You can reschedule the workflow in the Workflow Manager or using pmcmd. Inthe Workflow Manager Navigator window, right-click the workflow and selectSchedule Workflow.
 You remove the workflow from the schedule.
You can remove the workflowfrom the schedule in the Workflow Manager or using pmcmd. In the WorkflowManager Navigator window, right-click the workflow and select UnscheduleWorkflow. For more information about removing workflows from the schedule,seeUnscheduling a Workflow.
The Integration Service is running in safe mode.
In safe mode, theIntegration Service does not run scheduled workflows, including workflowsscheduled to run continuously or run on service initialization. When you enablethe Integration Service in normal mode, the Integration Service runs thescheduled workflows.
The Integration Service schedules the workflow in the time zone of theIntegration Service machine. For example, the PowerCenter Client is in thecurrent time zone and the Integration Service is in a time zone two hours later. If 
you schedule the workflow to start at 9 a.m., it starts at 9 a.m. in the time zone of the Integration Service machine and 7 a.m. current time.To schedule a workflow:
In the Workflow Designer, open the workflow.
Click Workflows > Edit.
In the Scheduler tab, choose Non-reusable if you want to create a non-reusable set of schedule settings for the workflow.Select Reusable if you want to select an existing reusable scheduler for theworkflow.Related Topics:Configuring Scheduler Settings
Creating a Reusable Scheduler 
For each folder, the Workflow Manager lets you create reusable schedulers soyou can reuse the same set of scheduling settings for workflows in the folder.Use a reusable scheduler so you do not need to configure the same set of scheduling settings in each workflow.When you delete a reusable scheduler, all workflows that use the deletedscheduler becomes invalid. To make the workflows valid, you must edit them andreplace the missing scheduler.To create a reusable scheduler:
In the Workflow Designer, click Workflows > Schedulers.
Click Add to add a new scheduler.
In the General tab, enter a name for the scheduler.
Configure the scheduler settings in the Scheduler tab.
Configuring Scheduler Settings
Configure the Schedule tab of the scheduler to set run options, schedule options,start options, and end options for the schedule.Table 3-1describes the settings on the Schedule tab:Table 3-1. Schedule Tab SettingsScheduler OptionsDescriptionRun Options:Run On IntegrationService Initialization/RunOn Demand/RunContinuouslyIndicates the workflow schedule type.If you select Run On Integration Service Initialization,the Integration Service runs the workflow as soon asthe service is initialized. The Integration Service thenstarts the next run of the workflow according to settingsin Schedule Options.If you select Run On Demand, the Integration Serviceruns the workflow when you start the workflowmanually.If you select Run Continuously, the Integration Serviceruns the workflow as soon as the service initializes.The Integration Service then starts the next run of theworkflow as soon as it finishes the previous run. If youedit a workflow that is set to run continuously, you muststop or unschedule the workflow, save the workflow,and then restart or reschedule the workflow.Schedule Options:Run Once/RunEvery/Customized RepeatRequired if you select Run On Integration ServiceInitialization, or if you do not choose any setting in RunOptions.If you select Run Once, the Integration Service runsthe workflow once, as scheduled in the scheduler.If you select Run Every, the Integration Service runsthe workflow at regular intervals, as configured.If you select Customized Repeat, the IntegrationService runs the workflow on the dates and timesspecified in the Repeat dialog box.When you select Customized Repeat, click Edit toopen the Repeat dialog box. The Repeat dialog boxlets you schedule specific dates and times for theworkflow run. The selected scheduler appears at thebottom of the page.Start Options: StartDate/Start TimeStart Date indicates the date on which the IntegrationService begins the workflow schedule.Start Time indicates the time at which the IntegrationService begins the workflow schedule.End Options: End On/EndAfter/Forever Required if the workflow schedule is Run Every or Customized Repeat.If you select End On, the Integration Service stopsscheduling the workflow in the selected date.If you select End After, the Integration Service stopsscheduling the workflow after the set number of workflow runs.If you select Forever, the Integration Service schedulesthe workflow as long as the workflow does not fail.

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