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Bella's Dream

Bella's Dream

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Published by MissAliceCullen_
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Published by: MissAliceCullen_ on Dec 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It was just another boring day as always, I sat alone on thecouch by myself watching the clock tick by. The timeseemed so slow, like it would never end. I was very bored. Iyawned loudly, being human was hard, knowing thatvampires were out there made it even harder. I wanted that.I wanted that forever. To be immortal. It had been my dreamand I intended on getting my dream. Edward Cullen.. Thelove of my life, my one and only... The apple of my eye...He... He always had refused to change me but it's just what Iwanted!This was so unfair. They all treated me as if I were a child,Like I wasn't good enough for them. Well, I was.I let all of my thoughts escape my mind like a waterfall as Isat down.I didn't even remember that Jasper was still next to me. Hewas still going on and on about his early human life, how himand Alice met and what not.. "So boring.." I mumbled bymistake.Jasper looked over at me with a very odd expression on hisface, one that I've never seen before. "Excuse me?"He growled softly.I rolled my eyes, feeling slightly annoyed."Sorry.."I mumbled as I sank back down on the couch, focusing backon the little hand on the clock as he began to babble again.I sighed to myself when Jasper finally ended his never ending story, time ticked.. And ticked.. And yet still ticked onas we both sat on two couches facing one another waitingfor the rest of the Cullen's to get home.Edward and the rest of his family but Jasper had gonehunting for two days, Jasper staying behind to watch myclumsy self.
I just couldn't help it. It wasn't my fault.As I began to spend more time with Jasper though, I beganto realize he had a fun, exciting side to him.. One that Ihadn't thought I would ever see from him.It sort of amazed me, I guess you could say.I giggled slightly to myself when he started to tell hissouthern jokes.. Now those.. Those.. They were just beyondfunny.Alice was pretty lucky to have a husband like him.He was handsome and.... So cute.. I had never reallynoticed that before. And wow.. Just wow.. His beautiful face..Oh that was..I felt myself beginning to lick my lips as he starred over atme, probally wondering what I was doing and why.I smirked slightly, blushing at the same time.I knew if I tried anything.. It would hurt Alice so much andshe was my bestfriend so it's not like I could do anything..But I sure wanted to..Jasper continued to look at me as if I were nuts."Umm.. Bella?"He asked lightly, wondering why the hell I was starring athim so much. I was sure I was making him feel weird."W-what?"I stuttered out as I blushed deeply red.I always sucked at crushes, I would either just tell the personI liked right away or blush violently around them."Ugh.. Great.."I mumbled softly as he sat down next to me.Suddenly I began to feel lust, as if he felt the same for me."Jasper?"I asked in a small voice as he looked down at me withgolden eyes.
"Bella..."He whispered back.I looked back up as he closed his eyes, them turning blacknow."Maybe you should.. Uhh.. Hunt.." I said, backing away.He sighed softly as he grabbed my waist and pulled meontop of him.WOAH!!!!!My mind said.I actually liked this. I giggled again softly as Jasper pressedhis cold hard lips to mine. I knew this was wrong, so verywrong. But for some reason. It just felt so damn right.Curse my damn emotions for being so.. Controllable.I smirked again against his lips."What?"He mumbled silently."JazzyBaby?"I came up with a nickname for him at the spur of themoment."Bella?"He said, opening his eyes and raising an eye brow as Imelted."Wanna play?" I said seductively, wrapping my thighsaround his waist."Darlin'..."He growled as he picked me up by my ass, running me up tohis and Alice's room. Jasper kicked the door closed with hisfoot, not even bothering to lock it as he layed me down ontothe bed. He had me squirming and sqealing in a matter of seconds.Jasper ripped off my clothes, reaching down and testing mywater,

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