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Published by Visti Larsen

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Published by: Visti Larsen on Dec 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to Argala

The term Argala means \u2018bolt\u2019 which fastens objects together for good or ill. In a birth Argala shows
how each planet influences every area of our lives, quite beyond the connections usually seen via
aspects alone.

Argala clearly shows how each planet will influence different areas of our lives leaving no stone
unturned. This explains how it is that we continue to eat throughout life, though few planetary
periods seem to have anything to do with the activity of eating.

Argala also explains how one area of life affects another. Just as our choice of spouse may cause peace or peril to the family or our job may take us away from home, the patterns of Argala effect our lives.

A person who masters the concept of Argala will gain perfect knowledge in timing events in
Houses of Argala
There are two types of Argala or intervention, one which is a positive support the other which is an

a) Primary Argala \u2013 support that is felt immediately and directly.
b) Secondary Argala \u2013 support that is felt subtly, but noticed with time.
c) Primary Virodha \u2013 obstruction that is felt immediately and directly.
d) Secondary Virodha \u2013 obstruction felt subtly, but noticed in time.

Primary Argala will have a direct bearing on the affairs of the house it gives Argala to.
The Secondary Argala will have a subtle bearing, in the form of things which are not brought to our
immediate attention.

A Sign or Planet receives Argala from the following positions taken by other planets or signs and
reflected back to it.:
Primary Argala: 2nd, 4th and 11th signs from its position1. These are known as Dhaanaargala,
Sukhaargala and Labhaargala respectively.
Secondary Argala: 5th and 8th signs from its position2.

1 Refer: Brhat Parasara Hora Shastra: Argalaadhyaaya, Sloka 3:\ue000\ue001\ue002\ue003\ue004 \ue005\ue006 \ue000\ue006 \ue007\ue008\ue004\ue006 \ue009 \ue00a\ue00b\ue004\ue006 \ue00c \ue00d \ue004\ue006 \ue00e\ue004\ue003 \ue00a\ue006 \ue001\ue00f \ue010\ue005\ue009\ue00a\ue011\ue006 \ue001 \ue00f\ue012\ue013 \ue00a\ue007\ue014 \ue00a\ue015\ue006 \ue016\ue017 \ue018 \ue00a\ue001 \ue019
2 Maharshi Parasara explains the additional Argala from the 5th house as follows:$%\ue018 &\ue006 \ue000 \ue00a\ue010\ue005 \ue009\ue00a '( \ue00a\ue008 \ue00a&
addition of the 8th house to this scheme becomes apparent in the description of the effects of Argala.

The planets or signs in the 12th, 10th and 3rd respectively, will cause Virodha, or obstruction, to the said houses. i.e. the 12th house will obstruct the Argala of the 2nd house, as the 10th house will cause obstruction to the 4th house.

Similarly the 9th and 6th houses will cause secondary Virodha, or obstruction, to the 5th and 8th
houses respectively.
Chart 1: Argala Chakra

From the above we can infer that the sign Pisces receives Primary Argala from: Aries (2nd), Gemini
(4th) and Capricorn (11th). This Argala is obstructed by: Aquarius (12th), Sagittarius (10th) and
Taurus (3rd).

Pisces will receive Secondary Argala from Cancer (5th) and Libra (8th) and is obstructed by the
secondary Virodha coming from Scorpio (9th) and Leo (6th) respectively.
Planets in these signs will moderate the results of Argala and obstruction, just as living beings can
intervene in the affairs of others.
Argala caused by Benefics are called Shubhaargala, while that caused by Malefics are called

If a malefic is in the 3rd sign from a planet or sign, then it causes \u2018Vipareeta Argala\u2019, or
\u2018Reverse Intervention\u2019. This means that an objective is initially obstructed and then gained
later on through some extra effort, which is called Parakrama.


The 7th sign from any sign or planet will cause Argala or Virodha depending on whether the
sign or planet is friendly or adverse to the natural significations (Karaka) of the house or
planet receiving the \u2018bolt\u2019. For example, a friendly planet will benefit the house, while a
malefic planet will do the opposite.

Planets obstructing malefic or Papaargala will benefit the native.
Argala and Houses
Argala and the mutual relationships between the houses.

The mutual placement of the houses from each other gives a better understanding of Argala.
Everyone needs to eat to sustain the body and the 2nd house from Lagna has a direct bearing on the
health of the native. Similarly the 4th house will show the home of a native and his or her mother
who is responsible for carrying and nurturing the child to maturity.The 11th house shows the hopes
and the fulfilment of dreams which are essential for the natives journey through life.

Malefics placed in these houses will hurt the Lagna, by giving: Bad food (2nd house), loss of home
or dangerous surroundings (4th) or obstacles in achieving desires (11th).

The 5th from the Lagna shows the future of the Lagna, namely the children and followers who may
shape the natives fortune. Malefic\u2019s in the 5th may cause lack of support from the same. Whereas
malefics placed in the 8th from the Lagna would indicate longevity and sudden events influencing
the life of the native.

Similarly the 2nd, 4th and 11th from any house or planet must be checked for Argala and Virodha, as
well as the 5th and 8th houses.
\ue000\ue001 \ue002 \ue003\ue004 \ue005\ue006 \ue007 \ue008\ue009 \ue007\ue00a\ue00b\ue00c \ue002 \ue005\ue002 \ue00d\ue007 \ue00e\ue00f\ue010 \ue011 \ue007\ue00b\ue006 \ue009 \ue006 \ue00b\ue006 \ue012 \ue013 \ue006 \ue007\ue010 \ue008\ue007\ue014\ue010 \ue011\ue007\ue011 \ue008 \ue015\ue00d\ue006 \ue007
Chart 2: Argala Chakra for 4th house

Above is a chart showing the Argala interactions the 4th house as the focus. The 4th house rules
primary education, mother, home, vehicles and happiness. Focusing on the topic of education the
following can be seen.

The 4th house receives Argala from the 5th house (2nd from it) and shows that the intelligence of the
native is necessary to sustain the education.
The 4th house receives Argala from the 7th house (4th from it) indicating that social-capability, and
partners, may enhance the comfort of one\u2019s education.

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