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International Standard Version Bilble Reading Plan

International Standard Version Bilble Reading Plan

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Published by Shirley Pigott MD

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Published by: Shirley Pigott MD on Dec 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January February MarchMorning Evening Morning Evening Morning Evening
1Gen 1-2Matt 1:1-25Exod 27-28Matt 20:17-34Num 25-27Mark 7:24-8:102Gen 3-5Matt 2:1-23Exod 29-30Matt 21:1-22Num 28-29Mark 8:11-303Gen 6-8Matt 3:1-17Exod 31-33Matt 21:23-46Num 30-31Mark 8:31-9:134Gen 9-11Matt 4:1-17Exod 34-36Matt 22:1-22Num 32-33Mark 9:14-325Gen 12-14Matt 4:18-5:16Exod 37-38Matt 22:23-46Num 34-36Mark 9:33-10:126Gen 15-17Matt 5:17-37Exod 39-40Matt 23:1-36Deut 1-2Mark 10:13-317Gen 18-19Matt 5:38-6:18Lev 1-3Matt23:37-24:14Deut 3-4Mark 10:32-528Gen 20-22Matt 6:19-34Lev 4-6Matt 24:15-31Deut 5-7Mark 11:1-269Gen 23-24Matt 7:1-23Lev 7-9Matt 24:32-51Deut 8-10Mark11:27-12:1710Gen 25-26Matt 7:24-8:17Lev 10-12Matt 25:1-30Deut 11-13Mark 12:18-3711Gen 27-28Matt 8:18-9:8Lev 13Matt25:31-26:5Deut 14-16Mark12:38-13:1312Gen 29-30Matt 9:9-34Lev 14Matt 26:6-35Deut 17-19Mark 13:14-3713Gen 31-32Matt 9:35-10:15Lev 15-17Matt 26:36-56Deut 20-22Mark 14:1-2614Gen 33-35Matt 10:16-42Lev 18-19Matt 26:57-75Deut 23-25Mark 14:27-5215Gen 36-37Matt 11:1-24Lev 20-21Matt 27:1-26Deut 26-27Mark 14:53-7216Gen 38-40Matt 11:25-12:21Lev 22-23Matt 27:27-56Deut 28Mark 15:1-2017Gen 41Matt 12:22-37Lev 24-25Matt27:57-28:20Deut 29-30Mark 15:21-4718Gen 42-43Matt 12:38-50Lev 26-27Mark 1:1-20Deut 31-32Mark 16:1-2019Gen 44-45Matt 13:1-23Num 1-2Mark 1:21-45Deut 33-34John 1:1-3420Gen 46-48Matt 13:24-35Num 3-4Mark 2:1-22Josh 1-3John 1:35-5121Gen 49-50Matt 13:36-58Num 5-6Mark 2:23-3:19Josh 4-6John 2:1-2522Exod 1-3Matt 14:1-21Num 7Mark 3:20-4:9Josh 7-8John 3:1-2123Exod 4-6Matt 14:22-15:20Num 8-10Mark 4:10-34Josh 9-10John 3:22-3624Exod 7-8Matt 15:21-39Num 11-13Mark 4:35-5:20Josh 11-13John 4:1-4225Exod 9-10Matt 16:1-20Num 14-15Mark 5:21-43Josh 14-15John 4:43-5426Exod 11-12Matt 16:21-17:13Num 16-18Mark 6:1-29Josh 16-18John 5:1-3027Exod 13-15Matt 17:14-27Num 19-21Mark 6:30-56Josh 19-20John 5:31-6:1528Exod 16-18Matt 18:1-20Num 22-24Mark 7:1-23Josh 21-22John 6:16-5929Exod 19-21Matt 18:21-19:12Josh 23-24John 6:60-7:930Exod 22-24Matt 19:13-30Jdgs 1-2John 7:10-3131Exod 25-26Matt 20:1-16Jdgs 3-5John 7:32-53
April May JuneMorning Evening Morning Evening Morning Evening
1Judg 6-7John 8:1-201 Kngs 1-2Luke 2:21-522 Chr 4-6Luke16:19-17:10
2Judg 8-9John 8:21-361 Kngs 3-5Luke 3:1-202 Chr 7-9Luke 17:11-373Judg 10-11John 8:37-591 Kngs 6-7Luke 3:21-4:132 Chr 10-12Luke 18:1-304Judg 12-14John 9:1-121 Kngs 8-9Luke 4:14-302 Chr 13-16Luke18:31-19:105Judg 15-17John 9:13-411 Kngs 10-11Luke 4:31-5:112 Chr 17-19Luke 19:11-276Judg 18-19John 10:1-211 Kngs 12-13Luke 5:12-262 Chr 20-22Luke 19:28-487Judg 20-21John 10:22-421 Kngs 14-15Luke 5:27-6:112 Chr 23-25Luke 20:1-268Ruth 1-4John 11:1-161 Kngs 16-18Luke 6:12-362 Chr 26-28Luke 20:27-21:491 Sam 1-3John 11:17-441 Kngs 19-20Luke 6:37-7:102 Chr 29-31Luke 21:5-38101 Sam 4-6John 11:45-12:81 Kngs 21-22Luke 7:11-352 Chr 32-33Luke 22:1-23111 Sam 7-9John 12:9-362 Kngs 1-3Luke 7:36-502 Chr 34-36Luke 22:24-46121 Sam10-12John 12:37-502 Kngs 4-5Luke 8:1-18Ezra 1-2Luke 22:47-71131 Sam13-14John 13:1-302 Kngs 6-8Luke 8:19-39Ezra 3-5Luke 23:1-25141 Sam15-16John 13:31-14:142 Kngs 9-11Luke 8:40-56Ezra 6-8Luke 23:26-56151 Sam17-18John 14:15-312 Kngs 12-14Luke 9:1-17Ezra 9-10Luke 24:1-35161 Sam19-21John 15:1-16:42 Kngs 15-17Luke 9:18-36Neh 1-2Luke 24:36-53171 Sam22-24John 16:5-332 Kngs 18-19Luke 9:37-56Neh 3-5Acts 1:1-26181 Sam25-26John 17:1-262 Kngs 20-22Luke9:57-10:16Neh 6-8Acts 2:1-13191 Sam27-29John 18:1-182 Kngs 23-25Luke 10:17-37Neh 9-11Acts 2:14-41201 Sam30-31John 18:19-401 Chr 1-2Luke10:38-11:13Neh 12-13Acts 2:42-3:10212 Sam 1-3John 19:1-161 Chr 3-5Luke 11:14-36Esther 1-3Acts 3:11-26222 Sam 4-6John 19:17-271 Chr 6-7Luke 11:37-54Esther 4-6Acts 4:1-22232 Sam 7-9John 19:28-421 Chr 8-10Luke 12:1-21Esther 7-10Acts 4:23-5:11242 Sam10-12John 20:1-231 Chr 11-13Luke 12:22-34Job 1-3Acts 5:12-42252 Sam13-14John 20:24-21:141 Chr 14-16Luke 12:35-53Job 4-6Acts 6:1-15262 Sam15-16John 21:15-251 Chr 17-19Luke12:54-13:17Job 7-9Acts 7:1-22272 Sam17-18Luke 1:1-251 Chr 20-22Luke 13:18-35Job 10-12Acts 7:23-53282 Sam19-20Luke 1:26-561 Chr 23-25Luke 14:1-24Job 13-15Acts 7:54-8:3292 Sam21-22Luke 1:57-801 Chr 26-27Luke14:25-15:10Job 16-18Acts 8:4-25302 Sam23-24Luke 2:1-201 Chr 28-29Luke 15:11-32Job 19-20Acts 8:26-40
312 Chr 1-3Luke 16:1-18
July August SeptembeMorning Evening Morning Evening Morning Evening
1Job 21-22Acts 9:1-31Psa 65-67Acts 27:27-44Psa148-1501 Cor 9:1-272Job 23-25Acts 9:32-10:8Psa 68-69Acts 28:1-16Prov 1-21 Cor 10:1-223Job 26-28Acts 10:9-23Psa 70-72Acts 28:17-31Prov 3-41 Cor 10:23-334Job 29-30Acts 10:24-48Psa 73-74Romans 1:1-17Prov 5-61 Cor 11:1-345Job 31-32Acts 11:1-30Psa 75-77Romans1:18-32Prov 7-81 Cor 12:1-316Job 33-34Acts 12:1-25Psa 78Romans 2:1-16Prov 9-101 Cor 13:1-137Job 35-37Acts 13:1-12Psa 79-81Romans2:17-29Prov 11-121 Cor 14:1-258Job 38-39Acts 13:13-52Psa 82-84Romans 3:1-20Prov 13-141 Cor14:26-15:119Job 40-42Acts 14:1-18Psa 85-87Romans3:21-4:12Prov 15-161 Cor 15:12-5810Psa 1-3Acts 14:19-28Psa 88-89Romans4:13-5:11Prov 17-181 Cor 16:1-2411Psa 4-6Acts 15:1-21Psa 90-92Romans5:12-6:23Prov 19-202 Cor 1:1-2412Psa 7-9Acts 15:22-16:10Psa 93-95Romans 7:1-25Prov 21-222 Cor 2:1-1713Psa 10-12Acts 16:11-40Psa 96-98Romans 8:1-30Prov 23-242 Cor 3:1-1814Psa 13-16Acts 17:1-14Psa 99-102Romans8:31-39Prov 25-272 Cor 4:1-1815Psa 17-18Acts 17:15-34Psa 103-104Romans 9:1-33Prov 28-292 Cor 5:1-2116Psa 19-21Acts 18:1-17Psa 105-106Romans10:1-21Prov 30-312 Cor 6:1-7:117Psa 22-24Acts 18:18-28Psa 107-108Romans11:1-36Eccl 1-32 Cor 7:2-8:1518Psa 25-27Acts 19:1-22Psa 109-111Romans12:1-21Eccl 4-62 Cor 8:16-9:1519Psa 28-30Acts 19:23-40Psa 112-115Romans13:1-14Eccl 7-92 Cor 10:1-1820Psa 31-33Acts 20:1-16Psa 116-118Romans14:1-23Eccl 10-122 Cor 11:1-1521Psa 34-35Acts 20:17-38Psa 119:1-48Romans15:1-13Song 1-32 Cor11:16-12:1022Psa 36-37Acts 21:1-14Psa119:49-104Romans15:14-33Song 4-52 Cor12:11-13:1323Psa 38-40Acts 21:15-36Psa119:105-178Romans16:1-27Song 6-8Galatians 1:1-2424Psa 41-43Acts 21:37-22:29Psa 120-1231 Cor 1:1-31Isa 1-3Galatians 2:1-2125Psa 44-46Acts 22:30-23:11Psa 124-1271 Cor 2:1-16Isa 4-6Galatians 3:1-2926Psa 47-49Acts 23:12-35Psa 128-1311 Cor 3:1-23Isa 7-9Galatians 4:1-3127Psa 50-52Acts 24:1-27Psa 132-1351 Cor 4:1-21Isa 10-12Galatians 5:1-26

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